NAME: Ella
Species: Vampire
AGE: 1500
BIO: Is shy yet funny liked to draw and learn And is lonely (Will Post Picture Later)

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NAME:ken kida
Bio:loves rock music and has a blue fire katana

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walking like a penguin down the halls of the school. i bump into you oh i'm sorry.....
you grab me and push me up against the wall w-what are you doing?!
you slam me a couple of times and i kick you and start to run but you are not far behind me running after me. you tackle me down to the ground and pin my arms by my side w-what do you want?!

name: allen
age: 17
gen: male
species: ark angel
likes: to hang with friends,and a lot more
dislikes: people hurting his friends
bio: you will have to talk to him to find out any thing about him

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standing outside while it is snowing and whispering to myself so this is snow....... it's pretty.


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Name: Terezi pyrope
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Troll
Likes: drawing,nature and the internet
Dislikes: Perverts,people who make fun of her because she is blind
Personality: a little crazy,kind,funny
Bio: i was born on a different planet but then moved to earth. I am also blind and hate it when people talk about it. Also my favorite food is red chalk

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i'm sleeping under a cherry blossom tree when you walk by and notice me 
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