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How to host a website

Are you hosting a new website? Then you have many questions in mind, and I hope this article will answer how to host your website. When you decide to create a new website you need a domain and a good hosting plan to help you get started. A domain name will cost you 10-20$ depending on the domain company you decide to use. Hosting plans, on the other hand, can be yearly or monthly. Depending on your budget you can make a concise decision on what suits you best.

web hosting?

Web hosting services allow you to post websites and web pages into the internet. Web hosting service providers provide the technologies and services needed for your website or web page to be viewed on the internet. Web hosting companies have what we call servers where websites and web pages are stored. Most hosting companies require you to have a domain name before purchasing a hosting plan; if you do not have one the hosting company will help you purchase one.
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