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ACCDU is a file extension for Microsoft Access.
The *.accdu are used by Microsoft Access for database wizard files.
Available at Flippa

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New .ltd #gTLD generally available to the public

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OK People...

I cannot believe I have to post this. This group is for discussions concerning domainers, domaining and the domain name industry.

This group is not intended to be a series of classified ads. While a whole portfolio of domains is noteworthy, a single domain name for sale is not.

You are allowed to post links to your portfolio website, or to a whole portfolio of domain names for sale on ebay, for example. But you must also introduce it and describe it. Posting a single link (only, with no text or even a descriptive photo) to anything, anywhere, is considered spam.

To those of you who are posting crap, Google is catching it and marking it as spam. Quit being numb nuts and start using some common sense!

The few people that make it through the spam filters and yet only post spam, are banned to prevent any such recurrence of offending spam. Those that choose to continually post crap will be banned as well, even if Google is catching it.

This group was setup to discuss domaining by domainers, not as a classified ad space full of spam. If you do not like that, leave. I want to discuss domain name speculation, investment, monetization, reselling, hosting, web design, development, parking and how to make the most of my investments.

I, myself, resell domains as a registrar, speculate on names, hand register or buy domains when I feel it is right as an investment, develop the names with websites, sometimes monetizing them, build the brand, and sell them for a nice profit.

If you don't want to discuss the domainer's experience, the obvious shortcomings of GoDaddy, reselling opportunities and how to create them, domaining related news, or things that are actually related to the domain name industry such as the pros and cons of how ICANN is flooding the domain name space with New Era gTLD name extensions, then it is likely that this group is not for you.

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hello everyone,

I just need your help to sell my domain name

It CAN be used for anything in the world, could be best brand name ever. is just 5 letter word
-has good meaning (OBTAIN)
*-very catchy name and very easy to spell
Categories we can use this domain for
We can use for any start-up company
Thanking you

I am starting a new "Domainers" group on Facebook. But to do so, I have to be able to 'add' members just to create the group.

At the same time I don't want to just spam everyone here with invites. So, if you would like to be a part of that new group on Facebook, let me know.

On top of that, I plan on starting another Domainers group on LinkedIn.

I am also going to start a Fonts group (already have one here at Google Plus, I plan to add them at Facebook and LinkedIn).

Let me know if you would like to join any of these groups. I don't want to sign anyone up if they don't want to be a part of it, anyway.

Hundreds of Weed names for sale.
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