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Welcome to the Google+ Helper Community!

When asking for help:
Give as much details on your issue or suggestion as possible.

The more details you give us, the easier it is for us to provide you with a solution.
It may even help to give us a step-by-step detail of what occurred leading up to the error, or the feature you want to see implemented.

Extremely useful details to include:

- Links to any Profiles or Pages involved
- Browser (and version) and OS you’re using
- Android or iOS App
- Any extensions enabled
- Does disabling extensions help the issue?
- Time issue last occurred
- Error messages you’re receiving
- Screenshots

✔ If you sell your services to clients and wish to get help for your business actions, do hire a G+ professional.  
This is a volunteer community for helping users, not for solving your problems and doing your job for you!  

✔ Everyone: Please pay attention to the category you post in...  

✔ If you have a question about Google+, then please post it in the "QUESTIONS for the Community" category. If you wish to discuss something about Google+ with the members, the first category is for that "General G+ discussion".  

✔ All the other categories are for sharing helpful & informational posts! 

Thank you.

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How do I fix this?

What are some good ways to promote a Youtube channel?

when creating a post, how to set the paragraph to LTR or RTL ?

How can I merge Google+ pages and what are the guidelines? Also, what will happen if the listings have been merged?

I have all of my photos in albums from the old system. They now "live" on Google Photos, which I don't like at all.
Is there a way to select a whole album and make it a Collection under the new system?

Thanks in advance!

how get the clear chat?

As of 3 days ago, ALL notifications on g+ stopped- I don't get new replies to my you tube videos' comments (me commenting under other people's videos) any more. At the same time, also ALL the e-mail notifications stopped coming. In notification section of g+ I now only get +1 s and no more comments on my comments.
I can still see the replies in you tube, but not on g+. I checked settings, all notifications are ON.
Anybody can help?

I noticed that On mobile devices, that if you try and bold a word it doesn't work , and it won't show up. Same with the italics. 

☞ Is there a reason why when I am using my laptop or computer and even my phone that when I refresh my screen that I see notifications of "What I missed" as I am well aware I missed certain things and chose to not + them as they are repeats possibly of what I've already plussed? Also, how long will I have to "see what I've missed" when I get that notification via Email?
Thank you for your help Moderators 
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