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List of taken states:
New York - +Ivor Mestrovic

Rules of SSC:

1 For every contest there are 2 dead lines, one for participation and one for sending participating song.
2 Winner of every contest is automatically pre-qualified to Grand Final together with 2nd-6th placed States from previous edition.
3 The winning State has to select host venue and city of the next contest in their borders.
4 Contest will have Semi-finals if number of participants crosses 20 (without PQ States).
5 Each GF will consist of 20 participants
6 Each States gives 2 sets of points. One set of points is awarded from jury and the other one from televote in that State.
7 Each set of points contains 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points, 12 being the highest amount of points State can recieve.
8 Constest will develop and grow, so there will be more rules about some new ideas and changes.
9 Announcing winner system is random.
10 Each contest lasts for 3 weeks max.
11 Contest won't have a recap from it's first editions.

Rules of SSC:

1 Nobody is allowed to insult anybody or to fight.
2 Cheating is strictly orbidden.
3 This is for fun, this isn't real, take this as fun, not as life goal.

1 Only 50 US States can participate together with Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam and District of Columbia (DC).
2 Singer/band that you send has to be related to the State he/she/they represent. (Blood line, living there, lived there)
3 Song can't have more than 125 M views.
4 Same song can't be chosen twice.
5 You can have only 1 state per 1 contest.
6 You can have same State forever.
7 No (J)ESC songs allowed.

Important dates:

25/08/2017 - 18.00 GMT - Submission for participation dead line
01/09/2017 - 18.00 GMT - Sumbission for songs dead line
09/09/2017 - Contest starts

Hosting venue: D.C. Armory
Hosting city: Washington D.C.
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