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Hi everyone!
Im sad to say that I am quitting fantage sometime this month.
All my friends stopped playing, and ive gotten bored.

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Hey everybody! As co- owner of Fantage Sapphire Secret, Im extremely happy to announce me & Kylacarol2's new movie series called Transforming To Reality! If your confused about why she has a tiger here is why. You all remember the mystical world Ice right? (If not, PLEASE watch The Power Of Ice!) Well, that's where Gracelyn is from! She is from a different part of Ice, sadly, so there are no alternates. But here, you must have your animal with you at all times. Kinda like what they have in the Golden Compass.

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Do you play Fantage? Do you get bored alot? No?? Do you play chit chat city? Even heard of those sites? Still no?? Well ANYWAY... Look up Ky Bradley on YouTube!! not Kay, Ky!!

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