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Name: thorn
Age: 23
Position: Head Warrior (Emerald Village)
Weapons: war hammer
Abilities: DRYDIER: Earth Manipulation,-LOHAR: Nature Manipulation -CADIRA: Take form of any earth substance -SIADON: Ability to control animals on land -THAYN: Metal Manipulation 
Height: 6'4
Weight: 167lbs
Eye color: green
Hair color: red
Energy Color: (Any color)
Likes: combat
Dislikes: useless speachess
Family: dead

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"Death is Needless when created by a human weapon. Still, violence sometimes does solve things. But not death."

[Name] Alerich Khall Verald. His shortened name is Alec.
[Age] 19
[Position] He is an Explorer
[Weapons] A Wooden Staff with metal edges, used to knock out his opponents

TELARIF He has expert control over fire, able to move it at will.
FALESH This is his main offense power.

[Height] 6ft 1
[Weight] 16 Stone
[Eye Colour] One is Blue, one is Brown.
[Hair Folour] Brown
[Energy Colour] A bright Red

[Likes] Exploring, The Calm, Kind and friendly people.
[Dislikes] Needless Death's, Cruel People.
[Family] Killed by a Demon.
[Bio] He doesn't reveal unless you specifically ask him.


Cleans glasses behind the bar in Emerald village slow day huh looks at the cat on a table drinking milk....i'll take that silence as a yes I walk to the back of the bar to get some whine when the front door opens and someone walks in ((open rp))

+Tenza Hatake help me out with this?

What occupation can I have? I wanted to work with the library, but I'm not sure if that's possible

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''If your not gonna pay the tab then you'll work it off''
''Instead of talking about how strong you are can we just get back to the fight I need to get back to the bar''
''Go home your drunk''

[name] Crow Vanguard
[age] 16
[position] Bar keeper
[weapon] ''I'm pretty bad at using weapons''

{Drydier} Being from Emerald he has the ability to control earth and uses it to his advantage in many why's
{Thayn} He can manipulate metal

[height] 6'2
[weight] shrugs
[eye color] Blue
[hair color] Brown
[energy color] Red
[likes] His Grandfather , the bar , music , nature and bread
[dislikes] jerks , not being paid , loud people , when people complain and sweet things
[family] His Grandfather
[bio] ''.....walks away''

He normally wears a long black coat with red interior and a belt around his shoulder ,and a necklace that has three roses on it. He does not wear a shirt for some reason , he also wears black pants with a black combats boots. His skin is pale and he has a average build, his eyes resemble a cats

[theme song]
{normal moments} Soul Eater - so crazy
{battle theme} One Ok Rock - no scare

In the Sapphire village Shikami was flying above, searching for her sister. She had heard she returned home after doing some sort of task. Upon seeing her she jumps down to hike holding her skirt down and shouts

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“Cats are cute... bitch eat it."

“Onee-chan is being mean"

[Name:] Shikami Hozuki

[Age:] 15

[Position:] Villager

[Weapons:] Magic

Cyron: Due to her being born in the Sapphire village, she has the ability to manipulate water meaning she can make it do whatever she wants it to.

Reidia: She can fly with the help of water, but this reduces her speed significantly.

[Height:] 5'7

[Weight:] 120lbs

[Eye color:] Red

[Hair color:] Black

[Energy Color:] Blue

[Likes:] Playing football, reading books and taking care of animals especially cats.

[Dislikes:] Meanies, Bullies and sometimes her sister +Yato Hozuki

[Family:] +Yato Hozuki (Sister)

[Relationship Status:] Single

[Bio:] Classified..... for now.

[Appearance:] Pic Below↓
2 Photos - View album

Are the two kingdoms like black and white in morality or is it a bit more complex than that?

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"Stay still, and this shall be as painless as possible. However, fire isn't that painless. Take that as you will."

[Name] Lord Riaka.
[Age] Unknown, as he always has his face and skin covered
[Position] Lord/King of the Kingdom of Galesa.
[Weapons] He relies completely on his Magic

Aburith After intense training, he has the ability to control shadows with ease
Tyria He can easily control each of the Four main Elements with Ease
Varien He has harnessed the skill and can effectively launch the sharp metal shards at high speeds.
Teledric He uses this to communicate with his allies with ease and secrecy

[Height] _6ft 7
[Weight] 28 Stone
[Eye Colour] Unknown
[Hair Colour] Again, not known
[Energy Colour] Pure Black

[Likes] Magic, Butchery, Death.
[Dislikes] Backstabbers, Cowards, Cheats
[Family] None; He killed them all, brutally.
[Relationship Status] Not in a Relationship.

[Bio] Not much is known about Riaka's past. However, what is known is that he successfully founded the Kingdom of Galesa, using brute Force and Violence to stay in power, and kills his opponent's. He has become feared and hated, and is now a highly skilled Magic User. However, he is very Loyal and with his allies is trustworthy and a very good ally. If you can avoid the metal shards and fire, that is...

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