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Sapir Whorf hypothesis confirmed! Lojban language took it all.

You know those remarks "If Einstein had spoken another language his theory of relativity would have been different".

Now some people have been using Lojban constructed language in order to free themselves from words and concepts created in previous epochs.

Have they been able to shatter the walls of historical languages?

It seems so now thanks to a recent scientific research.

Researchers from the University of Laguna Verde took logs of English chats, Lojban chats and chats in a few other languages and then used a sophisticated algorithm to compare how and in what context words are used together by turning them into mathematical vectors.

If all languages gravitate towards words with still same meanings all across the globe then it would mean that Language does not affect Thought.

But what has been discovered with Lojban community shows quite the opposite.
Not only words do not gravitate towards centers common for all languages but Lojban chats show exponential runaway over time from centers of meanings in other languages.

Lojbanists are really out of this world!

This is what they themselves are saying:
"Unlimited by the lexicon of our mother tongues we invent and use words we need.
We move to a truly creative expression of our feelings and our reasoning."

So can we peek into the world of the language allegedly free from social restraints?
Can we get understanding what they are discussing in their chats?
It's yes and no.
Since words in this flexible language tend to deviate over time more and more from this-world languages it's getting harder and harder to find approximate translations of those words.

Nevertheless, starting from today the new Twitter account @Lojban_is_crazy will be posting new and previously unpublished Lojban words with their rough translations into English.

But here are some examples already:

zdebuzeku - a toxic breakfast
lebmeteno - a careful maneuver
dreguri - a structure over which navigational songs can be heard miles ahead
irvinagi - a soothsaying as the treatment of insincerity
emdoki - a dive for weed
vibdaito - a game with paper and jewelry
avnifiku - a wildflower in a buttonhole
orvanu - evanescent windborne smell
gonruve - a contestant who ends in an oven due to paranoia
uknura - a boat on one's back
pronokabu - a shade of flying birds
erlegina - a craftsman's shell found by bees
irtire - a community that is crazy at your corpse
zveizefi - a feeling of being visited
zibgora - a text printed on a cookie
gilkaume - a ceremonial pouch
lulrima - verbal clothes
unrugivo - a flap of a small envelope
dergale - a frivolous inhabitant
troidiki - a horse that protects women
afturu - a fine candy with pictures under a sexy lid
kinzemo - a programming tunic
skiroge - a road made by trampling
obzevi - a word performed on one's sister
momnoiso - a violent consequence of sleeping
erneta - a building that absorbs people
pruvuge - a long skirt that is used during the examination of food
zemvaido - a reply in the air
spatazo - a semitransparent vertebrate
dafpeka - a small victory-shaped part of fruits
tonraibipe - an intrusive sound of a ticket being torn
zboimuvu - a quickly worn garment currently in the state of not being worn
afpapo - a personal portable telescope

Well, well, enough. The Twitter account @Lojban_is_crazy is promised to be posting only a few words a day. Let's follow it.

so is anyone making teaching vids for those who dont learn how to speak b reading walls of text?

ICANN is going to assign .xs top level domain to Lojban

I just received a message from ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

In the next few hours the top level domain .xs will be reserved for Xorlostan, the Lojbanic country. For those who are not familiar {xorlo} (pronounced as [xorlo] in IPA) is a famous quantification problem in Lojban language.

So ... I am happy to inform that The Free State of Xorlostan is going to be born very soon!

Encylopaedic info. Don't confuse:
*The Horla, a short horror story written by French writer Guy de Maupassant. The story has been cited as an inspiration for Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu".
*The xorlo, a never-ending horror story in Lojban community turned into official policy in December 2004.

In an interview given today to the Logical Language Group His Majesty Lord Cthulhu said  "The problem of xorlo always escaped my understanding and this is the only obstacle that prevents me from conquering humanity."

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la sutysisku now has a new location:

A more stable one.

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English to Lojban automatic translation.

Please, note that this engine is similar to Google Translate, that is it uses a corpus of English-Lojban parallel texts to guess the translation. This is not based on strict rules of transformation from one language into another.

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Just enter your email and you will get an invitation.

The Slack chat is fully synchronized with Lojban IRC chat but additionally has history kept for a few last days.

Which is beneficial if you can't be connected 24 hours a day.

You can ask a question, go offline, return in a day and continue reading the chat from the point you left. Answers to your questions will for sure be available by that time.

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We are at the next phase!
Start commiting, people!
Register, press "Commit" button and soon we'll have a new Lojban website!
Link below:

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I asked Google and Bing if they liked kittens.

Google replied with "Do you like sufficiently confusing excessively long metaphors?" and "The kitten has brought about many amusements and many annoyances."

Bing replied with "Do you like English?" and "Do you like school?"

Then Google offered me a quotation from Alice in Wonderland: "'Not like cats!' cried the Mouse, in a shrill, passionate voice. 'Would you like cats if you were me?'"

And Bing offered a quotation from Green Eggs and Ham: "Would you like them with a mouse? Sam and fox in box"
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