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So about two weeks ago we decided to try a new restaurant that we heard about from a few friends. After a day of shopping, shoe shopping that is, my poor husband. We thought we would try it out this new place. Dr. Mckays Bar and Grill is tucked away on the corner of Hershey and Empire, behind Thornton's gas station.

We were there around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, on a Saturday. Not very crowded, the bar came off to me as a small irish pub. We sat at the bar, they do have table seating in the main room as well as a side room. They also do have a small video gaming room as well, from what we were hearing was paying out quite well. The bar was very clean, I noticed there was 8 beers on tap, a cooler full of bottled domestic and imported beers. And of course all of your bottle liqueurs as well.

Looking at the menu the pricing is quite reasonable. We decided to start out with some appetizers. The fried green beans and the fried pickles. Both were really good, not very oily and great seasoning. I prefer the pickles over the green beans though. My husband also had their wings. Now when you have wings at a bar and grill most of the time you get the small economy sized wings, as my husband would say. These were normal sized wings and we were both surprised when they came out. The price of the wings were definitely surprising as well. For 20 full sized wings it was around $14.00! Where I think most places around town charge anywhere between $1.25 to $1.50 a wing. I did not taste these but my husband stated they were extremely good, very well done and very flavorful. He said he has had good wings but these wings were way above anything he has had around town in quite awhile.

My husband had the rueben and I had the black bean burger. He decided on the homemade potato chips and I got the onion rings. The homemade chips were awesome! The reuben sandwich my husband said was amazing. He wanted me to try it but I am not a big fan of sauerkraut. But I still did have a bite and surprisingly it was very good. The corned beef melted in your mouth and you did get the hint of sauerkraut but it was not overpowering.

Now the black bean burger I will have to say was about the best non meat burger I have had in quite awhile. I have had other bean based or vegetarian burgers, I have found them to either be really dry or unflavorful. But this one was so moist and had so much flavor. I got it fully dressed but I did not need any condiments because it was that good. The onion rings were a little too greasy for my liking I had to pat some of the oil off.

But I was super excited when the bartender stated that they had RC Cola. I love RC cola and it is so hard to find anymore. The owner happened to be there when we were there. My husband actually knows him and worked with him years ago.

We talked to the bartender for quite awhile he filled us in on the events that they hold there as well. They have live music, open mic comedy, karaoke and trivia. This all goes on each week, so they have a variety of things happening all the time.

Our check came to around $48.00, that was two appetizers, four sodas, 20 wings, a black bean burger with onion rings and a reuben with chips. Not bad at all. That is the price before tip, we tip quite well because we know how it is working in that industry so we do our part to make sure they know we appreciated the good food and good service. I will say the staff is very nice, very attentive and they are really happy and proud of the place they work for, and it shows!

I did not visit the restrooms, my husband did and he said they were very clean.

We are definitely giving this place a two thumbs up! We both agreed we would definitely be back again and we really want to try out some of the events. We are looking forward to the comedy open mic Sundays. Check out Dr. McKay's Bar and Grill, on their website and their Facebook:
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Last night I made the husband get out of the house to go see some local bands. Him being a musician I thought he'd enjoy, which he did it was getting him up and motivated. LOL.

The first band we checked out was called Kickin' and Pickin', which was playing at Eric's Restaurant in Bloomington. I checked them out a little on Facebook before going to see them and I was interested. Especially when I saw "bluegrass" and "banjo." Now I know there are some people that are not big fans of either of those but really after listening to them I will say it is well worth the trip.

They are a small two man band, the guitar player could definitely be a one man band himself. From his right foot beating a bass drum, to this right foot tapping the pedal for the high hats and his knee hitting the others. All the while he is strumming an acoustic guitar and switching between a harmonica and a kazoo, yes a kazoo with his mouth.

The show stated that it would start at 6pm which we of course showed up fashionably late around 7:15pm. We got our drinks and picked a table. The place wasn't that packed. Looked like some bar regulars and some groupies. My husband stated wait it was still early maybe people would start to show up as the night went on. The band started I would say about 20 til 8pm. Which I do get a little frustrated when something says it is going to start at a certain time and it doesn't. Where my husband has played in bands and as he says they never start on time.

But it was definitely well worth the wait when it they started. Both members of this band are quite energetic and you can definitely tell they love what they do. I think seeing that makes the music all that more special. When you go to hear a band and you can tell they are just going through the motions, it just takes something away from the performance. But with these two, they drew you into their music. They did do some original music as well as did some covers.

They played up well to the small crowd and truly were in their element. We definitely would go and see them again. They have a small following but I feel that this band with a little more exposure could definitely get the crowd that their music deserves. If you have a chance to see them please do I will say they are really the only band we have really tipped before. We have seen other bands out with their tip jars but really never felt it was deserved. But we both said these two guys really deserved the tip.

They do have a facebook page and a youtube page. We highly suggest that you check it out.

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The last band we saw last night was Jury's Out. One of my girlfriends is a huge fan of this group and alot of my Facebook family are too. They were playing at Winner's last night and we weren't sure what to expect but by the looks of the parking lot we could tell they had a very large following.

We got there a little before 9pm and it was standing room only. there was a $5.00 cover to get in, which I am always a little apprehensive about paying a cover for a band I have never heard before, it was $5.00 so we figured what the heck. (I will say after listening to the band $5.00 was definitely on the low end, this band would we well worth more of a cover to see.)

The band is a four man band, a guitarist, a bassist, the lead singer plays keyboard, guitar and sings and then the drummer.

All four took a hand at singing and I will say all were very talented. I think the two band members that stood out to us were the guitarist and the drummer. The guitarist really impressed my husband as well as a few other people that were with us.

They are a 80's rock cover band and I will say that we have seen some cover bands and they do a good job. But this band definitely blew it out of the water. I think everyone in our group were singing and dancing along with each song that the band played. From David Lee Roth to Sublime, they covered it all. I don't think there was a time the dance floor was empty when the band was playing.

And you may think oh great 80's music but if you take a look at the dance floor there were young and old out there rocking it out.

Like I said this band is well worth going to see, and don't grumble because you have to pay a cover because believe me you will definitely get a show and have lots and lots of fun. By the end of the night my legs and butt hurt so bad from being out on the dance floor and dancing.

And even if you don't like to dance you can't stop yourself from singing along and throwing your hands up and rocking out. This is a cover band well worth going to see.

Check them out, they have a Facebook page and a Youtube page as well:
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