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**MODERATOR - messages from our mods!  - 
Welcome to the Google+ Helper Community!

When asking for help:
Give as much details on your issue or suggestion as possible.

The more details you give us, the easier it is for us to provide you with a solution.
It may even help to give us a step-by-step detail of what occurred leading up to the error, or the feature you want to see implemented.

Extremely useful details to include:

- Links to any Profiles or Pages involved
- Browser (and version) and OS you’re using
- Android or iOS App
- Any extensions enabled
- Does disabling extensions help the issue?
- Time issue last occurred
- Error messages you’re receiving
- Screenshots

✔ If you sell your services to clients and wish to get help for your business actions, do hire a G+ professional.  
This is a volunteer community for helping users, not for solving your problems and doing your job for you!  

✔ Everyone: Please pay attention to the category you post in...  

✔ If you have a question about Google+, then please post it in the "QUESTIONS for the Community" category. If you wish to discuss something about Google+ with the members, the first category is for that "General G+ discussion".  

✔ All the other categories are for sharing helpful & informational posts! 

Thank you.

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Best to ask in the Gmail Forum where the experts hang out:!forum/gmail

More info about Gmail
The Gmail Help Center:
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Dan Truax

I am trying to write a positive review for a vendor of mine, and when I click on  "write a review" nothing happens. I have also noticed that when I click on a check box in my circles the boxes do not get checked. I have tried using firefox instead of chrome and sometimes I get better results with the checkboxes but not with the review writing. What's up with that?
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You’d better ask in the Google and Your Business (Local & Places) Forum:!forum/business

More about Google Business and Local pages:
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Gplus Expertise

Communities tips  - 
Control what you see in your Home stream from Communities:
Leave a Google+ community

If you don’t want to be part of a Google+ community anymore, you can leave at any time. After you leave a community, you won’t see its updates in your stream, and you won’t get email or notifications from the community.

If you’d like to stop getting notifications from a community, but remain a member, you can adjust your settings on the community’s page...

Learn more about communities - Google+ Help

#Googleplus #TCpost #Communities
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Edwar Cifuentes

Is there a way to choose what google+ notifications (desktop notifications not phone notifications) you get just like you do for email notifications? e.g. can you choose not to get notifications when someone comments on one of your posts, tags you in a photo, invites you to an event, etc for google plus itself?
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oh, I forgot to mention I'm using a computer
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simmi singh

how could i delete a community created by me???
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thanks +Jaana Nyström 
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Raj ‎

General G+ discussion  - 
I wrote over hundreds word post. And all of a sudden, I need to start the calculator, and I pressed WinKey+R. But mistakenly, it pressed Ctrl+R!
And without an warning, it just completely reloaded the page! Erasing all my efforts in.....NOTHING!!!!! :'(
In Facebook, it pops up a dialog box if any of the post update box or comment box is filled with something! But in here, It fucked up all my efforts! I felt like hitting all the developers on their useless skull with a heavy metal cylinder! In anger I took off few of my hairs (which is extreeeeemely rare)!

Would you people please make a feedback to Google+ and apply for this feature? Or if there's something I can do right now to prevent unexpected reloading/leaving page, please comment below!
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Raj ‎
+Dave E I'm now using Google Docs. 😉 problem solve better.
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Robin D.

General G+ discussion  - 
Thank you!!!! 
 Her instructions worked perfectly!!!  IF you are having trouble uploading a profile pic.   Someone from this community shared this with me.  Thank YOU!!!  And TY Jaana!!!
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+Jaana Nyström
YOU ROCK!!!!!!   : ) 
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PIFormula Com

General G+ discussion  - 
Could Google Plus become Google Minus?

That’s looking more likely after Google senior vice president Sundar Pichai gave the clearest signal yet that Google might separate Google+ into its component parts: Hangouts, photos and the social stream...
Google SVP Sundar Pichai signals that the company is thinking of the social stream, photos and communication as separate areas.
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I hope things won't change too much, I'll never move to FB !
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5 Social Media Mistakes That Will Get You Unfriended. . . .

When using social media as a small business or business owner, you have to remember that you're representing your business 24/7. So if your posts are annoying, spammy, or unprofessional, guess what? Your clients will see you that way, too! . . .
Here are 5 social media mistakes that are sure to get you unfriended and unfollowed on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and others. Read on to find out more:
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John Carl Villanueva

I recently received a notification that someone was sharing me an article (although the term "article" was never really used). How was that possible? I thought if you shared something with someone or with a circle, that something would only appear on the recipient's feed/stream. How come it appeared as a notice?
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Thanks for replying to this, +John R. Ellis . Makes sense now.
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Prudvi Raj

Hi,  i have a google plus page linked with a youtube channel. few days back, my google plus page and youtube channel name got verified. a verified badge appeared beside my channel name. Then after, unknowingly i have changed my profile name in google plus page. then the verification badge got removed. Can anyone please let me know how to get back my verification for my page and channel? Is there any procedure to do? or will it automatically get verified?. if so, please let me know how much time it will take on an average. Thank you.
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Tiana Anderson

General G+ discussion  - 
How do u make ur own commity
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Here is the Google+ Help Center article about creating a community:
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Jaana Nyström

**MODERATOR - messages from our mods!  - 
Some great links for Google+ users!

Here is a collection of posts and articles from around the Circleverse.

Take a Tour on Google+:

Google+ best practices for beginners:

Choose what you share on your profile:

Who can send you notifications:

Don't just drop links:

Share Google+ posts on Facebook:

Hide your circles and followers:

Control what you see from your communities:

Create a private community for yourself:

Change the cover photo on Android:

Tips for sharing on Google+:

Tips for building relationships:

Tips for community members:

Tips about Google+ Photos:

Tips for using hashtags:

Tips for blocking someone:

Troubleshooting the #AutoBackup  :

The official Google+ Help Center:

Set up recovery options for your Google account:

Switch between Google accounts:

Account permissions and apps:

All your Google+ statistics:

Deleting a Google+ profile / Page: What happens to YouTube:

Who owns your business page and YouTube channel:

Google+ Partner Playbook for businesses:

Promote your business on Google+:

Video: Google+ tips

Is there something important missing here? What aspect of Google+ would you like to know more about?

#TCpost #Googleplustips #BestHelpOnTheWeb   #Jaanatip  
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About this community

❤ Welcome to the Google+ Helper Community! ❤ ~ If you sell your services to clients and wish to get help for your business actions, do hire a G+ professional. ~ This is a volunteer community for helping users, not for solving your problems and doing your job for you! ~ Everyone: Please pay attention to the category you post in... ~ If you have a question about Google+, then please post it in the "QUESTIONS for the Community" category. ~If you wish to discuss something about Google+ with the members, the first category is for that "General G+ discussion". ~ All the other categories are for sharing helpful & informational posts! ⚑ ⚑ "MODERATOR messages" is for the owner and mods only. ⚑ ⚑ We are trying to create a helpful Google+ library here, that's why the questions don't belong in any other category. When the newcomers click on any category, we wish them to quickly find advice, tips and help, not any questions. Spammers are reported and banned immediately. Think whether your post is fitting - is it about Google+? If not, don't post here, please. We give advice about the better use of Google+, we don't troubleshoot your computer or fix the possible bugs in Google+. For problems / bugs or questions about other Google products post a question in the Google Help Forum:

Abhay B.

i have unchecked the box in settings, yet there is a option in my posts of downloading the photos...need help to remove that option
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How to clear cache: Solves many problems
In Chrome:

“What I do for cache clearing is uncheck them all and just check "Empty the cache", sometimes browsing/download history if needed.  Cookies will clear your logged in sessions and sometimes that's needed to fix a problem unfortunately.”

Try the following steps (any of which might resolve the problem):
-- Clear your browser's cache.
-- Sign out of your Google account and sign back in again.
-- Disable all extensions in your browser. If that works, enable them one at a time to see which is causing the problem.

-- Clear your browser's cookies:
Shift+Ctrl+Delete on a PC, 
Shift+cmd+Delete on a Mac. Then select cookies from the menu that shows up.

-- Temporarily disable your antivirus program to see if that is causing the problem. If this works, check with your antivirus provider for potential fixes, or consider changing antivirus programs. Do not continue to run without antivirus protection. 
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Nasir Ahmad

Hi i have created community "Planet Gif" 5000 member.. then i made many owners, some of them delete it, now it's not showing, can you tell me how i can recover it? please
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yup thats true, once deleted there is no way to recover it . i agree +John R. Ellis 
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Raj ‎

Tips for Google+ use  - 
Some Settings on Google+ One Must Review
                                - and -
How to turn off Email notifications for Google+

This is for everyone with a Google+ account, whether you like it, or dislike it. And the 2nd headline is the main reason I’m writing this.

before I start
below here, its a screenshot from my settings page. on the left, you’ll see some circled numbers with red ink. they are the markers I’ll be mentioning while proceeding. and I’ll be as brief as possible, esp. for the ones that has a #LearnMore   link beside with elaborated details.

Lets See What Those Settings Are and How They Help

Who can interact with you and your posts

You can basically control whether or not people outside of your circles can interact with you or not. However, you can draw restrictions for anyone or any group. People may still interact with your otherwise, but the interaction might be lowered!
People who doesn’t want to be notified by “just anyone”, should consider changing these settings to something more specific.

Shared Endorsements

This, is a great tool, if you’re a person who likes to help people with things, by sharing guiding posts (e.g. this one), or maybe who likes to inform followers about many new things, like blogs by either sharing a link, or by giving a post here.

If this setting is turned on, people following you might see your post(s) related to the topic in their Google Search results page (most likely on the first page with your profile picture aside). However, if you’re not a fan of these things, and is just a person who likes to share things about daily life, about self, about friends - just some other regular posts, you might consider turning it off! Because, although the probability is much lower, still your posts might appear in search results and in Google Ads for even the ones who are not a follower of you.

Notification delivery

“Email” - you can add multiple email ids (should be verified) to get the notification to. But only one account can get the notification at a time.
Note: This doesn’t change anything for security and account related emails.

“Phone” - You can add only one number at a time (tested). And you’ll get notifications via “SMS”. Although if you have the official Google+ app for Android/iOS, you can choose “Push notifications” to get the notifications to Google+ app instead of SMS. Or, as well, you can choose not to notify you over phone.

Manage subscriptions

These are occasional updates, and are less likely to appear if you’re regular on Google+. Since I have been interested in Google+, I don’t remember getting any email of this kind.

Receive notifications

Many people just complain about getting too much of emails every time someone posts or comments or somehow interacts with them, which they are not at all likely to receive! Obviously! If you’re dislike Google+, then its too natural to hate those emails. And if you’re regular or quite frequent on here, you’re already getting the notifications from the notification tray, why would you like to have them in Email and just mess up your inbox!

You’ll see there are 8 texts on bold, which expands on click. They’re namely Posts, Circles, Photos, Hangouts, Events, Communications about Google+ pages, Communities, Polls.

Now, if you expand them, in each line, there’s a text/label with 2 checkbox columns - Email and Phone. Don’t just clear all the checks under email in a hurry! Just go through all the texts and choose whether you want to get them via email or not. If no, then only clear check. Same for Phone. Read the text before clearing the checkbox, who knows, you might consider getting emails for those cases!

there’s no save button below. your choice gets updated as soon as you mark or clear a check. same applies for all other settings.
wait till message written something like “settings updated” appears above. network traffic/problem may prevent the settings to get updated on the server instantly.

Your Circles

At the beginning of your Google+ journey, Google initially creates 4 circles for you.
Friends, Family, Acquaintances and Following

As the names suggest, “Friends”, “Family” and “Acquaintances” are supposed to be people you directly know in your personal life and you more or less frequently contact/interact/communicate with each other. Whereas, “Following” suggests public figures or popular people or others whom you know (and obviously many people know) but he/she is completely ignorant of the fact that you even exist on earth!

So, quite naturally, you’ll not be interested to share things about your real-world life that are only sharable to people you directly know.

So, initially this “Following” circle is excluded when you choose your update to be shared with “Your Circles”. But as Google Circle suggests, you can create circles for anything, for any of your interests and anything, literally. But maybe, not all should be included into your Your Circles super group or super circle. To do that, hit on the “Customize” button, and clear checks for the circles you don’t want to be included into Your Circles.

Whenever you create such a circle, you have to come to this settings and customize it. Because, by default the new circle is included into Your Circles. There’s no option to change your default for this yet.


Google said, this is to help screen readers & other assistive tools to work better with the stream. But most of us don’t use a screen reader in here!
So lets be straight.
Checking this will force you to stay on single column view irrespective of the stream layout quick-setting.
So my suggestion and recommendation is -
You can just change your stream layout from quick settings on your Home Screen.

Photos and Videos

You can easily get them with the labels written aside.

Just for the 2nd one, I would like to say you that It doesn’t help you much!
Even if you’ve unchecked this, one can always drag and drop your photo to some folder on his/her local disk(s) and save that image! Although, it won’t let that person to download full resolution copy, but a cropped one.

Upload my photos at full size

Its better not to check this one if you aren’t a photography enthusiast! Clearing this checkbox will reduce your images to a lower resolution, not all but only the ones that are higher than 2048x2048! Well, that’s too much for me!

But why should you consider reducing your images?
- Simple. To save your Drive’s space! Images higher than 2048x2048 will consume space from your Google Drive. Anything lower than that, is free.

Google Drive

You can view your photos saved in Google Drive in Google photos along with other Google+ photos including #AutoBackup   ones. But that doesn’t make them visible to others! You have to share them (Drive photos as well as #AutoBackup   photos) in order to make them visible!

Auto Enhance

Most effective with Auto Backup enabled. I won’t say always this is good, but most of the times, this really makes the uploaded image look better. However, if you’re an adventurous person and like to click a good number of photos, enabling Auto Awesome  _may_ auto-create a story. Although Google doesn’t assure you that a Story will be created! It seems random in creation of Stories!

Auto Approve Photo Tagging

Many people are just too desperate to have their Photos reaching to other people, and what can be more efficient than tagging? But, this will create disaster on your profile! When people visit your profile and goto “Photos” section, they’ll see those irrelevant photos as “your photos” - means those photos, where your face is available!

But you might have some people about whom, you’re sure enough that they’ll not tag you on photos where you does not exist. You can just add them here to avoid the steps of approving photo tags.


I don’t think there’s much to elaborate about these points! These settings are mainly to avail your profile to more people and allow visitors to know more about you, and you’re more likely to get into others circles if they can know more about you at a glance.


Let Google auto add hashtags to your new posts, to help it better reach to more people.

Location Settings

This is something I really like about Google+. This won’t work if you don’t have the official Google+ app on your phone along with Location sharing turned on.

You can allow some of your Circles (say Close Friends and Family) to view your pin point location at anytime. For this, your parents don’t need to call you every now ‘n then to know where you are! You friends don’t need to call/text you every now ‘n then to know whether you’ve reached home or not, so that they can come to your home and meet you.

Disable Google+

This is how you delete your Google+ account, this is how you get rid of this thing if you’re extremely unlikely to have this service available to you.

#googleplus   #googleplustips   #googleplustipsandtricks   #googleplussettings  
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A must for any G+ user! I thought I had it down. So much more added information. Thanks. :-)
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Raj ‎

Since 2-3 days, I'm not able to scroll down forever on Google+!
Previously, it was all OK, and I used to get fed-up/irritated/whatever with the endless stream down on my Google+ stream! And if scrolled too far, I used to end up viewing older posts, and then I used to get back to the top!
But now, after a certain amount of scrolling, the stream ends! And I don't know whether that's the end of newer posts or not! And also, the stream ends too early! And I don't remember any changes made to stream settings!
Any suggestion?
Raj ‎'s profile photoJonathan Seyghal's profile photo
Been having this issue as well from time to time lately; just been sending feedback to +Google+ Help each time using SHIFT+@
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Gplus Expertise

Tips about Google products  - 
Good news for #Android    and #Calendar  users!
Improvements to Google Calendar for Android

Over the next few days, you'll see lots of improvements to the new Google Calendar app based on your feedback with more coming soon. Here are some of the highlights:

● See more events at a glance with 7-day week view and pinch-to-zoom
● Add Google Drive files to events. Drive will even check if everyone can open them. 
● Control whether birthdays from Google+ are shown in settings. You'll also see the same changes on the web next week.
● A new option to show week numbers in settings.
● Import .ics files sent to you in Gmail and other apps

You can download the app on Google Play:

PS: Yes, we're still working on Google Calendar for iPhone.  Stay tuned!
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Yay to switching of google+ birthdays. Birthday calendar has been unusable for months due to this.
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Gplus Expertise

**MODERATOR - messages from our mods!  - 
Great info for all Android / Google+ users!

#Android     #Googleplustips  
Google+ Android App Help Center

Learn about:

➼ Photos
➼ Your profile & pages
➼ Settings & notifications
➼ Sharing & your Home page
➼ Circles & people
➼ Communities & events

Lots of good information! See for yourself:

#Android #Googleplus #Photos #Hangouts
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Has anyone else seen this #bigbluephonenumber   come up for a non-branded search?  I haven't seen it previously and couldn't find anyone else posting about it.  Thanks all!
BIG Phone Number in Local Results?

Doing some client research. Made a search for a non-branded term.  Google returned a set of Google+ data for 'Houston Installation Service'
BIG blue phone number appears above the hybrid organic / local result and when clicked triggers a "call via Google Hangouts'.

I have noticed several changes related to phones recently - the new click to call reported earlier today in Google+ results and the new 'call only' Adwords format.

Anyone have thoughts on what the bigger play is?
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+Mike Blumenthal posted about this...
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