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Principle of proximity- grouping together similar stimulus and seeing them as one thing.
Principle of similarity-stimus that appear are organied in the same group
Principle of continuity- we favour similar continuous patterns amd completing them
Principle of closure-we complete any missing parts of figures

Thanks for the add Doctor Mwaniki

Thanks for the add Dr Mwaniki

With the knowledge on extra sensory perspective on my mind, i am yet to have an applicable example of psychokinesis.Anyone with any?

I saws message on WhatsApp that there will be a chat of EPs 100 from 1 pm but I can't see any chat. Anybody online pliz assist

Thank you for accepting me as one of this community

Welcome new members. Kindly go through the conversations and put your voice where possible. Let me start off with a question on how you find psychology so far

I want to welcome the may intake students in the regular and online class. This forum has been used by others to exchange ideas and demonstrate learning in very creative ways. I hope you will follow suit and share knowledge with your peers

As we come to the end of the unit, i would appreciate if you all shared your experiences with the interactive module here.
1. What worked for you?
2. What did not and why? (include any challenges here)
3. What do you think can be improved?
4. Would you like other units to go this way? If not, why?

Thanks for the add Dr.
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