Wouldn't it be better to have the notifications appear as a list rather than go to through the hassle of scrolling through the icons? Just an opinion for future updates if possible

Here we are!
The first RC version has been published.

New features:
* Individual app settings (privacy, vibration, notification sound)
* Some bugfixes and improvements

The next version will probably have the In-App purchase actvated, so you can enjoy it for free for a few days! 

A new beta has been uploaded.
Now +Notifications Wakener is your default lockscreen (you could disable it in the settings).
You could also choose the background you want!

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After some time without having time to improve the app, I finally took a look on the new way to handle notifications since Android 4.3.

A new beta version is available with a lot of changes. The first one is that the app is now only compatible with devices running at least Android 4.3.

But a lot of improvements have been made! Take a look at these pictures to see what is new.
Animated Photo
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What kind of Device and what must it run to use this app? I have Samsung GS3 running android 4.1 but it says I can't download to my device.

Any plan to update with support Android 4.3's Notification Listener Service?


I'm not sure to understand how the application really work. It's supposed to replace the lockscreen or only appear when I receive a notification ?

If it's supposed to replace the default lockscreen, it's not working on my GS4.

And if it's only for notifications then I'll have to receive one to try it :D

Thanks for this great application :)

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A new version has been uploaded.
The notification screen has been changed.
Now clock and battery are always visible.
You can also swipe the notifications to select one.

* Screen not turned off sometimes
* Samsung switches shouldn't take half the screen now....
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Hi !
First of all : great app ! Design is basic but really enjoyable.

Still some minor problem though :(
* As you can see in the image joigned, texts are cropped and images are big.
* Is it possible to remove some notifications (such as the wifi notification, which is not removable from the application option) ?
* Sms are not getting notified by your app, maybe it is a conflict with my OS (Touchwizz could be the perfect guilty party :) )
* I can't be sure but I suspect that Notification Wakener is messing with the proximity sensor during calls.

This report has been made after tests with a Galaxy S3, Android 4.1.2.

And once again, great work ! I'll continue to use this app! 
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