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Good real world observations here.
For those readers and listeners who were asking how my new Core m3 Google Pixel Slate stacks up to the i5 version everyone has reviewed, check out my new post and video. See if you can tell which is which before I reveal it later in my video.

After a couple more days of use, I am seeing some issues. When I connect via Bluetooth and try to watch Netflix via the web or Android app, the video plays about one frame every 5 seconds! I am also seeing the virtual keyboard not appearing when I remove it from the Brydge G-Type keyboard. At $850 (with tax) I think I'm sending the m3 back and will keep using the i5 eval unit for a bit until I see how much effort Google puts into updating the Slate and making sure it performs as well as the Pixelbook.

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I have tried to fully replace my PC with Chrome OS devices before... always unsuccessfully. Is this time any different?

I couldn't believe when I oped my chromebook yesterday and it said I have to eliminate apps as I've used up storage. My HP is only a year old. I cut back apps and ok now. What to do to add more interior storage. Chromebook has 16 GB. I put 16GB memory card in slot but doesn't work for interior storage. Please help.

So initially there was a seriously premium Lenovo Chromebook slated for release. It was specced with an i7 cpu, 8 or 16 gb ram, and an optional 4k 15.6 touch/convertible display.
Now I'm seeing it nowhere.
Has anyone made any "sightings" of this mythical beast?

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After G+ goes away, I still need this channel or something similar. What's the plan?

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Some really good info here.

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Need a bit of trouble shooting/black magic divination...
My old Dell 13 with touch screen i5 board suddenly stopped responding to touch. Nothing else seems to be in error. Tried switching channels with no noticeable change.
Anyone have an insight or possible animal sacrifice? ;)

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CTL launches $299 Chromebook Tablet Tx1 for Education w/ OP1 chip, stylus

Following the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 and the Pixel Slate, Asus announced its first Chrome OS tablet at CES 2019. Today, the CTL Chromebook Tablet Tx1 for Education is launching as a focused device for the growing school market.
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