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"Today, God has new work. You may not accept these words, they may feel odd to you, but I advise you not to reveal your nature, for only those who truly hunger and thirst for righteousness before God can obtain the truth, and only those who are truly devout can be enlightened and guided by God. Nothing will come of seeking the truth through quarreling. Only by seeking calmly can we obtain results. When I say that “Today, God has new work once more,” I am referring to God’s return to flesh. Perhaps you do not mind these words, perhaps you despise them, or perhaps they are of great interest to you. Whatever the case, I hope that all those who truly yearn for the appearance of God can face this fact and give it careful consideration. It is best not to jump to conclusions. This is the way that wise people should act."
from The Word Appears in The Flesh

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At the age of eight, he became a young Christian of the Church of Almighty God because of God’s predestination and choosing. He grew up happily bathed in God’s love. … As time went by, he understood more and more truths and began to practice performing duty as a created being with other brothers and sisters.Unexpectedly, he was illegally arrested by the Chinese government on his way home from preaching the gospel on March 5, ...

I was raised in a chaotic home. My father was an alcoholic and was always drunk. The only time he wasnt drunk was when he was when he was working. My mom worked hard all week. She always tried to give us everything and she made miracles cause she always trusted God. I was a terrible son. I would steal from my mom just to try to fit in outside. My life was a mess. I did bad in school because I couldnt focus. At home Iwitnessed my father beat my sister many times and he would hit me to. When I got older he walked out on my mom and us when we neede him the most, and my mom did it on her own. She went back to school and graduated college. I left the house and spent some difficult times. I then met a woman named Mabel and got married and had to beautiful kids my life was fine but then lost my job my wife left me. I lost my family friends. I became depressed when Mabel left I ended up homeless living in a parking lot across the street from the church I now attend. Lost and freezing to death for 5 years. All because I refused to let Christ in my life. So God sent a small man to me, who took me to church and introduced me to Christ. He sent to a place called Transformation Life Center, and while there I had two strokes, and God saved me. After coming out of it. I chose to give my life to Christ. Today I have a job my own place and Im back in school like my mom. My kids are back in my life, and I have true Christian friends who care about me. Thanks to God almighty. God is the center of my life. Through all things are possible.

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She had the Incurable disease , by reading the Word of God , she understood the mysteries of the three steges of new working and embarked on a new life on the right way , unconsciously , her cancer actually healed, Almighty God gave her a second life ! She finally joined the flow of preaching end time Gospel.

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Be strong in the Lord. He sends His toughest soldiers to the hardest battles.
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