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In Ecclesiatis:There is always the time for everything.Time for God is to obey His commands and worship Him,give Him Honor and glory.Time for His people is to let each one discover their gifts and talents and use them well to become productive and become a better person by serving and helping each other to become progressive and successful to their purpose in life.Find and discover your own purpose in life her on Earth.Why God created you???Genesis:He created man for His glory,in His likeness He created Man,to administered the world of His creation,be [productive and offer Him the fruits of his labor..and most of all God wanted all His people to be Happy and enjoy life with Him in Heaven...And ..God is calling His people to return to Him,Repent an reconciled to Him .God has been calling all of us to His banquet.We are free to respond because He give us a Gift to respond to His calling ,He grant us the graces that give us inner strenght to answer Yes to Him.No any reason why we can't respond,except that we are not belong to God but we choose to belong to the power of this world and to His enemies who lived in the be continued...Read the Romans 10:9 I f we confessed with our lips that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in our heart that God rise Him from dead,You are saved....more follows..

In 1 John 5:9-10;The witness recorded in heaven are The FATHER,THE WORD,and THE HOLY GHOST.The witness on earth are:THE SPIRIT,the WATER and the BLOOD.JESUS CHRIST is the TRUE GOD and the EVERLASTING LIFE. In Jn3:16;"This is His one and only son Jesus Christ whom He sent into the world that whoever believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life"But in Rom.3:23 "For all had sinned and did not reach the glory of God." And God sent Jesus Christ His son who pour out his blood on the cross of calvary for our redemption from fires of hell.And He overcome death and the world when God rise Him from dead and bring to heaven.God give Him all the power in heaven and on eath to reign and be victorious over the power of enemies and He bring us togetehr with Him to share in His glory..He is worthy to be Praise,honor and give glory...

To whom may it concern:
The God's Love Int'l Foundation for Less Privileged founded by late Peter Guggi of Canada year 2016 build for his legacy has been closed due to declaration of his legal lawyer to the builder of the said foundation.The builder is a committed born again christian member and worker,and a Licensed Teacher of Secondary Education located in the Philippines.Due to financial incapability of the builder,and failures to come to Laredo Texas for funds claim and money transfer requirements for successive processing in stipulated time,therefore,the legal lawyer declared the funds claim and money transferred as "CANCELLED."Now,The said Foundation of Peter Guggi is declared not exited and therefore died in vain.The money remain in escrow account and unopen for the sake of security.

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The planet Earth has been created by Our God,Yahweh is His Name,The Alpha and the Omega, for us to administered using our own skills and abilities given to us by Him.It is for us to enjoy the products of our labor and share with one another ,and ultimately to offer thanksgiving,all praises and glorify our Dear God.Let us now see with our own senses the marvelous ,majestic and fantastic creations in the whole Universe.Our Galaxies reveals that Science is God's gift to all who never quit to discover the mysteries hidden in God's creations. "Education IS Not Just for the intelligent and bright organisms but open for ALL"

Enjoy being an Educated person.

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! Peter 4:18:It is written",If the righteous find not easy to be saved,how much more are those who sinned and does not even recognized who is our true God?.1 Pt.4:1 Christ was also suffered when He was with us here on Earth,We also must learned how to bear suffering because we already know that we must get rid of our sins after we decided to live with Christ .We choose to live according to the Will of God.7 The end is near,that is why,let us try to be self controlled and live with a clear mind so that we can pray well.8Most of all,Love one another sincerly,because love can erase all our sins.5;2 Take care of the flocks God has entrusted to you not for selfish reasons but it is God's will and because You also has the enthusiasm to serve Him,not as Lord of your flocks but as good example of them.God will reward you with a golden crown that never last forever.To the youth:be humble and respect your elders,serve one another according to God has commanded us,God hates the proud and conceited but He is well please to those who are humble with a contrite heart."

Serve the Lord God Yahweh and hold no delay....because He hates a lier and those who worship an idol made of a piece of wood..made of images cut out of firewoods...See that wrath God has said..Is.49,50 and 51

And He made a new covenant to His chosen people...Read Is.51.Ps.51
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