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I added DocHub to my personal Drive. I've asked my dist. tech director about allowing it on our school computers so I can share these documents in Google Classroom, the kids can type answers on the PDFs and submit in Classroom. After opening it up in Drive with the DocHub, how can they put it back so they can submit and I can check it? 

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GET Help Hangouts Episode 10 — Formulas in Google Forms/Docs with EquatIO

Students can now easily create and insert mathematical symbols and expressions, as well as scientific formulas using hand or voice recognition. Join us as we talk to John McGown, creator of gMath, about his new tool EquatIO!

GET Help Hangouts is a video series for Google for Education Certified Trainers (GECT), to provide information and training as they continue to develop their skills and knowledge as trainers.

Join us on Tuesday, April 25th at 1 p.m. MST - https://goo.gl/1iibT8RQ

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Any word of when Google Classroom is open for any and all users? My personal account tells me to ask for "Google Classroom Early Access."

Students TO-DO & DONE Lists:

Google classrooms TO-DO and DONE list in the student view was the main reason I made the jump to google classroom. (I brought a lot of teachers with me.)
Having an 'electronic agenda' for students where they definitely know what they owe and need to complete is the most valuable teacher and student tool.
The issue we are having (middle school kids) is that students are submitting an assignment that is totally incorrect and receives a grade of zero, or it is an assignment that needs to be corrected and resubmitted, but when a teacher returns the assignment to a student it now goes into the students 'DONE' folder.
This is a HUGE issue because once students see that their TO-DO list is clear, they feel that they are doing great when it's actually the opposite.
(The ol' out of sight out of mind issue)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an update that allows the teacher to grade an assignment and have a choice about where the assignment goes, whether it goes back into a students TO-DO folder or DONE folder.

Thanks, and keep the improvement coming!!

Need help. Would love to create a daily attendance form for my summer school teachers to use. Not sure how to go about it. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Is anyone else having problems with Google Classroom NOT sending some teachers notifications when students turn in late work? Right now, it's NOT working for one of my colleagues, but IS working for me. I can't find anything on the net about it. Has anyone else experienced this or have advice? 

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Add-ons are one of the best Google Apps features. You can add them from a published list or write them yourself with scripts. This post is about using rosterSync to share rosters from Google Classroom to Google Sheets.


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Using Drive to streamline docs and sharing in Google Classroom? Don't miss these tips. 
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