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Wish you happy, prosperous & healthy new year 2014......

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Complete report of the project is available on Cloud:

Project Assessment
Levels Achieved by the ESTABLISH Project By using “21st Century Learning Design Rubrics” Tool In Presence of 29 Educational Experts from 12 Countries & 14 Experts – Officials of the UNESCO In Bangkok, Thailand 
Learning Activity Dimension Levels Achieved by the Project
Collaboration 5 out of 5
Knowledge Construction 5 out of 5
Self Regulation 3 out of 4
Real World Problem Solving & Innovation 3 out of 4
Use of ICT for Learning 4 out of 5
Skilled Communication 3 out of 4

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Project Assessment in Bangkok (2nd to 4th Oct. 2013)

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Video Channel YouTube link of this project

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Video Channel of this Project

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All student participants are further directed to participate in the feedback link given below to assess the skills. Five Questions......

The project (UNESCO BANGKOK PROJECT)  I had learned about reflection of light, spectroscopy, magnetic power in the activity based workshop. I am lucky as I have participated in this project. 
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