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Greetings!  If you've joined this group you are either a player in our "Of Steam, Steel and Murder" actual play podcast, a listener to the podcast or just a friend in my gaming Google circle that got pinged when I created this!  However you stumbled here, welcome!  If you stay and become part of our community, please introduce yourselves (there's a whole thread for that).

This group will be used to schedule games and keep listeners and players informed of breaking news and other events.  If you prefer to use a more traditional forum, you can find that at

Registration there is not automated, so please send me a private message with the user name you created your account with.

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In the feed tonight is Breakfast Cult a FATE accelerated game of horror and hijinx! Complete in one 3ish hour recording with Nick, Stephen and Chris playing the tortured PCs. Please check out The Umerican Survival Guide a post apocalyptic take on Dungeon Crawl Classics that I did a chunk of writing for that is currently on kickstarter, funded and reaching for stretch goals.

The second segment and finale of our Capers! playtest is in the feed tonight!

The game is currently in beta and is written and designed by Craig Campbell. Craig has finished a successful Kickstarter for the role playing game: Murders and Acquisitions which can currently be found on

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New episodes in the feed have been slow in coming and I make my apologies for that, but I've been neck deep in writing for a Kickstarter that launched today!

If you're a fan of Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) check out this kickstarter for the Umerica Survival Guide! Post apocalyptic goodness culled from and expanded upon the fanzine Crawling Under a Broken Moon. I've also got a hefty section of my own writing in it :) 

Normal episodes in the feed will resume this weekend!

In the feed tonight is Capers! A game currently in playtest and being written and developed by Craig Campbell. Craig's currently available game Murders and Acquisitions can be found on drivethru RPG ( after having a successful kickstarter that funded it. Check out Craig's other work on the Nerdburger Show (

Players in this game were: Sharon, Michael, Stephen and Jamas.

The episode can be found here (

We try our hand at a cooperative game called The Final Girl. This models the tropes found in slasher/horror flicks where each player takes control of a particular cast member in each scene instead of playing only one character. Over the course of the game, all but one of the cast will die in horrible, horrible ways, leaving only The Final Girl. Stephen, Sharon, Nick and Richard join me in this one.

We haven't pod-faded, I've just been swamped with work both Mundane and RPG related! More news on that as it develops. SOMETHING will be in the feed later this week, stay tuned folks and thanks for listening!

At long last! A new game in the feed. Tonight, it's Shadowrun: Anarchy!

Whatever your religion or ideology or how you spend this time of year, Here's hoping you get the rest you need, the security you crave and all the love you can hold! More gaming in the new year folks and potentially a new way to record our games.

Here's something a little different tonight in the feed. This is session ZERO to our Deadlands: Noir game. There is not actual game play here, rather it's us sitting around and talking about the game to come and the characters to be featured.
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