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We've just pushed out the 2.1.0 release. This version includes a couple outstanding feature requests. The list of devices and mapped points can be filtered by device group. Satellite imagery can also be toggled on this new version.

Version 2.0.2 has been released to the beta channel. The update includes full support for the 7" tablet. Larger tablet sizes will be better supported by this version but they have not had any on-device testing done against their screen sizes yet.  This release also includes some SIGNIFICANT battery improvements and stability improvements.

Device group selection and map marker limiting are next on the feature-request list to be implemented.

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Galaxy note 2 tester we are an isp in mexico already work with other product but give a try to this new one

For those wondering, AirControl Droid is ready to implement the AC2 API. (...should it ever become available)

Latest beta includes has full chart support; the same as those available for iAirControl on iOS. There are a number of major bug fixes and stability improvements. Still some changes to the map positioning when selecting devices to be made. Last item is updates to the home screen widget.

AirControl Droid 1.1.0 now available to beta-testers.  Please check it out and provide feedback. Looking for Samsung Galaxy device users (S and Note series devices specifically, but all are welcome) to check out their experience now.
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