Soo how is everybody enjoying the adventure. I got all of the 750 shard and 1500 shard unlocks. On to the 2500. Also the 3x worhiper shit is dooooope.

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Hey guys I'm Angel Martinez (As you probably see right now).I play on Xbox one and my IGN is Mccreesburrito.I'm somewhat new to smite so I'm not exactly the "best player".I live in North America and I am also sometimes a busy person and "things happen"so I don't play as much as you guys I think also I'm a adolescent (Teen) at it's youngest age so that why you won't I think I'm a uneducated adult. I'm also a guardian player.

Anyone have item build ideas for Janus I'm trying to practice with him.

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Welp, I'm officially the 2nd best loki in duel now

Hi, My name is Jean-Mich-Mush (not my real name),
I didn't actually see that there was a about this community section when i first joined so i did not see that we are supposed to introduce ourselfs either.

I'm actually from quebec (french) and i just started a smite youtube channel (main reason i joined the community). If you want to go check it out, even if there is currently only one video, feel free to do so.

My channels name is Jean-Mich-Mush ( original i know). Please don'T ge confused with Jean-Mich-Much since this actually is some kind of French kids TV show.

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I would like to know what is ur favourite god so i made this:
Hope u vote!

Ok here is a question. How many of you actually play ranked in smite and what gamemode, if you do im of course intersted by your rank aswell.
Now i dont play anything since i just got back into smite this year and im nkt confident in my skill. However i used to be a plat player for 3 seasons.

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So I destroyed my phone again.. And I got a new one.... So yeah, I'm back boys lol
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Well i guess i can make a post every now and then.

The double everything weekend is for some reason still going on but that doesnt matter. My question is did any of you take the oportunity and get a god to diamond. I finally took janus from 6 to 10.
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