I am so tired of my HP chromebook hanging and crashing. Am I the only one who gets dumped when I have 6 or 8 tabs open? I would expect some warning and a way to back out instead of the Chromebook version of the blue screen of death from Windows of years past. This has happened 60 times in the last 30 days. Solutions anyone? Yes, only 2g of ram, but that is typical and by version 56 it should be sorted don't you think?

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$199 for the Acer Chromebook 14 refurbished. Non of the reviewers seems to have issues and Best Buy is pretty good about refurbished devices. 

I am running OS 57 and want to set up Pin sign on. I don't see that option in settings. How is that done? 

Hi everyone, thanks for all the tips and discussions.
I am G suite for Edu user and I can't install apps on my 2016 CB.
The administrator of my domain has given us all permission but it still doesn't work.
Anybody knows why?
Thanks in advance.

I have a Toshiba Chromebook 2 *(2015). I want to see an android app from the Play Store that works on my chromebook. I just got ChromeOS 57.
What is a good Android App for me to try and see it working on my chromebook?

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[A Case study of Samsung Chromebook Plus's Display]

There was some conflict between the Asus C302CA and Samsung Chromebook Plus models for this Chromebook purchase. In the end, however, Chromebook Plus made the final decision.

The purchase motive of Samsung Chromebook Plus is simple. If most of the Chromebooks I used (Acer C720p, Asus Flip 10.2) were serving as a second computer that consumes content at home (such as searching the web, watching videos, or occasionally watching nifix movies, etc.) It is a tool for creating content that is not intended for 2nd computer consuming but also for testing the possibility of being used as a main computer for business use.


I hooked up my Chromebook to my phone through Bluetooth I cannot get the Chromebook to work what else do I need to do I am out of the country and I can use my phone to connect to my internet sites but I want to do it to my Chromebook as well what should I do.

Has anyone tried to use the Keepass App on one of the new CBs with Playstore support? Work ok?

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Yesterday's #ChromeOSCanary build brought this interesting built-in extension to my HP 11 G4.
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