I was wondering if it is possible to get Gpfe management and support if I buy Nexus 7 tablets from Amazon? Amazon would save me considerable amount of money vs. going through a distributor.

Any thoughts? 

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Discovered these helpful Kick Start Guides from EDU On Air. Helpful guides for the top apps for Google Play For Education, Hooray!

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Hope you can make our session tomorrow!

+Julie Stewart+Blayne Primeau - UGDSB ITRT+Vanessa Anaya​ are going to rock the App-titude!
Hear from educators how they use popular tablet apps in Google Play for Education designed to support the 4Cs, with a focus on creation tools like WeVideo and Drawp for Schools. Learn practical ideas for incorporating them into your instruction, and get up and running in 15 minutes with App Kickstart Guides.

This session is part of Education on Air, the free online conference from Google. Register for free at http://goo.gl/Gkww6N

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App Kickstart Guides -- new from Google Play for Education

Hi all, Lewis here from the Google Play for Education team. I’m excited to share something new with you today -- App Kickstart Guides!

You can find them at http://g.co/play/edukickstart.

App Kickstart Guides are designed to build your app-titude (get it? :) for specific Android apps, by getting you up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

The guides come in presentation format, and include videos, best practices, and most importantly, concrete instructional ideas (like sample lesson plans and projects).

Just moments ago, I just clicked the publish button on the first 11 guides, including Explain Everything, Book Creator, Slice Fractions, and more.

I wanted this community to be the first to know about them, as we really hope they support you in your work with students and teachers. 

Many members of this community have helped shape these guides, and we’d love for that to continue. Please let us know what you think!

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Have you tried out the new Google Classroom mobile app? The university I teach at won't activate Google classroom so I have no idea how good the app is yet, but I do know that share into Google classroom from other apps & access the class stream. 

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For anyone in the Boston area, please check out a free one day event we're hosting at Google Cambridge (MA) with EdTechTeacher on Friday 2/27. Apply to attend here: http://www.ettgoogle.org/

We are using the Galaxy Tab for Education.  While we can't create multi-user  profiles during the provisioning process, it appears you can add more profiles after the fact.  Is anyone else already doing this? Considerations?  We are using generic accounts but would love to link the devices to students' accounts (still waiting on update to 4.4.4)

Has anyone had problems after the update to 5.0 on the tablets? After the install is complete and we restart the tablet it loops at the screen with the 4 colored dots and won't go any further. This happens after a hard restart as well.

Hi all,
I'd love to know if there are plans to launch play for education in the U.K. I have heard a rumour that it's coming in January. Does anyone know any more or know who I can speak to about this

Hello my tablet friends! Is there an app that anyone is using that will read a readable pdf back to students? 
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