Google Classroom and ENTERPRISE accounts?

We have a G Suite for Education domain and our parent company has an enterprise domain (.com) google account. Can the enterprise (.com) domain be granted access to their own Google Classrooms? Or is it only for EDU domains and PERSONAL domains?

Which to me makes no sense if Google opened it up to personal accounts, why can't .com enterprise accounts access classroom too? (or can they?)

Quick suggestion. When a student resubmits work, I can't see it easily. With the old system, resubmitted work was easy to find with turned in work or late work. Now, it does not stand out in any way. Could we find some way to make resubmitted work stand out so that it can be easily found?



If a teacher removes parents from their Google Classroom are the parents removed from all the other Google Classrooms for their student? For example, ELA teacher removes parents, can the parents still see History?

Making an assignment in classwork, several pupils are not getting it. Seems to work ok if assigning via stream though. Anyone else experiencing that?

Some of my students won't merge with aeries. The rest of the class does great.. All the grades merge and even update . But not these certain students. The only difference I see is that when they join my class, they come as 2023johnysmith (the first part of their email) as the other students come in as Johny Smith. This is causing quite a problem with my teachers, especially when the quarter ends. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I have re enrolled, with the code and syncing with aeries. I don't now what else to try.

Do any of your teachers have certain students in their google classroom that don't get the assignment? Everyone else in the class gets the assignment. I have quite a few in different classrooms, and not all the same teacher. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Will there be some other option for Google Education users such as Google+ communities after Google+ is closed down?

Can anyone help? We have a few teachers who do not have "make a copy" option in their Google Classroom. One is reusing last years classroom another has a new classroom. Both have the same issue.

A couple of things I desperately want:
1) standing sub-groups within a class - It's great to be able to choose individuals for assignments, but that has to be done repeatedly. If Topics could be assigned to sub-groups of students, then each assignment tagged with that topic name would go to those small groups.
2) Peer-review option. Teachers would be able to assign student work to other specific students for peer-review. So important!
3) Google School and District - This would be an umbrella structure over the group of classrooms within a district's domain or sub-organization. District and Building-level Admins (Superintendent, Principal) would be able to view each classroom to review curriculum and student work, but would not have editing permissions. This would make district and school communication and calendars so much easier, as well as teacher evaluations!
4) Direct Sync with PowerSchool or other SIS - This is literally the only convenience feature that Schoology has over G Classroom. Right now, teachers have to stay on top of creating and naming their own Classrooms, and adding/ updating their own rosters. Teachers are overloaded and not always on top of this.

Has anyone had trouble with more then one page loading on Google Classroom when you upload a PDF? All my pdf's uploaded into classroom will now show just one page. You can view the rest of the pages in KAMI. I hope this is not a way that Google is trying to force us to buy KAMI if we want to view PDF's in Google Classroom.
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