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Underlight 2: Advancement
Here is the first update of a few that I plan on giving out in the next week or so. We have just finished the first main piece of our level builder for the MUD, and are now moving forward into actually building the environment. Before I share some screenshots of the UI, I wanted to open up some of the info on how we are looking at Advancement in Underlight 2.

Advancement in Underlight is one of the most debated topics between new players and those that were veterans of old. Many of which were used to fighting very hard and working long hours to earn achievements of becoming a Teacher, Master Teacher, Dream Smith, Word Smith, and so on. Many of the players that didn’t fit the criteria for these positions often felt slighted and claimed that anyone who did get the positions they wanted to be ‘favored’ or just flat out blamed the GMs ‘hating’ them. 

Many never really understood that these positions were game changers, or in some cases game breakers, and just couldn’t be handed out or even ‘earned’ through time to everyone. We wanted to avoid this problem without having to remove positions that made Underlight unique, such as Teachers. We are really having to think the Teaching system through and will likely be reaching out to some of you to get ideas on what Teaching should really be. Feel free to post ideas on that as well.

We basically have a system right now that will allow a player to start out with some default stats, which are modified by a few of their character creation choices, and then with each orbit they gain they can modify their stats and skills however they like. Below I will give a few examples of the system, some which are likely to be changed, but you should get the gist of what we are trying to do. 

This means that we are going with an approach that will allow you to pick elements your character as an affinity for, such as Lucidity or Willpower, but that doesn't make them a FateSender or GateKeeper. There are certainly specific choices you will want to make if you have a specific build in mind, but you aren't 'locked' into anything from the start. There are currently four main 'point / stat' areas we have developed:


One of the things to keep in mind here is that almost all of these things can be achieved without any GM intervention or 'Tasks' having to be done. An entire character could essentially be built out by a player that basically solos everything. There are other factors such as special items, skills, reputation points, and rewards that can only be found by actually role-playing out parts of the game and being part of the community. But we would like a healthy balance of choices that allow for many different playing styles to mesh together.


Elemental Points are received every sphere, or 10th orbit. Orbits 10,20,30,40 etc…. Major points will be received every 3 orbits, with minors every 1 orbit. You will not receive a Minor when receiving a Major or Elemental, other than the points you receive through bleeding down.

Elemental: Elemental Points will increase the size of that specific mana pool. It will also bleed down into the corresponding Major and Minor trees.

Elemental > Major > Minor

Elemental Breakdown:

Dream Soul > Health > Elemental Regeneration

Will > Strength > Physical Resistance

Insight > Agility > Dodge

Resilience > Focus > Evasion

Lucidity > Intelligence > Elemental Resistance 

Major Breakdown: Major Points will increase the specific stat it represents. It will also bleed down into the corresponding Minor trees.

Major > Minor

Strength: Physical Attack Bonus.

Agility (Critical Hit): What percent chance your attack, both physical and elemental, has to do additional damage.

Focus (Skill Speed / Cool Down): Decreases the cast time for an action or art that you can preform. Cool downs for many skills and arts will also be reduced.

Intelligence: Elemental Attack Bonus

Minor Breakdown: Minor Points will increase the specific stat it represents. This stat will have no bleed down effect since it is at the bottom of the stat tree.

Elemental Regeneration: How much of a given element will generate in five seconds.

Physical Resistance: What percentage of physical damage is ignored.

Dodge: This stat will deal with physical attacks only and will allow a player to dodge the incoming hit.

Evasion: This stat will be related to giving a character the ability to dodge the effects of an offensive art.

Elemental Resistance: What percentage of elemental damaged is ignored.

Level Point Example (Orbits 1-10)

1 - Minor
2 - Minor
3 - Major (+ Minor Tree)
4 - Minor
5 - Minor
6 - Major (+ Minor Tree)
7 - Minor
8 - Minor
9 - Major (+Minor Tree)
10 - Elemental (+ Major & Minor Tree)

Specialities: These points are gathered whenever a player reaches a "Sphere" orbit, just the same as the "Elemental" stat points. These points are used to give a player one of Underlight's higher skills that our player base has gone after for a long time. Here are a few examples of what I was thinking for Specialities:

Dream Smithing
Word Smithing
Portal Attunement
Energy Manipulation
Essence Molding

( We will likely need to build a few specialities that trend people towards specialities for the "RPG trinity", but it is possible that the art augments can handle that part on their own).

To enter into any of these areas, one would have to spend a "Speciality" point to begin the tree. Here is a break out of Dream Smithing if one was to go that route:

Dream Smithing
-Expert Disciplines
-Grand Master

Apprentice: 1 Speciality point (orbit 10) would unlock a low level Forge Talisman that would allow a player to start their work here. Since this could be obtained at Orbit 10, shouldn't give too much other than get people excited.

Journeyman: 1 Speciality Point (orbit 20) would unlock the next level of Forge Talisman that would allow a player to gain some extra RP abilities and bonuses.

Expert Disciplines: This would not require any points to break into, it is really just a grouping name. A player would spend 1 Speciality Point (orbit 30) in any of the Disciplines that live inside, for example "Weapons".

Weapons: 1 Speciality Point (orbit 30 +) would unlock Forge Weapon. This would come with some very basic options, however it can be expanded heavily through using "Augment" points.

Shapes: 1 Augment Point would unlock a specific shape that the player would like to add to their skill set. By using 1 point they could unlock "Blades". A second point would allow them to use "Blades" and "Spears".

When all is said and done, a player could use all of their points and just build out the entire Dream Smith list. Obviously this person would be very dedicated to the cause and it would make them very important in that part of the Community. There are also quite a bit of directions that people could go so that they aren't nearly as committed and may only wish to make armor and be done with it. 

Combinations like "Weapons" and "Enchantments" work very well together, because it does allow you to associate effects to the weapons you make. Again, there is always the option to go to Synteny for the initial Blade, then head over to Magnilia for the Poison addition. I was thinking about giving the effects charges that are separate from actual charges of the weapon itself.

For example, the blade could have 100 charges, but has 30 charges of poison on it as well. For the first 30 strikes, the blade will have that effect, after that, the effect is removed or at the very least void of actually taking place. With 70 charges remaining the person may continue to use the blade till it evaporates, have it recharged by an Energy Smith, and even get it re-enchanted if they like it enough.

Master: This would require both 1 Speciality Point and a full Discipline completed. We would build in some sort of bonus that enhances all of their forging once this has been completed.

Grand Master: This would be very similar, but perhaps require all Disciplines to be mastered.

Arts: Arts are something that we are all very familiar with and will work very much like Specialities, however there will be far more of them and the augments are far less spread out.

---Expansive Flame (0/5)
---Burning Embers
---Conservative Mind

The element names are simply there to categorize what element that art is related to or what "school" they belong to. You would actually spend an "Art Point" when you got to "Firestorm".

Firestorm: This would cost 1 Art point. We could look at making requirements before they can be purchased, or maybe giving them a set price depending on what they do. I was thinking that if all of them cost them same, we just need to make sure that they are built very low to begin with and will need a good amount of love through augmenting before they become what they should be. We could certainly do both. In this example, let's say that Firestorm starts out that it does 1-3 damage and can hit 2 people in the same room as you.

Augments: Augments are points that can be used for both Arts and Specialities that allow for a more personal fit and to change up how character's can be driven.

Expansive Flame: This would cost 1 Augment point. Expansive flame would allow the art of Firestorm to now branch out and hit 1 additional person in the same room. For each point that you spend, you can expand the bonus. In this case you can spend up to 5 Augment points and make Firestorm hit up to 7 people in the same room as you. This does almost eat up an entire sphere's worth of augmenting though. So it can get expensive rather quickly.

Orbit Stat Increase SAA Increase
1 Minor Augment
2 Minor Augment
3 Major Art
4 Minor Augment
5 Minor Augment
6 Major Art
7 Minor Augment
8 Minor Augment
9 Major Art
10 Elemental Speciality
11 Minor Augment
12 Minor Augment
13 Major Art
14 Minor Augment
15 Minor Augment
16 Major Art
17 Minor Augment
18 Minor Augment
19 Major Art
20 Elemental Speciality
21 Minor Augment
22 Minor Augment
23 Major Art
24 Minor Augment
25 Minor Augment
26 Major Art
27 Minor Augment
28 Minor Augment
29 Major Art
30 Elemental Speciality
31 Minor Augment
32 Minor Augment
33 Major Art
34 Minor Augment
35 Minor Augment
36 Major Art
37 Minor Augment
38 Minor Augment
39 Major Art
40 Elemental Speciality
41 Minor Augment
42 Minor Augment
43 Major Art
44 Minor Augment
45 Minor Augment
46 Major Art
47 Minor Augment
48 Minor Augment
49 Major Art
50 Elemental Speciality
51 Minor Augment
52 Minor Augment
53 Major Art
54 Minor Augment
55 Minor Augment
56 Major Art
57 Minor Augment
58 Minor Augment
59 Major Art
60 Elemental Speciality
61 Minor Augment
62 Minor Augment
63 Major Art
64 Minor Augment
65 Minor Augment
66 Major Art
67 Minor Augment
68 Minor Augment
69 Major Art
70 Elemental Speciality
71 Minor Augment
72 Minor Augment
73 Major Art
74 Minor Augment
75 Minor Augment
76 Major Art
77 Minor Augment
78 Minor Augment
79 Major Art
80 Elemental Speciality
81 Minor Augment
82 Minor Augment
83 Major Art
84 Minor Augment
85 Minor Augment
86 Major Art
87 Minor Augment
88 Minor Augment
89 Major Art
90 Elemental Speciality
91 Minor Augment
92 Minor Augment
93 Major Art
94 Minor Augment
95 Minor Augment
96 Major Art
97 Minor Augment
98 Minor Augment
99 Major Art

Hope you guys like where it is going thus far. Like I said, some of this will change as we continue to move forward and need to work out balancing issues, but I think the majority of it is where it needs to be. We are certainly interested in your thoughts, so feel free to leave them in replies to this post. Thanks!
Plane Smith
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I don't understand some of this. You're saying you get Elemental Points that can be spent on any element, right? I mean, not just on your "own" focus element? The forging plan sounds a good idea.
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You technically don't have a 'focus element'. We are considering allowing a player to answer some initial character creation questions such as 'element you are most attuned with' which could give you some sort of bonus, however, you can basically spec your character however you like with your points from there forward. We can have the 'attuned element' affect your character in multiple ways. For instance, perhaps every third month players who are attuned to insight may get an agility bonus of 2% and dodge by 4%. That is just an example, a whole month straight of bonuses is a bit unbalanced. Maybe you get a cost reduction for any art that matches your attuned element?

This would make all characters multi-focal and not tied into a specific cookie cutter class. If you look at the arts and decide that the majority of the ones that would fit your play style, character, and motivations, belong to Will, you could basically throw all of them into Will. The reason for that would be since most of your arts cost Will, you would want a larger Will pool to be able to use for evoking arts. 

Remember, putting your points into Will will also effect some of your other stats, Will > Strength > Physical Resistance. You will then want to make sure that you use your major and minor points on other stats that make sense for you like intelligence and evasion. Once again, just an example. If you were to make a tank like character, you will likely want to make sure you have points in Health, Elemental Regeneration, Physical Resistance, Dodge, Evasion, and Elemental Resistance. Those are a lot of areas to spread between. Which are really needed for your play style? Which are ok to sacrifice? Can your character be known for being pretty good with everything... or maybe just 'amazing' at resisting arts being evoked on you due to a unusually high Elemental Resistance?

The choice is yours, and I think will open up the game to allow a vast amount of different characters in our Dream.

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If you're not subscribed on youtube but are still interested in seeing what this group is doing to carry on the UL traits that might appeal to you, here's an update I got notification of on movement.

Luminance - Movement
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