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We are SO proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for; 'best innovation in deep learning' and 'best AI breakthrough' at the 2017 #AIconics awards. More to come...

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New Feature: you can now use Spotlight Search on your iOS devices to search for tasks & todo's on Gluru! Test it out & let us know:

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To all of our amazing users out there, we have some awesome new updates & features to announce! Have a play around & let us know what you think by either commenting below or emailing us directly at:!

Hey all! So we hope that you really liked our latest improvements to the Gluru Web App (Lists etc.) because we have even more to announce! On the Gluru Web App we have made the following awesome enhancements:

New features:
- Task actions are now available on hover for when you are in a hurry
- It is now even easier to schedule tasks with ongoing date / time-picker improvements

- You can now navigate through your tasks by scrolling anywhere on the page
-Browse more suggested tasks with improved task loading

As always, have a play around with the new features, and let us know what you think by either directly commenting below or by sending us an email at:


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Hi all,

We just thought that we'd make you all aware that a few of us from the team at Gluru are going to be taking part in the London Superhero Charity Run taking place at Regent's Part on the 14th of May. We will be doing it to raise money for the World Cancer Research Fund.

Therefore, if any of you amazing people would be willing to donate (any mount will make a difference), it would be greatly appreciated.

Alternatively, if any of you are in London around that time, it would be awesome if you could come to Regent's Park an either take part in the run or simply provide us with the much needed moral support!

To donate, please visit:

-The team at Gluru (otherwise know as 'Superglu).
Read Gluru's story
Read Gluru's story

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Hi all!

Fantastic news everyone, as we now have more featured awesomeness! As we’ve had a lot of feedback about arranging tasks based on specific projects / events etc., we’re proud to announce that on the Web App (it’ll become available on the other devices very soon), you can now organise your tasks and/or to do’s into different ‘Lists’! You can also view the entire week ahead by simply scrolling through the Daily View.

Other Improvements include:
- UI (user interface) fixes around mini-task-actions for IE11 and Safari users.
- Improved confirmation dialogs.
- On a small display? Navigation now adapts to display size.
- New Schedule/Suggested tasks branding.
- Complete and dismiss calendar events.

So, with all this awesome news - what next? Have a play around with the new features, and please feel free to let us know what you think about them. Either comment below, or send us an email at: .

Gluru team!

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Morning all!
Just commenced the rollout of a brand-new feature we've been working on.

As of v2.3.1 you can now organise your tasks into Lists. This should be available in the beta channel shortly.

We'd very much appreciate your early feedback. Let us know how you get on.
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Hi all,

So we have some breaking news that we thought we'd share with you - our valued community - first. GLURU IS NOW AVAILABLE ON iOS! Yup, you read correctly... if you have an iPhone, you can now join the thousands of other users who are enjoying enhanced productivity, by downloading Gluru through the App store! interested? Simply click on the banner below:

As we've only just released Gluru on iOS, we'd love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, suggestions, issues or recommendations please feel free to email us at:


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What it takes to get us into the #Christmas spirit:

✅ Awesome Christmas tree
✅ Decorative office designs
✅ Stone-baked pizzas

I mean, what more do you need?
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