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Just wondering what suggestions you may have about getting traffic to my blog... thanks for any suggestions

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non riesco a scrivere sulle mie communities, non mi fate entrare - perché visto che sono il proprietario?

Gli scopi e gli ideali della Self-Realization Fellowship e di questa Community stabiliti da Paramahnsa Yogananda sono:
-- Diffondere in tutti i Paesi la conoscenza di precise tecniche scientifiche per ottenere un'esperienza di Dio personale e diretta
-- Insegnare che lo scopo della vita è l'evoluzione della limitata coscienza mortale dell'uomo verso la consapevolezza di Dio, ottenuta grazie al proprio sforzo; a questo fine innalzare in tutti gli uomini la comunione con Dio e incoraggiare la creazione di santuari individuali nel nostro cuore.
-- Indicare la divina strada maestra della meditazione scientifica di Dio, eseguita con devozione giornalmente per liberare l'uomo dalla sua triplice sofferenza: le malattie fisiche, le disarmonie mentali e l'ignoranza spirituale.
-- Incoraggiare il principio di "vita semplice e pensiero elevato" e diffondere la fratellanza fra i popoli rivelando che Dio è il Padre di tutti.
-- Dimostrare la superiorità della mente sul corpo e dell'anima sulla mente
-- Promuovere la comprensione culturale e spirituale tra l'Oriente e l'Occidente e lo scambio delle reciproche caratteristiche migliori.
-- Servire l'umanità con il proprio Sé superiore.

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Here it is.
Animated Photo

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Audience Setting

Information for people who accidentally change their Audience Setting then don't know why no one can see their posts, but can see their comments on other posts. 


Now and then someone posts to the Helper Communities about people not being able to see their posts or comment on their posts, and we can't reply to them, because they have monkeyed with their Audience setting, so that people can't see their posts or reply to them.

Here is the Classic G+ link explaining some aspects of it:

If people see "Restricted" on your profile when you didn't specifically block them, the Audience setting is most likely to blame.  Go to Settings, Audience tab, and reset your audience to Anyone. [see screenshot below].  If you Age Restrict - then people who don't have known ages (even though they are adults), won't be able to see your posts or comment on them.

Give people who have messed up their Audience (usually trying to block someone) a link to this post to try and get them straightened out.  I may tag such people in the comments with their G+ ID (if I can) when they post to my communities with a Restricted Profile.  

#FAQs   #Audience   #Restricted  

Can I have different passwords for my google account and for my gmail.

I realize this question "might" look stupid (maybe I am too, but who's to say ;));

What url does google+ use to inform its users of news (updates/changes/prospects/...)?

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Pleas remove ze rahkis.

Zey are retarded enough to not ignore me.


My grandson pushed me from my computer and typed another profane message. Afterwards he went on a rant about how he was going to "dedoss" this person who threatened to hack me.

I don't know what that means, but he indeed is doubling up on his medication this week!

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What is all the stuff you see on Google+?

Read on... :-)
Posts you see in your Google+ Home stream

When you log into Google+, you’ll see posts from the people and pages you follow, as well as the communities you’ve joined, in your Home stream.

With just a few clicks, you can customize this Home stream, so you can see more updates from your Family circle, Sports Collection or Cute Puppies community, and less from other circles and communities; however you want to make your Home stream your own!

#Posts     #GooglePlus     #Collections     #Communities  

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Good info about setting up your birthday on Google+:

#Birthday     #Plushelp     #Googleplustips  
Google+ and your birth date or birthday

"When you sign up for Google+, we’ll ask you to provide your date of birth so that we can provide you with features like age-appropriate settings when you use Google services and personalised content.

If you already have a date of birth associated with your Google account, you won't be prompted to enter your date of birth.

By default, your date of birth (day and month only) will be visible to people in Your Circles. You can always edit who can see it on your profile."


When people are trying to change their birth date in a manner that would change their age from under 18 to 18 or older, or from 18 or older to under 18 - it cannot be done. 

Google does prohibit those changes as part of its enforcement required by laws such as the US Federal Law named the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). 

You can change your age to remain under 18 and wait for that “birthday” (before you can make changes as being over 18) 
or to remain 18 or older, but not to cross that line.  

Read more from Google:

#Birthday     #Birthdate     #Googleplus     #Jaanatip  

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Great post by +Peggy K :

Take control of your Home stream!

#Googleplus     #Stream     #Posts  
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