I will make profile later is that ok

Hey Guys

Hey guys Blue here. Just want to let you know that as long as I'm an owner you won't have to worry. I have plans for this community.

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This is nala from the lion king. I hope you like the picture. And Thx for making me an owner!

Thx for making me an owner! Great things are in store for this community! Although I've never owned a community before! If you need to ask me or my mate, +Eclipse the black wolf​, just mention me or my mate.

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Name: eclipse
Age: 35 moons old
Mate: +Blue Gunderson​​​​
Pups: I don't know anymore
Rank: female alpha
Looks like: (The pictures)
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???
Pack: The snow pack
Powers: none
Bio: ask 
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Name: white moon
Age: 30 moons old
Mate: Jacob (+wolf lover kinz is being him)
Pups: jake and Rachel
rank: beta
pack: the snow pack
likes: her mate, her pups and helping pack members
dislikes: rude wolves and control wolves
powers: too many to say
bio: ask 
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Hi Guys
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