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As we have won over Israel, Yemen is bigger than Lebanon and will prevail over Saudi Arabia

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Pilot’s-Eye View: Breathtaking Thunderstorms Seen From Another Angle (PHOTOS)

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Why does everyone hate Trump when he's the only one that's trying to fix anything?

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Post has attachment Watters' Words: Actions speak louder than words
North Korea nuked up while Washington whispered fluffy diplomatic words

Mark Steyn breaks down the escalating situation in NKorea
Columnist sounds off about the threats

Are liberal elites using cities to create a feudal society?
'The Human City' author Joel Kotkin weighs in on 'The Next Revolution'

Watters Words: Everyone is to blame for Charlottesville
Jesse Watters breaks down the blame for Charlottesville on 'Watters World'

DOJ opens investigation into Charlottesville car attack
Our panel debates the appropriate scope of the probe

Dueling protests clash in Seattle
Tensions high as right and left wing protesters take to the streets of Seattle

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Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace 8/13/17 | BREAKING NEWS
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