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the artistically crafted journey book 1 mark vs minecraft chapter 3 ; when dreams...become reality part 3

(mark) um...ok~
I removed my blanket from on top of me and got up out of the bed fully dressed and ready for school. I looked in the mirror to see the new and an improved me and at that moment my ego is truly showing
Mark: rozetta I love the choice of clothes you picked for me but don't you think it's a bit I don't know overkill to literally put my clothes on in my sleep?
Rozetta: well considering in the fact is that you wait until the last minute to get your clothes on and those boots take 2 to 3 minutes to actually have on your feet I would say~ no.
I tried to defend my reasons for me to get dressed in the last minute but she had me pinned down. I had to admit she had a point.
Mark:sight true so very true.alright how much time until we have to go to the bus stop
Rozetta: right now it's 5:30 a.m. And we need to be at the bus stop at around 6:10 am
Mark: so that means we got about a half an hour of time to kill
Rozetta: yep pretty much... but first you need to get your morning medication ASAP
Mark: alright then let's head to the living room speaking about that is my mom even awake because normally she wakes me up around this time.
Rozetta: she was about to wake you up but before she could even touch the door I opened it and told her to head back to bed and that I take care of you from now on. she was concerned of my choice of words but she was just too tired to deal with me so she went back to her bedroom my best guess I'm not sure though. your dad went to work already he's somewhat had the same reaction as your mom but he had to head to work so he didn't have enough time or patience to deal with me so he left me in charge of you
Mark: well that's kind of great to hear that my parents trust you enough to take care of me
Rozetta: well I wouldn't say trust more like tolerate because they don't really like me much. then again who wouldn't have a giant swear jar for a mouth,a very very short temper and extremely bad trust issues.
Mark: yeah true I don't want to say anything bad about my parents... because I do care for them and and I don't want to hurt them I love them too much for that you don't give a care for anyone except me I rather tell them to their face. then tell it behind their backs like a coward.
Rozetta: and that's why I'm here mark to speak the harsh,swear filled and bitter truth that you have the guts to say in front of anyone that you love and care for too much
Mark: yep and I have to thank my troubled childhood for that
Both of us:sighs yeah...
*We looked at each other sadden by are old past memory that forever haunted are minds.
Mom:*um...*cough cough
we notice and look to the left to find my mother standing in the doorway of my bedroom blank stare on her face
mom mark can I speak to you in private.
*Mark:*sure~ something wrong?
I follow my mom into the living room
mom: okay I have to tell you something I don't really like you being around your friend. there is something...about her something I can't explain what it is...but it just doesn't feel right for her being here ok?
I was shocked to hear my moms say that and I can't speak no more sincere tone
Mark: what do you mean?! ever since she's been here she's helped me alot she's my only friend ok besides Adam.I don't have many friends and now that you know that I have another friend. it's supposed to be good news that I'm making friends that are like Adam loyal and trustworthy and would take a bullet for me anytime anyplace anywhere.
mom: mark! listen! its not that I am NOT proud of you for making friends is just that I don't really trust her she scares me a little ok!... I haven't seen you for 5 weeks... and look at you she life the bottom of my t-shirt the newly for muscle strength as well as the mark on my left arm just become like a wrestler or I don't know but anyway she made you into something you're not....
Mark: Let me guss...a monster... well news flash mother I've always been a monster...I've just been hiding inside me all along... Rosetta is my best friend.she's the best thing that ever came to me.I enjoy her company she is my only friend that truly and I mean truly understands and comprehends me. you may not like her but I do I will always protect her she will always protect me she will always protect you even if she doesn't like you. you know why? because she's willing to fight to the death to have and to protect the one thing she never had...a family
Mom:she gasped No...mark... you're not a monster I-i wasn't going to say that!
my sadness turned to anger and I nearly was about to yell at my mother but I come down and help my anger back. and began to speak in a more assertive tone
*Mark:*mother don't lie to me because I know you're thinking it... don't you ever do that because I love you too much to lie to you I should expect you to do the same.
*my mother gasped again but this time her eyes widened and she looks behind me seeing Rosetta shake her head last night with her arms crossed.Realizing she was thinking that she was thinking that I was a monster and she felt awful. my sister comes behind me and point to the clock it was already too late the bus at the left us. me and Rozetta Grabbed our backpacks, keys,phone,I said goodbye my mom and left the house. clothes we closed and locked the front door m we jumped over the stairs.we started walking to school which to us would have taken 5 or 6 minutes because of our newly found strength and speed. we managed to get to school on time even with a couple minutes left to spare so we went to the cafeteria and got ourselves some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which were pretty good but they lack the satisfactory of being homemade. we managed to finish our sandwiches and have a quick chat before we can even speak the bell rang.
Rozetta: well well well it was about high time the bell rang you ready free first day of school?
Mark:I crack my knuckles and neck and began to speak in a smug tone girl~ I was born ready! smirks lets go!
me and Rosetta: let's go shock the minds of the world of the living! that's fucking right!
* luckily we managed to get to our first period class on time an amazingly it was to 2D art. we were trying to pay attention to the teacher but sadly my curiosity got the best of me begin drawing each other using every inch of coloring pencils,pencils sharpies and paint and we could find. half an hour later we were finished.*
both of us: DONE!
we showed each other are painting and we were impressed how amazingly cracked it the artworks were he was a hundred percent accurate I look like someone took a picture and slapped it on there get there still some inperfect line showing that he was a painting
Mark: nice work sis.
Rozetta: right back at you brother
* who brought their paintings of two are our teacher so that we can at least get a second opinion*
Mark: hello there ms.bee what do you think of her paintings we would like to know and we want to get your opinion on our artworks
* she didn't say a word she just stood there her mouth open wide shocked the two kids made artworks so beautiful and would put Leonardo DaVinci to shame*
Mark: hello?...hello?...anyone in there. I wave my hand in front of her face but she had no response mark to our teacher are you in there. please return back to Earth
Rozetta giggles little bit. been a half an hour passed and she was still standing still like a statue. the students were getting a bit scared and a bit angry at us. because we caused this mess.
Rozetta:sight ... great I'll go get the nurse. and if she can't help us I'm going to grab the nearest first aid kit. mark you're going to have to stay here and watch the teacher make sure no one pushes her. I know I'm going to regret this somehow but I have no choice I'll be right back okay.
Mark: already been sister I'll hold down the fort here you just go get the the nurse or the first aid kit
Rozetta: alright Mark you take care of yourself
she leave the room and the door slowly closes when it was fully closed the students gathered all around me.smirking right at me
Mark: let me guess you guys are going to try to get payback for what me and my sister have done right * they slowly nodded he quickly grab whatever they could find to use against me*
Mark:sight ... well let's get the show on the road
* meanwhile my sister was half way to the nurses office when one of the staff stopped her. she read the name tag of staff member and it said principle Stockman*
Stockman: why hello there young student do you have a pass,where are you from,are you trying to skip class?
Rozetta: thank you for complimenting me and no I do not have a pass because my teacher is standing still blacked out due to me showing her my amazing art works I know that sounds crazy but I'm leaving my brother to watch over...

 *i stood which allowed to see that i saw six and a half foot tall with light tannish skin,mane and tail that was nearly was as black as the void but with golden, jagged and lighting like highlight on the bottom of its mane and stripped horizontally on its tall.the mane was long enough to touch the top of he's somewhat robotic body while the tail was a foot away from touching the ground.he' right eye was robotic and of pony origin while the left eye was not but more of a humans eyes.with white Iron bandages wrapped loosely inches from one layer to the next one around his neck.on the left side of its chest you were able to see its besting heart which was made of solid 24k gold.lastly all of his hooves except for its left hoof which was made of solid iron look like it was made of some type of spruce wood like metal with golden bands bolted down to the  wood like metal*

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Hello everyone! (Read below)
+Mark miner The Forgotten equestrian memory is creating a fan fiction of minecraft, mlp, and saints row, call the artistically crafted journey and needs voice actors. Mainly he is looking for someone who can be Rozetta;

Her personality is simple; very angry, very aggressive, very assertive,swears a lot and doesn't care for anyone or any living thing that she sees, thinks about or even notice it exists except for her own brother, who she would rather die then see him unhappy. She is a very strong character and she has seen and have been put through every form of torture that has ever been created

If you or anyone you know is interested immediately contact +Mark miner The Forgotten equestrian memory for details and try outs. He really needs someone to play her because she is the 2nd lead and the fan fiction can't be done without her.
also here is the list of voice actors that are needed

voice actor list

!!!!!!main characters!!!!!
Mark Miner Mercado- +Mark miner The Forgotten equestrian memory

(( !you need to really good for this one! ))
Rozetta Red Dragon Roze Miner Mercado-
(side characters)
Tex- +Agent Tex


princess celestia-

princess luna-

Princess Cadance-
shining armor-
misty- +Mlp sky Heart

princess twilight sparkle-

pinkie pie

rainbow dash

granny smith-
big macintosh-
apple bloom-

fluttershy- +ROBIN SENPAI

sweetie belle- +Katie Spartz
Thank you,

you are in the middle of nowhere forever lost in the vacuum of space,time and matter you did what any normal person would ever do try to find a way spend hours even days searching for a way out but sadly there was you accepted your fate of being forever condemned to the darkness of the void and die of starvation,hunger insanity or even of old age.then as you accepted your fate you started to hear a strange mechanical sound. the sound grew louder as it came closer and closer. you were unsure,even terrified of what could be lurking within the darkness of the void could it be creature of unholy and untold power or even something far worse than that one knew what. the mechanical clanking sound grew more rapid and louder and louder until a tall somewhat robotic
pony like creature approached)
???:oh why hello there. how did you get in here?
(you told him that you had no clue how you came to this realm)
???: really Wow but never the less I should probably get you out of here. this place gets kind of creepy after being here for too long. so if you keep your mind occupied could stay here for about as long as you can go without eating food or water. speaking of that I heard you running all over the place I nearly got a glimpse of thought you might be thirsty so I packed a barrel of cranberry juice with me
(the creature pulls out very small barrel like container from a pocket from his posterior as well as a foldable chair and places it behind you. then he stands in front of you and lays back and instantly a super fancy recliner appears out of nowhere. you are baffled but then you were in the void the really wasn't anything left that could blow your mind at this given time now. so you drink some of the juice which was inside the container and sat down holding it in your hands)
???: hay... buddy want to hear a story. it's not like other story is very unique one.
( you were quite curious upon what story could be more important than freedom when you thought about it. if he got here could probably get you you said yes. and the 10 mechanical pony pulls out a very old, thick,hardcover red leather book, it had a gold trimming on the very edges of its hard cover and its people with nearly made of solid illuminated mystical light as it began to float in the air the book. there was a lot of dust on the book you could barely make out what the title was trying to say then the book began to spin and quickly stopped. you inhaled some of the dusty air and you started to cough. then you looked at the book is clean as a whistle. and you looked and saw the name of the book the Artistically Arafted Journey by Mark miner Mercado.)
how rude of me I forgot to introduce myself hello there my name is Mark a miner Mercado and I am a 26 year old cybernetic earth pony this book is my pass my presents and possibly my future. this book never stops writing as we speak it continues to write my history my legacy and everything I've done. within the three rounds I have been through Minecraft and Equestria. I once was a human like you happy joyful but that all went crashing down as my own dark deeds took my mind away. took my family away (sight) nevertheless you probably are being full of questions needing answers. well that book is here to answer those questions. I must warn you this book is very powerful the projects you in the background allowing you to see everything that I've done. you are a ghost to them unable to be heard seen or viewed upon once you open to the first page. I must also warn you this book contains some dark depression content as well as mass amounts of foul language but a bit of gore and a large amount of violence. once you open that book once you start watching or even reading. note that you have been warned. also note that the books Worlds. which my life had been put through are not of my creation. so heed this warning answer with caution. for once you start reading and viewing my mind it will not stop until you finish it and see it to the end. so what you wish to continue
you noded and open the book to the very first page the book flew high into the sky and then hurls a big penis fly into your eyes telling you once told origins and horrible mistake. and so the story had begun would begin the reading of the artistically crafted

they are typically crafted journey chapter 4:all good things must come to an end ((part 1))

*it's November,9,2014 whicHabout 2 months sence Rosetta's arrival into the world of the living in about 4 days since my mom figured out why me and Rosetta were so bloody close. and ever since then the house became very quiet and even earry at times.they did talk to each other sometimes but only when they needed something from each other. it was kind of creepy but I didn't really notice since the past 4 days have been strange and painful in there own way one day I tried to sing a beautiful melody but suddenly my voice started to cracked on me and I nearly lost it,when I attempted to draw an amazing artwork I started to go went bind,and then when I tried to think of my past memories in events that happen these past two months i had felt in sharp unbearable pain feeling in my heart which was the same pain I endured when my sister Rosetta first came to this world.though that wasn't the weirdest thing of all.the weirdest thing was the next day I was in so much pain I nearly collapsed into a coma but my sister rushed to me and began hugging me and...poof...the pain was gone.I informed her of my situation and she was shocked from hearing that inted bit upset that I didn't notify her sooner than later.we were scared knowing something was going to happen...something life changing was about to come upon on us.yet we just didn't know when which was the scariest bit of all.I was getting pretty paranoid but my sister literally slept some sense into me in an attempt to calm me down
rozetta: calm the fuck mark! we may not know what when or where this big bad problems going to go down the release kill some time by having some fun why don't you and me go down to Walmart and buy as much fried chicken tenders as we can ok~?
mark: OUCH! fair enough I could go for some fried chicken tenders right now. Oh can I get some fried potato slices, and 2 liter Coca Colas?
rozetta: she hugs me while patting me on the back I like the way you think brother also I made as a couple fun things we can use to kill some time.
mark: sweet it's a good thing you have your drivers license too
rozetta: Yeah right now you get dressed getyour medicine and I'll meet you outside by the car okay?
mark: that sounds like a plan to me
and so I went through my morning routine of getting my medicine and getting dressed. after that I let my mom know where I was going grab my phone and keys to the house and went outside then got in the car with Rosetta we drove all the way to Walmart.2 hours later we came out with a bath 5 pounds worth of chicken tenders and fries potato slices in 2 liters bottles of coke cola
mark: man I still can't believe you and your silver can manage to bargain your way out to not paying for shit.
rozetta: she smirks at me what can I say I'm just that good
*mark: hahaha you got that damn right
* then I gave her a high five and as I did we were already at the car sitting in the trunk drinking up the Coca Cola bottles are having some good old fried chicken*
mark: god damn this is good! * then it begins to go from my face with fried chicken and Coca Cola. I nearly choked on one if not for rosetta quick thinking and reflexes*
rozetta: we're going to try to pull off a straight face but she couldn't answer to laugh as she spoke I know we have unlimited fried chicken and I know you love fried chicken but it doesn't mean that you spontaneously start stuffing your face with a fried chicken for crying out loud! you're stuffing your face with fried chicken faster then a trash compactor! GOOD GRIEF MARK! CALM THE FUCK DOWN!
I started smelling and the hot steamy and delicious fried chicken
mark:*aaaaaa~ some good fried chicken there *I smell the fried chicken again god damn that's some good chicken!
rozetta: begans to burst into laughter while playfully shaking me stop trying to get fucking high off the fried chicken!
mark: no because I work at the chicken factory
rozetta: you don't work for shit!
* we both fell backwards against the back chairs of the car burst into laughter enjoy your fried chicken for several hours we can each other laugh and having a wonderful time. until the fried chicken or the coca-cola ran out. by then we were pretty full we couldn't eat another bite there was one last piece of chicken left we had to rock paper scissor over it and I won but I knew he threw up trying to eat it so I just gave the Rosetta yet again she nearly threw up before she could even eat it so we did but we knew what to do we split it in half and eat it.this was a wise choice of actions because I didn't think our stomachs would have lasted longer if we ate anymore. then Rosetta gets up and get into the driver seat,started up the car,I got into the a car, drove us home when we got home it was about 9 p.m. There was a letter on the door saying "dear Rosetta this is Mark's mom dad and brother we are going on vacation for 3 weeks so! we are leaving you in charge of Mark.we're giving you the second of doubt. we expect the house to be when we left it in one piece. the fuck this up and don't hurt my son.sincerely mark mom,dad and brother p.s the dog is at the vet for the three weeks we will be gone we do trust you someone roll it up we don't trust mark as much with the dog nothing personal mark."
rozetta: hey look at that looks like we have the house for 3 weeks
mark: sweet~
I use the keys to the house open the door ran into the living room couch. whileRosetta walked onto the couch and lays her head on my lap*
rozetta:we're going to lift your head up off my lap and then begin to speak nervously hey Mark...I...I know this is a lot to ask and I know you're not going to agree with me when I ask this
mark: what is it what?
rozetta: she puts her left hand behind her neck and starts rubbing it a good as she still speaks nervously d-do you wanna m-make out?
* I was a bit surprised that she had said that wasn't shocked because a long time ago before we were brother and sisters who are actually girlfriend and boyfriend. our relationship didn't really work out well and it just didn't seem right at the time so we just stick to being brother and sister because we didn't love each other we just didn't wanted to go too far*
rozetta: and you may be wondering why I asked that is because well we have the house to ourselves,there's never anything good on TV,I doubt this being anything good on YouTube,you already watched all the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic episodes and I don't feel like playing the xbox and I know definitely you don't feel like doing that stuff either.
she was right I don't feel like doing anything and there really wasn't anything good on TV these days
mark:sighed ...I'm sorry wrote that I bet my answers no
rozetta: oh come on Mark I'm not asking for a relationship I'm just bored here ok...please?
mark: no I will not...I love you Rozetta but I am NOT going that far...and that is that
rozetta: alright alright but can you at least kiss me on the lips then
mark: nope because if I learned anything from you Rozetta and that is if I give you something you can able to make it bigger and better so if I give you a kiss you you've been able to use your subjectively good looks. and abilities then 5 minutes later were already making out.
rozetta: god dammit sight well least you're learning
mark: you got that damn right
*so she gives me a kiss on the lips walks over to my room and try to go to sleep I join your later on. as days turned in two weeks and weeks turned into months my symptoms and my side effects of been getting worse whatever is happening to me it was happing in a stadium and rapid pace is everyday that went by those pains grew and grew and grew until they were too unbearable rosetta next to me every second of my life my mom was being concerned of what was going on. explain and reminded none of this was her fault all she did was come to this world all this pain and misery that I was going through was not part of the situation it may be the side effect but not the cost. over that I knew that something bad was going to happen someday and she fear that day may come soon. it was July 1st 2015. do to my condition that I was no longer able to go to school so they had me home schooled those months I managed to graduate successfully but it came at a cost of going through a physical and mental hell to do so. she had no clue of what was going on with me but she knew one thing she had to save me no matter what the cost so she used to each and diamond medical techniques and begin entering my mind I hope she could find an answer but she found something works the nightmares and since within me has consumed my soul and started to make a bridge wait for spirit I'm very strange to pixelate spirit but a spirit nevertheless she tried to fight them off and destroy the portal and

the artistically crafted journey book 1 mark vs minecraft chapter 3:all good things must come to an end(( part 6))

my mom was completely shocked to hear me say such words to hear me say all that.also was completely and utterly filled with guilt when she realized some of the pain was from both her and the dad.
Mom: I'm sorry...mark I'm sorry...I didn't know you were dealing with this much pain. you don't deserve. this you deserve better
my sister walked up the stairs to the front door opens the door,close it behind herand runs to my room and slammed my bedroom door shut and locking it. I walked up two steps the stairs before looking at my mom with an emotionless stare from a far and began to speak in a calm tone
Mark: that's where you're wrong mom I do deserve this life.though I maybe seen as a monster by you, dad and by everyone else helped in this planet. at least I know one person who that will see me as me not as a monster... not as a freak of nature...and not as a brute. you may not like may be scared of her and helllyou don't even know what to make of her but I do she's Rosetta roze she is 18 years old, she's my sister and I love her as much as I love you and now here's two things I that's going to happen 1. you accept that the fact there is someone new in this family that is willing to die for me or try to fight and keep going until you drive me and Rosetta away... think about it its your choice after
* I walk up the front doors stairs and into the house running to my room to comfort Rosetta. my mom started to think about what I had said and that everything Rosetta had done for me. now she thought about it she filled with more guilty came to her mind because she knew all that pain all that hatred all that anger was from them and from all that he had been put through. and meanwhile deep within my corrupted brain a pixelated evil was one step closer on taking over a world...*

he artistically crafted journey book 1 mark vs minecraft chapter free when dreams become reality ((part 5))

Rozetta: I think if I keep this act up with my parole officer I think I might be able to get out of here before Christmas
Mark: that's pretty cool but yeah wow they are giant perverts
Rozetta: get I don't give a shit because I'm doing everything I can to get out of here and spend some quality time with you helping you get smarter faster and better so you can live a happier life
Mark: and that's why you're my sister no matter what the f*** people believe they can read people they can beat you down with an axe else they could shove you in a wood grinder and get you would be willing and able to stand up right then and there even after all the s*** they put you through the woods you still would stand up and tear their ass to shreds cuz no matter what you do no matter what they do!  you will always be standing up tall and strong willing to fight to the death to save my ass
Rozetta: don't you forget it
then the door and open it someone on the intercom because this week
???: dear prisoner 12528 aka Rosetta red dragon rose we are releasing you from my prison because every prisoner and staff in the school has already committed suicide I will be joining them in hell. we cannot take your torture me and furious anger you are too horrifying it too scary to deal with. and we cannot maintain his present with you in it so we are releasing you from your confinement also your clothes and normal items are the entrance of the prison. we tried to carry your clothes farther away but every time we did a prisoner died. thank you and goodbye forever
*then we heard gunfire from the intercom and then nothing else.*
Mark: wait sister you have the strength to escape prison any time you want why didn't you
when I looked at her she was gone. I was thinking of searching for her but I realized that if she ever left she probably is going to get something important. 5 hours later my sister returned.wearing her normal clothes
Mark: well its about time.what the heck were you doing?
Rozetta: feeling every inch of firearms weapons steel and useful materials off the entire prison and the guards money weapons and food and if you're wondering where I store it in my hair and that's why I don't let people touch my hair is literally all my stuff in there oh she doesn't me a briefcase I opened it and it was full of cash I also use $5000
I look inside her giant beautiful red hair and I see all the weapons and firearms all the middle everything even the money
Now that makes a lot more sense than you having a lot of pride which Mark: I dunno you havebut damn $5000 how much money did you get off this prison
Rozetta: $1000 from the prisoners and guards,3000 for all the cooking I had to sell, 6000 for all the pure steel scrap that I had found lying about.which I sold and about $6000 for something other police officer and prisoner outfits clothing which I had sold to a brothel so in total profit of about... $18,000
* who is somewhat surprised at the amount of money she had need to get the surprise it really didn't last long knowing my sister and her Chris waste of ways she can get or sell anything she has and still make a massive profit on it but she doesn't prefer to rip a person off because that is just too easy that is where someone would catch on to her ultimate silver tongue*
Mark: wow I gotta say that's a pretty decent profit right there
Rozetta: I know right. anyway we should head home for moms probably worried sick about you
Mark: actually she doesn't even know I'm here... and she doesn't want me to be next to you anymore
Rozetta: great just fucking great now I have to knock some sense into them again sighed come on Mark let's head home
we started running home it took us an hour but we finally got there my mom was standing there waiting for us. she's about to hit me but Rosetta took the beating for me then Rosetta grabbed the bathroom and threw it into the frontyard
Mom: what the heck
Rozetta: hit me I know you want to you still have anger inside you so hit me
mom hits her again and again it she doesn't move she doesn't flinch she stands there doing nothing. and I'm slowly backs up scared
Rozetta:*she cracked her neck and Knuckles is that all you got?...because I'm still standing!
Mom: ok that's it I had enough of this what the hell are you who are you you don't even flinch you don't cry, and I have never seen someone so cold so cruel and tears so many people up and not feel guilty for them.WHO OR WHAT ARE YOU!?.. TELL ME!!!
Rozetta:sister started to giggle then left a little bit and began to smirk and she speaks in a calm soothing but sinister tone I am the darkest abyss,the unholy light, the devil's daughter, I am Rosetta red dragon rose The Devil's angel and the imaginary sister of mark Mercado. you wonder why mark is never angry that's because all of his anger goes to me I am him I am all of his emotions all the anger all the frustration hatred I am the girl who can beat the s*** right out of you and I won't have any mercy. and the only thing that's stopping me from doing that is your son Mark Mercado but boy I am sworn to protect with my life I am him! have a girl and very very very short temper! I never truly cared about you for you or anything I only do that so mark can happy! mark is the only reason I'm here he is my brother I love him and I'm willing to die to defend him I will take all his beatings I will stand in front of them! even take a bullet for him! cuz I cannot die for as long as Mark is alive so am I my will to live is stronger and I've seen more s*** more treatment than you could ever imagine,I've given my will to live a long time ago when I was born,I gave that up mark is the only reason i'm here.mark is the only reason I'm alive and he is my life line! if you want to hurt him take it all on me cuz I'm the only one who truly gives a mother fucking crap about him!
my sister was completely and utterly full of mom never truly understood my mom never truly understood me but she tried her best to take care of me the way you are not affected. so there was nothing I could have ever had such news source of information separate show how much pain how much emotional suffering me and her go through.
*my mom slowly pulled her hand from Rosetta space all packing up slowly and fitting into a chair I was outside next to the shut her eyes widened it could be scared of mixed emotions of scared,sadness, petty and guilt. she couldnt say a single word and silence fill the air. she must believe in second chances me if this was real I told her yes.she was shocked to hear that
Mom: i...i...i-i-i,m sorry?
Rozetta: sorry doesn't mean shit to me anymore! do you want to help me help your son out and do this. let me do my job you've already done yours
my sister was from a banger cheek when close I'll grab your shoulder and made her look into my eyes she quickly calm down.started hugging me tightly and didn't let go
Mark: mother hear me now...sighs I love you...I will always love you and I'm here to protect you but this...this is what I am mostly have to deal with in my life. Rosetta is not an ordinary girl she's my friend and I color sister cuz she is me that is true everything you heard is true.she is my anger,frustration and all the other emotions that hide away just to hurt you carry on your normal. the reason she does not feel pain because she feels the anger of everyone around her she knows the world is full of evil.I know the world has still have some good in it well that's what I like to believe but that hope is withering away through time. she knows what I go through because she's gone through it all she isn't there at my pain,she's endured my misery,she supported me and help me through it all.oh if you're wondering now she's not my girlfriend that is kind of sick I see her as a sister not as a future wife. nevertheless I digress the point is is that I will not die she can be beaten down to the ground sent through nuclear reactor hell you could put a 50 caliber rifle point blank and firing and she would not have a scratch for as long as I am Alive she will never be forgotten she will always be here by my side through thick and thin and heaven and hell no matter what the fuck you do to her. she will rise above the mall she was stand and will not fall for that is the die!

in 18 year old teenage child whose life was thrown into chaos when his imagination and his curiosity joined forces to force my imaginary Sister Rosetta road out of my mind releasing corruption and dark and memories with friends and so the world became distorted and whatever I saw came into the real world I have played Minecraft and so is it took it over and I had saved it from my own self then after I defeat the Enderdragon my memories came back to haunt me and erased my memories from my mind when I awoke and I was in a question via unknown who who who I truly was. but then I discovered something. something that would guide me to build the underground Kingdom I live in today I worked for 15 years straight digging mining and building the underground Kingdom I run cold maretuary. has time for surfer dressed I realized who I truly was and I had to make an ultimate sacrifice live my life back on Earth or go back home to Equestria. I chose Equestria cuz I knew if I went back to earth my nightmares we consume me and kill the ones I love I told my parents before I left I was doing this for them not for the new life cuz what good is living a new life. because what good is living a new life if you can remember the ones you love


the artistically crafted journey book 1 mark vs minecraft chapter free when dreams become reality ((part 4))

Rozetta: the class so I can get the nurse and this mess we made
*then i they windows breaking from the art class*
Rozetta: shit! look I don't have time for you out of when I got to do
* rosetta quickly pushes him away hence to the nurses office grabbed as much first aid kids and she could find and runs back to the art room where she found every students unconscious on the floor and even lying against the ceiling bruised up and batter to the bone, the tables were smashed in half and all the chairs were thrown everywhere. the teacher was nowhere to be found. I was standing in the middle of it all bruised pretty badly and breathing heavily and exhaustion*
Mark: god...damn...things... escalated...quickly
Mark: what am I supposed to do let them stab me with pencil scissors and rulers forget black and don't worry about the teacher while the fighting was going on I quickly pushed her into the bathroom so that she could be safe from all the havoc that was being caused by the students
Rozetta: she sighs and slowly walks up to me alright then.let's go fix the mess we had created.
I nodded and we begin repairing the art room it took us 2 days but we managed to restore the art room students an teacher to the original state. after we had finished preparing the classroom the students tried to frame is for all of it. but luckily my sister brought in the evidence and prove your innocence and the rest of the class was expelled from school. we were given a two day suspension from school just to make sure that both sides were not unpunished. then right after we got on the bus the principal stopped us and told us the reason why we got the suspension with not because of what we've done. it was to be sure that those kids if they do return would not try to get revenge since we did not get away that easily. and so we head on home bruised up,battered and suspended for two days. my father was proud of me defending myself but my mom was furious the fact that her son was suspended from school
Mark: look mom I didn't mean to do any of this the students started to attack me I had to defend myself. what was I supposed to do let them stab me with scissors. sharpened pencils and broken rulers. I don't want to die ok I want to protect you but I can't protect you if I'm dead! you know what if they didn't teach me how to defend myself I would have been dead!!!
*my mom was about to yell at me but thought about that instead and i was right. she felt even more bad of what she said last morning.she walks up to Rosetta*
Mom: i'm... I'm I'm sorry rozetta I shouldn't have said what I last morning...
Rozetta: apology accepted and I can understand... you're just trying to look after not getting over you don't know what to do with him... but I do I know how he works I know how to work around his disabilities and and his emotions I'm here for you and him alone... also one thing to know about me if I ever ask give,teach, even help him he will only be for the sole purpose of keeping him safe ok...
Mom: alright...
silence was in the air for a couple of me all went back inside. the past two days after having one night they were not as bad as before. he worse still freaking even bizarre a time. I couldn't make out what they were but I knew one for sure that this was a sign of bad things to come in the future. when we got on the bus and tried to sit down somewhere most of the students tried to move to the front of the bus
Mark:i sight then frowned well at *least I won't be ignored...
my sister felt bad knowing this was all her fault if she hadn't came none of this would have happened but she had no choice either be consumed by the corruption and leave me to be forever alone or to be in the real world so she could truly help me in my time of need.*
Rozetta: I'm not going to let anyone hurt you you can bet your ass on that
then bus stops and we were back at Fort Pierce central. the students rushed and bought their way out of the bus just so that they wouldn't have to be near me which made me even more sad cuz as of Rosetta and Adam would be my only friends in I would ever have. because the entire school with see me as not a kind hearted boy,not a singer not an artist,not even a strange kid but as a monster... who did nothing wrong. he walked off the bus and almost every student in the bus loading zone stared at us angrily booing hissing and making me feel like I don't even deserve to live. well my sister on the other hand was a completely different story she became angrier and angrier until she began to speak in a demonic so so scary so horrifying it sent every student in the bus loading zone to run into the school hiding from me and my sister rozetta
Rozetta: the school is full of assholes! Half educated assholes!
Mark: can you just go home and I already feel like I don't deserve to live here anymore
rosetta gasps then smack me upside the face
Rozetta: DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT IN FRONT OF ME OR ANYWHERE DON'T YOU F**** DARE SAY THAT ALL!!! because what good is you going through limbo to save me if you just want to die. I will always be here to protect you and you will always be here to protect me what will really happen but my point is don't let no one say you cannot be here you are meant to be here your mom put you here so that you can get a good education. I think of the school is pretty good horrible students but not half bad teachers.I give them back because I have too much pride in me. mark they're going to be times when life is going to treat you like s*** we gotta walk it off we gotta learn to deal with it and try to bear the pain we have until the world is willing to listen to our pain!
Mark: I screamed in pain for about 2 to 3 minutes then begin to speak you're right Rosetta I'm sorry I'm sorry I said that's... its... it's just like looking at us we're in the worst position ever no one even likes us and I always wanted to make friends I may not get any friends here now...
Rozetta: they wouldn't say that cuz if you give them time they may grow in my actually like you and friendships could be born.hell if we can't find any or make friends or find someone that enjoys your company in this state we can always start searching in another...
Mark: Thank You Rosetta you're my true friend
the bell rang and all the students started running towards class but not right after trying to pick on us again. only this time they started touching my sisters hair I knew one thing about my sister and that was never to touch her hair she had too much pride and she groom that thing every second when she's at home just to make sure it stays shiny. so when they started touching your hair she started breaking fingers and almost ripping a hand off...luckily she dislocated it. after all that 50 students hands were broken, and 25 students missing a finger or two. the school try to expel rozetta and send it to jail. she tried proving her innocence and persuading them to lower the charges but sadly her skills were not enough even presenting the evidence that she was being bullied still wasn't enough evidence to prove her innocence. she's expelled and sent to jail for 2 months. and so I thought it started as a beautiful memory was just a nightmare and its own creation.a month later I was allowed to visit her she in the juvenile detention center.when I got there and asked security guards if I can see Rosetta they had taken me to a solid steel room with no chairs no windows just me and my sister. she was wearing an orange Prison outfit.
Mark: hi Rosetta long time no see ...also!you really do look good in orange
Rozetta: she left a little then smiled Thanks also how is everything in school... wait I already know what you're going to say giant pile of shit everyone still treating you like a piece of shit no one likes you everyone is afraid of you and everyone thinks you're a monster right?
Mark: I frown then sighed yep so how's how's juvenile prison doing you?
Rozetta: not bad actually not bad at all I got food and water and stuff to do oh I also snapped a couple hands while I was here too and killed someone... so there's that... luckily I miss use my persuasion abilities to lower down to another month so sadly I'm not going to be here for new years bro able to help you out when you need help with homework.
Mark: wow just simply wow and thanks glad you at least get a little bit freedom
Rozetta: I gotta tell you something guards around here are perverts massive massive pervert which I have used to my advantage to lower my sentence again
Mark: woooooooooooow! just simply wow! just simply motherfucking wow! wow!
Rozetta: yep they are giant purse but...
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