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"Hello! Welcome to the Forest of the special! I'll show you around. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Audrey! I show you to a large cave full of smaller caves. These are the dens! You will pick a den and sleep there." I bring you to a large rainbow looking lake. This, is the Rainbow lake. People come here and hang out." Takes you to a dark part of the forest. "This is the Forest of the dark spirits. You must never go here.." We arrive at a large meadow. "This is the Meadow Of Spirits. You can go around and talk to friends, people. Although we do have some rules.
Our first rule is:
No bullying.
No curssing.
No innapropiate pictures.
No spam.
No wolves/cats or anything unfox like.
I hope you enjoy it here! I'll leave a clean profile template in the comments. Feel free to ask any questions. Enjoy your stay!"
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I would really like this place to become more active, share this community everywhere you can and help me out!
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Name: Suwanee
Nicknames: Swann
Age: "13."
Gende female
Spirit or nah: Nope
Likes: Water frindship
Dislikes: Injury And Death
Theme song: (None)
Bio: (To be found in RP)
Crush: (Open)
Mate open
Mother: Floxy (decreased by old age)
Father: Ribbit (decreased by hunters)
Sisters: Rowan (decreased)
Brothers: Thundering Yowl (decreased by hunters)

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((open rp))

Blade trudged through fallen leafs in the forest. His dark fur glistening in the bright sun. He sat down at a cliff to admire the scenery.

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Here will be the rules for my amazing and successful community so far!

Here are the don'ts.
We do not accept nsfw
Please keep cursing to a minimum.
If there is gore or violence involved please state it above the roleplay along with the time.
If you'd like to apply for a mod, please wait until there are spots.
If you are looking for a mate for your O.C then put it in discussion.

Thank you for reading, please play by the rules.
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Community is going lock down due to a community raiding others.

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Name: "Greetings, my name is Blade, leader of the 'Pack Of Whispering Winds.'
Nickname:"Wiser they call me''_
Age: 27 In human years
Gender: Male
Power: "To blind my Enimies with a single bark."
Spirit or nah: "I was born a spirit, but a curse was cast apon me.."
Likes: "I like to hunt, fight, protect, jump, save and watch the sunsets."
Dislikes: "I dislike the darkness and it's monsters that hide in the dark.."
Theme song: Castle ~Hasley
Bio: "Born a spirit, I was curse to take full form. I could no longer be happy as my spirit was taken along with my emotions, I lived a sad life, only feeling emotions on the inside but not expressing them on the outside.."
Extra: None

Approved by me.

But is open for a mate
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Updates on the forest! A pack has rose to protect the good from bad, they are called 'The Pack Of Whispering Winds'. If you are intrested in joining this pack, please comment and let me know.
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Name: Star
Nickname: Marble
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Power: Freezing her Enimies in marble
Spirit or nah: Half spirit
Likes: Caves, crystals, Marbles, quarts and ice
Dislikes: Blood, rock, pain, darkness and fire
Theme song:
Bio: Barely remembers
Has a small gem on her chest, can fuse with others

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