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GenCon Both 730 is where the books will be (or you can order online). 

See you there!

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Still working hard on Narosia!
Sweet Christmas! We have a lot of NOVA6 going on at U-Con Gaming Convention and fresh off the heels of Metatopia playtesting.

+Narosia, Novapunk, Mercurial: Delvers of Azoth, Victorian Dresden, Pulp Sci-Fi, and Atomic Sky.
+Ryan O'Grady will be running and adventure for Mercural: Delvers of Azoth called Cult of the Serpent God. This swords and sorcery style adventure is set in the arcanopunk wasteland of a post-apocalyptic 14th century Eurasia where mercury is magic. Don't bother letting that sink in... just show up Sat at 2pm or 8pm.

Ryan and I will both be running Novapunk adventures using the magic and races from our Sorcery and Steel fantasy splatbook for NOVA6. It's an opportunity to "run the shadows" as it were.

+Dale Barnes will be running Dweomer by Gaslight and Zepplins over Jupiter which are as awesome as they sound. All powered by NOVA6. Take your pick: magic and monsters in 19th century England, set in the world of the Dresden Files, or retro-sci-fi future past 1938.

I will be running an adventure called The Haunted Hills for +Narosia: Sea of Tears, our complete fantasy setting for NOVA6. This is one episode of our upcoming Village of Gillkas adventure kit, written by +Brendan LaSalle (who will also be at U-Con!!!)

And last, but not least, Atomic Sky on Sunday at 2pm. This is the NOVA6 guide to a retrofuture atomic wasteland which might scratch whatever itching you have from exposure to fallout... if you know what I mean ;)

It is going to be a good con for sure!

I've just spent entirely too long trying to figure out how to calculate EFF/MAG when making your own spells and Orisons.  I finally found this hidden in a sidebar about using Hero Designer:
"Building a Spell
or Orison in
requires a Cost
Multiplier of 0.2 to
calculate the ESS or
MAG correctly."

What is the Multiplier being applied to, Active Points of the Power?  Real Points? Doing some quick math I'm assuming it's Real Points.

There is even a sidebar titled "Orison Design" that states that "The template for creating new orisons should be fairly straightforward to
follow using the guidelines in the Powers chapter" but no such template or guidelines are ever given in the Powers chapter or anywhere else.

I saw on the Legendsmith site that you are planning to merge the Narosia development with Nova6, does this mean that Narosia will be redone using the Nova6 rules or supplements giving the conversion options?

To be honest of am a big Hero System and Fate fan and the idea of Nova6 sounds great. I cannot wait to get my hands on the rules and character creation. Any idea when we will be able to?

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Apparently scheduling events is hard, especially when you have to coordinate 3 different sites. So hrumph I got all the wires crossed and then cut the green instead of the blue. 

Anyway, the Envoy Heralds event is rescheduled hopefully for a more flexible time. 

Sunday 10/25 at 12pm Eastern Time.

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Shane, there 'appears' to be a problem with the Narosia HD files, looks like they all reference someone's personal Dropbox folder, so they fail to load.

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Are there any actual play sessions posted for viewing?

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The game is available for sale. The PDF is still being finalized and the HERODesigner Character pack still needs a little polish (and a review to make sure it aligns with where the book landed). 

Consider this community officially "open!".

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I guess we're waiting upon the release of Narosia to get some conversation started? ;)
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