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Main objective:  To discuss what our April Challenge theme will be.  Sub-discussions are of course welcome, so long as they don't derail the main conversation.  Possible topics can be:  Our BRAND NEW TUMBLR (yay!), group goals for the year.  

This group is for Western comic artists who focus on creating comics for girls and young women in the vein of Japanese shoujo and josei manga. Shoujo comics are intended fo young girls and teenagers, josei comics are intended for late teenagers and young women. This group focuses primarily on connecting these artists. Artists are encouraged to promote their work and the work of other artists, promote conventions they'll be attending, and arrange meet ups. Members are also encouraged to promote this group to likeminded friends. Admin do not serve as gatekeepers, anyone who feels their work fits under the shoujo or josei umbrella is welcome to join and participate. This is intended to be a safe, welcoming space, any drama should be kept in private messages, and instigating posts will be deleted by admin. Repeated offenses will result in being kicked from the group.

Upon joining, artists are encouraged to make an introductory post for themselves and their work, and create an album in their name to post examples of their work. If you're posting a group work, please tag the other artists.
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