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Hey guys! The first RP we are going to do will be the 100th Hunger Games! As it is a quarter quell, the rules will be different. Children between the ages of 8 and 18 will now all be put forward for reeping!

Here is the rooster so far

District 1
Girl Clover Rosewood +Yazadoodles27 27​​​ 
Boy Miko foxx +Micheal the Blu scout keme-nato​​​ 

District 2
Girl Madihson Foxtail +Sierremist AJ​​​ 

District 3
Girl Ekaterina Smithens
Boy Mahdi Smithens

District 4
Girl Lily +Kayle the Fox23​​​ 

District 5
Girl Kayla Wood +Sofia Colvin​​​ 

District 6
Girl Erica Green +Allie Leonard​​​ 

District 7
Girl Alice Williams +Iris Blaauw​​​ 

District 8

District 9
Girl Emily Jones +Iris Blaauw​​​ 

District 10
Girl Lavender Cruise  +Nelly Atsmon
Boy Leo Martinez

District 11

District 12
Girl Brenna Harris +Kay Kay​​​ 

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District 3,Reaping day.
In the Smithens household,the mother of the household was getting her children ready for the reaping."Will,stop running around!Jay,please don't throw that.David,that is not for eating!Mahdi,can you please get your brothers under control so I can work with Ekaterina?"She said,exasperated."Sure.Everyone,listen up!Settle down guys,sit down!Geez,why you so rowdy today?!"Mahdi replied.Ekaterina laughed."Gonna have to do better than that,ya wimp."She said to Mahdi.He laughed."Same old Rina,I see."He said."Well duh,you idiot.Did you think I was different?"She said in reply.Mahdi laughed again.Their mother put Ekaterina's hair into a fishtail braid."Well,we better get going to the reaping.Come,children."Their mother said.They walked to town square.They got into the lines of children."Finger,please."One of the peacekeepers would say as a poor child have a sample of their blood,and walked over to where they would possibly see the last of their family,frienda,or enemies.Vinnia Crell walked up on the stage as the normal introduction video played,explaining what happened to cause this deadly 'game'."Ah,I love that part!"She said as the video ended."Welcome,welcome,to the 101th annual reaping for the Hunger Games.Niw,as always,ladies first."She fished through the jar and eventually pulled out a slip of paper."Ekaterina Smithens."She said.Rina got up slowly,and started walking toward the stage.She caught a glimpse of her mother crying."Come on,don't be shy."Vinnia said.Rina walked up on stage,more terrified than ever before."We have our district 3 ladies tribute,Ekaterina Smithens!"She put her hand into the other jar."Now for the boys tribute"She said,pulling out a name."Mahdi Smithens!"Mahdi slowly walked up as our mother spilled out tears,her friend trying to comfort her.As Mahdi got up on stage,the twins exchanged a look of sorrow towards each other."We have our district 3 tributes,Ekaterina and Mahdi Smithens!"Vinnia exclaimed,as we were taken away by the peacekeepers.At the goodbyes,their brothers didn't quite understand what was happening.Their mother put the twins into a giant bear hug."I love you both,so much."She said,crying."Mum,listen to me.Take care of our brothers with the best care you have in you.We will be fine."Rina said to their bawling mother."I love you guys to the bottom of my heart."Their mother answered,as the peacekeepers took their family away.
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Ekaterina was at the wrestling station,her next opponent approaching.The boy laughed."This should be easy."He chuckled. We will see about that. I thought.He steps into the mat.I count down.He gets to get me,and I dodge,pulling him to the ground,and holding him in a chokehold.Once I know that I've won,I let go."And I didn't even break a sweat,nerd."I say to him,and he runs away.

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Name:Mahdi Smithens
Family:7 brothers, and a twin sister(Ekaterina),and a mother
Weapon of choice:Spear or sword
Additional info:His twin is the other tribute


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Name:Ekaterina Smithens
Personality:Brave,occasionally agressive,sweet
Family:7 younger brothers,and a twin brother brother:Mahdi, and our mother
Weapon of choice:Bow or sword
Dislikes:Being away from her family for too long

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 Name: Alice Williams.
Age: 15.
District: 7.
Volunteered/reaped: Volunteered for her best friend.
Appearance: Light brown hair and blue eyes. Light skin but tan from working outside all day. Scar across her forehead with no explanation.
Personality: A true good Slytherin (for Harry Potter fans), can be really nice but has that evil mind.
Choice of weapon: Knife.
Physical strengths: Good with knifes, always hits the target. Also good at hunting for food and climbing trees.
Physical weaknesses: Not very good with any other weapon except for sword. 
Token: An emerald necklace her parents left her.
Background: Her parents died when Alice was only three. She now lives with an old lady called Hannah.
Additional info: She has always been lonely until she met her best friend, Rose. She has always felt haunted, maybe by her parents?
(Model: Emily Rudd)

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Name: Emily Jones.
Age: 10.
District: 9.
Volunteered/reaped: Reaped.
Appearance: Straight blond hair that comes up to her waist. Deep blue eyes. Light skin.
Personality: Everything good, basically. Kind, caring, very protective, a young rebel.
Choice of weapon: Spear.
Physical strengths: Amazing at throwing spears at people's hearts so they die immediately. Also very quick, quiet, and sly. 
Physical weaknesses: Not very strong, can't use any thee weapon as well as a spear.
Token: A small diamond earring. 
Background: She lives with her five brothers as second oldest and helps her parents take care of them. 
Additional info: She has always wanted to be a rebel, and Katniss Everdeen is her role model.
(Model: Elizabeth Hiley)

District 7, Reaping Day
(Alice Williams)
As I walk past the row of eight-year-olds, I question myself whether this is fair or not. No, of course it isn't. This was never supposed to happen. The Capitol must never have become like this. Never. I sigh as I see all of them huddled up, too scared to talk, or even move. I remember when I was eight. There was no fear to be Reaped, but I always looked at all the children who had a chance with respect. I always thought as I looked: I wish the Rebellion didn't fail. Or, at least, I want to meet Katniss Everdeen, my hero. I want to stop the Hunger Games just as she attempted, but not fail. I want to be just like her, my hero. Of course this would never happen, but if all the tributes team up and refuse to kill each other... My thoughts get interrupted by the sound of the anthem. As we all listen quietly,  I don't move or think. Once the anthem has finished, I see the Capitol lady appear in front of the Reaping Bowls. With her Capitol accent, she says: ''Welcome to the 100th annual Hunger Games Reaping, I am so excited for this year! Let's keep those excited feelings up, and start straight away!'' Why are they always so excited? I think. Well, of course, they have never felt the fear... I see her walk to the bowl with the girl's names. ''Ladies first!'' As I see her hand go in the bowl, searching for the next victim, my heart is beating harder than ever. As I see the small slip of paper in her hand, I sigh. ''Rose Cresent.'' At first I don't realize it, but as I see my best friend head for the stage, I don't think anymore. ''I VOLUNTEER!!'' I scream. I run towards the stage and then only I realize what I just did... It can't be undone anymore. ''What's your name?'' The Capitol lady asks me. ''Alice Williams,'' I reply. ''And who was that?'' She asks. ''My best friend,'' I say with tears in my eyes.

District 9, Reaping Day
(Emily Jones)
Today is the day of the Reaping. Today we will find out who from District 9 is going into the arena. Because this year's Games are the 100th, it is a Quarter Quell. The tributes will be reaped from not 12 to 18-year-olds, but 8 to 18-year-olds. As a 10-year-old, I will have a chance to be reaped, too. I don't know what to think, but I know that if I get reaped, it means death. Although some of this year's tributes could be younger than me, most of the tributes would be older than me. I wouldn't have a chance in the arena. Unless an older tribute would want to be allies with me. I don't think so. But, there is an extremely small chance to be Reaped. There are so many names in the ball- which is double its normal size- that there is basically no chance. But we all know the story of Katniss Everdeen; the girl who volunteered for her sister who had her name entered once in the millions of other entries. One day, I want to be just like her. I want to be as brave, selfless, and intelligent as her. She was a hero, and it was such a shame the rebellion failed. But, one day, we will start another rebellion, but not fail this time. We will do that, one day. I walk to the market square, the only place in District 9 to hold all of the population. But even in the square, we have to squash up in order to all fit in, with the huge stage in the middle. I tighten my ponytail once more, and sign in. 
I look through the square, searching for any classmates. I see my older sister, Thalia, standing with the 14-year-olds. She must be even more scared that me, having more chance as an older citizen. Then I see my best friend, Klara, standing with all the people from my class. I sigh, and walk towards her. 
I was late, because a minute later, we hear the anthem play. I didn't really get a chance to talk to Klara, except for saying 'good luck'. I see that Capitol lady walk up the stage, and notice her bright green gloves. "It is my pleasure to be here, in District 9," she says. "Today, I am here to choose one young man and woman to take part in the 100th annual Hunger Games." Her Capitol accent is terrible. I have hated Capitol people since I was taught about them at school. The children don't have the fear to be reaped, and they are taught the Hunger Games are 'amusing'. We know better. The Hunger Games has been a nightmare for the Districts ever since they were introduced. I see the Capitol lady walk towards the girls' Reaping bowl, which is double its size this year. "As always, ladies first," she says. Ever since I remember, the Capitol lady has always said the same words every Reaping. The next thing I realize is that the Capitol lady has put her hand in the bowl, searching for her next victim. No chance, no chance, no chance, I think. The Capitol lady holds on to a slip of paper, opens it casually and reads out the name. "Emily Jones!"
It takes me a while to realize who this person is. I don't know who I am, why I am here. But then I get pulled back to reality. Emily Jones. That's me. I walk up to the stage, feeling extremely anxious about what's going to happen. This has been my worst nightmare since I knew what the Hunger Games were. This Quarter Quell is going to be terrible. I will die within the next few weeks. I think sadly. Before I can think any more, the Capitol lady walks to the bowl with the boys' names. 

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