Hello folks,

I have been following the discussion and work on Phoebe and Mutative Design in general for quite some time now I want to get my hands dirty by actually building something. Problem is I'm unable to come up with an idea that could be built like a hack during a weekend and then iterated over.

If any of you guys could suggest some ideas that's not too complex of a problem to tackle within a weekend it would help a tonne.

PS +Liam Spradlin awesome job...

Hello everyone,
I want to initiate a discussion about the mutative design concept. It's a very interesting thing, as for me.
First of all, I think that we can use not only things like age, vision, etc. as criteria, but we can also use some business metrics as well. For example, we can increase our revenue by showing to our users right button in right place.
Secondly, I am interested in how we can use it right now in our apps. I'm an Android developer, so I've got some thoughts about writing an all-purpose library for easy mutative design integration.
So, my question is what do you think about it? How would you like to use the concept to improve your business? Or, if you're a developer, what do you want to see in such library/framework? Which approaches? Which boilerplate would you like to reduce? So, go on. I'll be happy to discuss these questions. 

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Any thoughts on the Awareness API ?
(shameless plug of my talk on the topic : https://speakerdeck.com/francois_blavoet/and-then-my-phone-became-smarter-a-journey-into-the-awareness-api )

I feel like this is a missing piece in Mutative Design : an API allowing to easily react to the physical world.

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Sorry about the quality, but here's what I've got while trying to "mutate" to older Android versions.

(and yes, the bottom bar should have 3 items, the third option is on the way)

Hey! Don't know if this is the right place, but newbie Android developer here and been using Franco's apps for a long time and I also appreciate Liam's work (congrats on Selene, guys!), I'm developing a simple app for organizing school grades and such, and now doing the final touches and I thought of implementing Mutative Design! I "managed" (there's a glitch when the FAB is vanishing) to import that FAB -> BottomBar animation but don't know if it's permitted. Is it? (and sorry about my English, still learning)

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First of all kudos to ya both guys for bringing this concept and making it open source. Started using Selene and I must say the animations, themes and design are pretty solid. I'd like to highlight some points.
Please ignore if already reported 😂

1. In the first pic, that bar kinda comes in between the text. I know we can scroll down to read the text behind it but what if the text ends 2-3 lines just below the bar? It doesn't scroll further and we can't read that. The bar should be on screen until we've text which is just little above the bar. If text is more than that, the bar should auto hide all time and appear only when we scroll upwards.

2. I'd also like to request text formatting to write things in bold, italics, strikethrough and also to make the font size bigger for some selective part of text which can be used as topic headings.
Eg. Just like "behavior changes" and "performance improvements" in first picture.

3. When we start a new note and write something in it and then tap on back button, it isn't saved. The title of note needs to be changed in order to save it.

4. In the second picture, as you can see the note ends there. But if we want to change something in the last few lines and we tap there to have the cursor, keyboard pops up (see third picture) and we can neither see what we're editing, nor it's scrollable more.

5. When we tap on the FAB to create a new note, there comes the opening animation and just when it closes, it blinks once (superfast) and we can see main screen for few nanoseconds. Same happens when we exit a note, it animates and then blinks once. I don't know if it's occurring only for me.

Of course, all these are related more to the note-taking side of the app and not with the concept, but hey who doesn't want beautiful note-taking app with fluid animations and this nice concept? :D
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Droidcon SF talk

I'll be giving a session about the next phase of Project Phoebe at Droidcon SF - what it's like to use a mutative interface.

Simultaneously, I'll be releasing a new post on Medium, new open source goodies, and a few other surprises! Afterward I'll share my slides and the talk recording.

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Hi +Liam Spradlin It is a really interesting topic. It makes sense to have user experience alter based on user characteristics. There are two things struck me and would be interested in others opinion on it.

1. Time as one of the characteristics. I think it would be important to consider frequency of usage and amount of time users spend on a particular interface which can help determine speed at which mutation may happen.

2. What industry would be most appropriate to experiment this concept. I wonder if mutation would be applicable in corporate world where people are expected to have consistency in processes or the way they work. Would mutation increase overhead? Not sure. 

Mutated UX in the world IoT is very relevant and I would be actively following this community. 
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