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The Minecraft Better Together Update Beta is broken! Ever since the most recent update, I have severed from low frame rates, horrible lag, and an overall bad experience. This video is made in hopes of getting these problems fixed.

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For some reason it does this:

People help me! I want to use World Downloaden in the server to save the whole world but when i join with the mod it says that i can't use the mod in the server so i can 't use it.. Does someone know a fix for this? Please let me know!!

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=+Welcome to the Community!+=

Here in this community, we are dedicated to keeping the community active. To put it simply, most minecraft communities nowadays feel like a Ghost Town. In this community, we will keep posts up to date and try to hold events whenever we can to keep everyone engaged!
RULES BELOW (You will be warned before action is taken.)

1.) No Cursing or Foul Language.

2.) No Inappropriate Content/References.

3.) Please refrain from arguing/starting or engaging in arguments. No Bullying, Harassment, Or Being Rude in general is tolerated.

4.) No Unrelated Posts/Spam posts allowed. These types of posts will be taken down immediately- and you will be given a warning not to Post that kind of content again.

5.) Stay friendly! >w<

6.) Please respect Staff Members As well as each other.

7.) No Inappropriate Or Suggestive Pictures, Videos, Or Text.

8.) If you can, be sure to give everyone's post a Like!
At the end of the month, special rewards will be given to those who comment/like posts the most often!

9.) Please read the Pinned Post! (Haha You are-- Thanks! ouo)

10.) Please Do Not Advertise your Videos Without Adding A Proper Description, same with Advertising Links!

11.) All moderators must handle community affairs justly. Abuse of power and unfair treatment will not be tolerated, if a moderator is unfair to you or someone you know contact the owner of the community right away.
HalloOo! ^^
If you'd like to check out my channel or any of the other entertainment I have to offer-- you can click the link below!

We Are Currently Looking for New and Qualified staff members for the Community! If you would like to apply-- please Tag me to let me know! I will send you an Application Form to fill out! <3
(Hope you like the little photo I added! ^^)

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_ Video Novo Gosta De Jogar Rankup Mais Tem Preguiça De Minerar ? Hoje Venho Trazendo Um Servidor De RankUP ( OP ) Que Vc Não Vai Demora E Logo Logo Vai Ser O Mais Rico Do Server Confirar Vc Mesmo Servido TOP_ :

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Hey Guys! Today I'm back with another video from the SkyDawgs server! In this video I start a new project and then venture to... The MOOOOOOON! Enjoy :D
(IP in the desc.)

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Opa , Gosta De Textura Realista ? Hoje Venho Trazendo Uma Textura Que Vai Deixa O Céu Do Seu Mine Super Realistar

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Hello Everybody!

I would like to say I have a server. If you like to join, comment your username. I'll reply if I approve you.

Server IP:

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