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Hi all,

Here is an android app that i developed to improve our Mental Arithmetic. Its purely a workout based app organised into level based tasks. The workouts are coupled with some of the mental Math Tricks that you may find useful while taking the workouts. Please do try this app and share your feedback.

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I am looking for schools interested in trying out infinut math for schools. The math application teaches full math curriculum using manipulatives to Kindergarten age students (1st grade coming in Feb). It runs natively on android, and requires G Suite for Education accounts for students. A demo video is at If interested, please use the form to sign up for a free trial. Or contact me directly at ana @

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Julie and I wanted to wish all of our community members a happy holiday. We are looking forward to 2017 being a year of great innovation.

is there a 3rd party mdm that anyone is using that will silently install the apps? Right now I still need to hit install to get the app on the device.

Anyone have any new apps that they are using that they want to share with the rest of this community? New is always good and keeps our students' minds growing! #sharewhatworks

Hi, all! I am new to Google Play and was wondering if there are any apps that you would recommend for junior high teachers (preferably for math). My ears are open to any and all suggestions. I am working on integrating more technology into my classroom. Thank you in advance!

Anyone here using google play in a GAFE environment (Specifically chromebooks)? If so how have you implemented Google play for education within GAFE on the chromebooks? I am trying to get apps from google play but cannot figure out how as they are not in the chrome webstore. 

Hi folks. I'm posting this to help my wife out. She is a first grade teacher whose school just received some Android tablets..

With that being said what apps do you all recommend for a first grade teacher. 
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