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Community Important Message
In this community we have what we call AU which is alternate universe and OCS play a main part in this community. +Blue Guild has his oc as Alex sapphire, mine is Qaurtzy. Now you are allowed to roleplay here as well with your OCS and you are allowed to post art of your oc, nothing more okay? Also, if you have any questions about this community, ask me or Blue and we shall answer any questions. And please please, no spam, its pointless. And we should all get along and have fun doing this. And please invite your friends, the more the merrier!

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Favorite jewel Universe character part 1 of 2
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Alex Sapphire
Gold Sapphire
Mercury Totem
Tiki Totem
Nickal Garnet

(I'm being my oc)
Hi! The names Qaurtzy! If ya have any questions let me know! I love to help everyone! giggles with excitement

Its getting hot in here
So take off all your clothes
(Bronze x Garnet)

We need ideas, like badly

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slow nacho flying chip
totally not starcraft II broodlord xd
has a strong hatred for bright colors yet is very bright
does not like to show themselves so makes their bodys design extremely shady and simple.

Age: 18
Weapon: Whips
Gem: Amethyst
Gem location: Right eye
Personality: super friendly, strong, brave, a joker, laid back and always smiling and laughing
Clothing: T-Shirt with shorts
History: Peridot accidentally made her when she started the kindergarten and she came out of a hole when Peridot was being attacked by the crystal gems
She made a very close relationship with Amethyst since they share so much in common. She is a part of the crystal gems but prefers to travel every once in a while, so they don't see her much.

Alex Sapphire: Jewel
Age: 15
Personality: shy, nervous, strong, cheerful, caring, loving and protective
Clothing: black leather jacket, blue shirt, black jeans, purple shoes and black gloves
Hair Color: Black with a light blue fringe
Gem Location: back of the right hand
Gender: male
Info: he came to earth as a baby and was raised by steven and the cristal gems the gems was suprised when thay had seen what he is able to do garnet more so then other's pearl trained him in sword combat garnet trained him to fight with his fists amethyst taught him how to use a wip
And steven trained him in defense he then figured out how to do something called a gem refusion where he can place his gem somewhere else on him and become something else making him a fusion of his mind and him and steven created the crystal prism wich in case's there enemy's in cristal to try and make them join the cristal gems and it works he then became the general of the cristal empire wich is the last defense against threats to earth in his sector you have Jasper, Lapis, Peridot, Ghost, Nina, Tiki, Bronze and Mercury Nina is the daughter of Steven and Conny Ghost is the son of Alex and Peridot

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What should be the main focus of the AU
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The history
The Character profiles
The relationships between the characters
The plot of the AU

Um hi it's Alex Sapphire here anyone want to ask me something embarrassed and nervous
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