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Hope you like it (btw ignore the approve my self word)

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"Hey, I'm new. The names Crystal"

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"Hey all" walks to the gym

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Who agrees
Grove left groove right recolors out of sight grove up grove down All recolors out of town side side recolors a disgrace to the oc race #startusingbases


Hi all recolors, use bases its much better and you wont get hate from rats like meh I used to be a recolor a blue one, until i began to use bases then i created my own ORIGINAL oc Recolors are a sign of laziness, and recoloring is stealing art unless you ask, but the worst part is some people edit them so it looks like their art

Please stop, Who agrees?
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I agree
Screw u recolors rock

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'Created by man to be god among men....'

'Robot? I'm more than that...'

'Beep...boop...this is stupid...'

'WOAH! A SENTIENT ROBOT! ...Really, you DIDN'T know Shadow was an android?'


Battle Themes:

Name: Metal Sonic.

Nicknames: Metal most commonly, some call him Cobalt due to the blue color of the metal coating most of his body.

Age: The project began development a year after Dr. Ivo's first encounter with the blue hedgehog. The first prototype was known as Silver Sonic, he was the second creation and was used in the capture of Amy Rose a few years ago.

Gender: Though he has no biological gender, (though my sinful self says otherwise :^)) he uses male pronouns.

Race: He classifies himself as a Mobian, but really, he's just a highly advanced badnik.

Occupation: Currently just a normal Mobian citizen. To Eggman Enterprises™'s dismay...

Abilities/Capabilities: Metal Sonic has seen to be capable of using energy based projectiles and barriers to attack his opponents. These include coating his body in a field of electricity, firing small orbs of energy created in his hands and a powerful beam coming from the core in his chest. Further forms show him being able to manipulate lightning. He also has enhanced strength, doesn't need to consume oxygen, meaning he can stay in space and water for an unlimited amount of time without dying, and flight. He can also scan data from opponents to allow him to grow in power. His highest level of power is achieved through the power of countless foes - Metal Overlord, a 20-foot being with power surpassing that of Perfect Chaos without the Seven Chaos Emeralds being used.

Likes: Due to his strange changes in personality, he now likes to, surprisingly, help some people. Saving cats in trees is just the norm for him. He also may have the hots for Amy Rose, but I'm not going into detail...he still seeks great power too, so if he sees an emerald, he'll probably grab it and run. He also enjoys oil/coffee and a chili dog every now and then, as he burns food and uses the energy from it similar to humans. (He eats through his stomach)

Dislikes: He really doesn't enjoy losing fights. He has to go repair himself, which takes a few hours, and even longer if he's incapable. He also has a fear for water, like his flesh counterpart.

Perfections: His design and strengths are all on-point. Unlike Sonic or Shadow, he won't tire. Ever. He will fight until his last breath.

Flaws: His greatest flaw is his egotistical personality and his emotional side. If someone hurts him emotionally, he can become very weak. As for the ego part, despite saying he's superior to Sonic, he's never successfully defeated him.

Forms: He can transform into Neo Metal Sonic, an enhanced version of himself, with full electrical and energy manipulation, and the powerful Metal Overlord, said to be more powerful as Perfect Chaos itself.


Metal Sonic is the creation of Dr. Ivo Robotnik designed to be the equal to Sonic. He was manufactured to give Eggman's rival a true challenge, and maybe even defeat him, but to his dismay, this was not to happen. Metal was always defeated. Even when all the odds were on the rest of the world, and he was powerful enough to kill everyone, he was defeated by Sonic, and his allies' willpower. He gave up on evil, after he once again failed to kill his rival, and traveled down to Mobius, where he has blended into society, though finding the occasional hostile towards him.
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Hi I'm DJ all I want is someone I trust

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Hello I'm DJ I'm new here
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