Hello. My name is Kandice Velez. I'm 23 years old. I am engaged to be married. I am in the Early Childhood Education program.  I am taking this course to be able to connect with a wider broad span of the community and children.  I enjoy bowling, reading, going to the movies, and spending time with my fiancé'.

Hola me llamo Alysa Gerasch I am 20 years old, and I am in the Liberal Arts program at MATC. I work at a factory called Electrotek and I'm apart of the quality department. I have a huge family and I will be the first one to graduate college. This is my first time taking an online class and I had a few problems logging in. One interesting thing about me is that I lived in Mexico for two months during high school.


I'm Kristen, this is my first online class of my semesters. I'm currently studying in the Liberal Arts program. I am working full time at a circuit board facorty in Oak Creek called Electrotek. My favorite hobbies include anything with music. I'm a sucker for a good cover band!
Adios! :)

Hola ,

My name is Raven and this is my first time taking an online class so wish me luck. I am 19 years young, I Live in south Milwaukee & I'm in the Liberal Arts and Science Program. I love listening to music and having fun with my Best friends and family. I'm kinda excited about this class so lets see how it goes. (:


My name is Jackie and I am taking this course to finish up my Associate in Arts program at MATC to transfer to a 4 year college in the Spring. I am excited for this new adventure in my life and the opportunity to further my career! I am married with 4 children and enjoy spending time with my family and my spouse and my children. Good Luck to everyone in this course!


My name is Dwayne I'm 19 years-old in the Liberal Arts program at MATC.  My interests include spending time with my family, friends, listening to music and reading.

Anyone else having issues viewing the grading rubric? It keeps making my Internet Explorer stop working! Very frustrating! Ive been writing my paper, but I'd like to look at that before I submit. I've been trying since thursday. Probably should have posted earlier...

Hola Profesor,
I just had a question. Once you submit the test you can't go back and view it. I ran all the browser checks and when I recorded I saw the green play button afterwards. I just wanted to to view under submissons to hear how I sounded and make sure it recorded. Is there anyway to check. Please advise.
Alicia Coleman

Hola Profesor,

If I am looking at my grades, which is more accurate, the "my progress" today's view, or the "grades" tab?  Under the "grades" tab, the weighted total gives me a much lower number than what I would think if you are averaging the SAM-CAP, and Tests together, but "my progress gives me just one number.


Hola Profesor Gest!
I noticed something weird on Capitulo4:Nuestra comunidad
                                           Module 4a SAM-CAP
I passed all the activities assigned but on some of the activities it doesn't have a grade (%), it just says "PASSED". Is this still ok?

Yvonne T.
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