Hello everyone,
I want to initiate a discussion about the mutative design concept. It's a very interesting thing, as for me.
First of all, I think that we can use not only things like age, vision, etc. as criteria, but we can also use some business metrics as well. For example, we can increase our revenue by showing to our users right button in right place.
Secondly, I am interested in how we can use it right now in our apps. I'm an Android developer, so I've got some thoughts about writing an all-purpose library for easy mutative design integration.
So, my question is what do you think about it? How would you like to use the concept to improve your business? Or, if you're a developer, what do you want to see in such library/framework? Which approaches? Which boilerplate would you like to reduce? So, go on. I'll be happy to discuss these questions. 

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