[OPEN] Kendall rubbed his hands together as he was preparing for the upcoming match. It was freezing outside and the sky was filled with fog. Kendall picks up his broom and gets ready to walk outside.

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Name: Lila Rosewood

Nicknames/Titles: has none

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Ethnicity: British

Blood Status: Half blood

Wand: 14 inches Holly wand with unicorn hair core

Pet: Black cat

Year: 5

House: Slytherin

Unique Abilities (Only 2): Legimency

Possessions(Only 2):  
Silver necklace
Fairy lights


Her mother was a muggle and her father was a wizard but her parents separated when she was 7. She lived with her mum in a small house but when she was 10 she was stolen by her dad where they lived in a huge mansion in Scotland. Her dad educated her in magic and when she got her letter she was thrilled.
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Name: Percival Grimble

Nicknames: The Man of Greater good

Age: Unknown, Probably between 100 - 150 years

Nationality: English

Blood Status Half Blood (Muggle Mother)

House (former): Gryffindor

School of Wizardry (former): Hogwarts

Side: Good Side

Wand: 11 inches, matured Oak, with a core of Unicorn Horn

The Ability Ball - when held, gives owner extra strength for a duel or battle
Invisibility Cloak (made from Unicorn blood, and a Pheonix tear..... and a ragged cloak)

Unique Abilitys:
Excellent in combat, knows over 100 spells (including all the dumb ones like dancing cake toppers)
Can recognise the type of wood and core of any wand


Born by a muggle mother, Percival Grimble was one of the brightest wizards in Hogwarts after being sent his letter. He was one of Albus Dumbledore's friends at school, and, like Albus, had an interest with the Deathly Hallows. Though, slightly like Dumbledore, Percival was most fond of The resurrection stone, to bring back his parents after their untimely deaths. So, he stole it from the grave of the "Second Brother" before being told off by a Proffeser for creating ghosts "that could give Peeves ideas..." After losing interest in the Stone, and as 7th year for Percival Grimble came to an end, Albus and him went their seperate ways. With his strong knowledge of Wandlore, he signed up to be a wandmaker, even the next Ollivander maybe, but he realised that he was great in combat. He bacame an Auror, ready to fight any dark wizard, his biggest target, You Know Who. With that, he created "The Ability Ball", to make it easier for him to win his duels. Still with the faint thought of the Hallows, hd created his own Invisibility Cloak, made out of Unicorn blood and Pheonix tears.

Percival Grimble is now known for all the World-Famous duels he had, and the aura of greatness that surrounded him (also the fact that he once knew Dumbledore).

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NAME: Daniel Wonder
HOUSE: Gryffindor
BLOOD TYPE: Half Blood
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So do I come up with a RP name and character or do I just be my own self?

* says password then enters griffindor house*

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"Nobody asks to be a wizard mate, but there's a point in life you've got to accept you are one, not just in your mind, but in your heart as well."

"You think I asked to be who I am, no, but I know what I have to do, and I will fight till the end to protect those I love and care for."

"Whatever happened......to a good ol' fashioned........fist-fight?"

Kendall Beckonridge

The Chosen One
The Eye


Half Chinese, Half British

Blood Status:
Half Blood

_Pheonix Tail Feather, Hornbeam Wood, 12.5"

_Speckled Grey Owl - Silver Wing _

Seventh Year


Unique Abilities (Only 2):
Animagus: Dire Wolf
Clairvoyance: with use of red marble

4 Red Marbles
Silver Dragon Ring (From Mother)

Laid Back
Brooding (Sometimes)
Solemn (When Brooding)


Kendall Beckonridge was born to a witch mother, Kate Beckonridge, and a muggle father, Alastair Beckonridge. His father was a rich man and Kendall was spoiled from birth. Growing up his mother was out quite often and when he asked his father about it, he was simply told, "She'll be back...". So for a long time Kendall didn't question it anymore. Until one day, his mother just stopped showing up. He began to worry, because while she was gone for months at a time, Kendall was approaching his 11th birthday, and no matter how long she had been gone, his mother would always return for that.

Kendall worried and for once, his father did as well. An the night of his 11th birthday, nearing midnight, there came a knock on the door. The father got up and told Kendall to wait in the dining hall. He heard the door creak open. After a few moments of silence he heard heavy footsteps come in. The sound of mud came with it and Kendall became frightened. Shoes weren't allowed on in his house, if he could hear the boots something had to be wrong. Kendall got up from his seat and walked out to see this person. He came out to be greeted by a huge man, over 7 foot tall and covered in rain. He had a greying rugged beard growing and had one hand over his father's shoulder. His father kept his head down and would not look up at Kendall. The large man held a similar expression.

Kendall's father sent him to his room as he walked towards the kitchen island. As Kendall was walking up the stairs he stopped when he heard the man speak. "Your wife, Alastair, she'sdead". Kendall devastated to hear this ran out of the the house. He ran to middle of the street. He didn't know which way to go but stood there as a car approached. Right before the collision, Kendall was swooped up by a woman riding a Hippogriff. Kendall screamed as he was carried up from the ground not knowing what to do, in complete shock, he fainted.

When Kendall awoke he found himself on a bed in what looked like an infirmary. He was greeted by an old lady. She introduced herself as the Headmistress of the school Hogwarts. She told Kendall that his mother was a witch, one of the most powerful Aurors of the time. She told him that was a wizard with infinite potential and that he would be the one to defeat the new Dark Lord. Kendall in shock, fainted once again. Kendall woke up again in the infirmary at night. He got out of bed and put on the robes that were placed out before him. He walked around the school until he found his way to the Great Hall. When he walked he saw a great commotion and saw people standing in a line, each putting on a hat. Kendall winced as it yelled something out, "Hufflepuff!". The headmistress noticed Kendall and beckoned him over the stool. Kendall sat down and grimaced as the hat was placed over his head. It whispered to him, "A great pain I sense in you, and your mind is clouded. You are unclear of what you want, well then, I put you in, Gryffindor!". Kendall kept a blank expression as he was not sure what to do now. "Off the stool now Mr. Beckonridge, other students must be placed in their houses as well." Kendall went to his classes but during his breaks and free time, he was alone. He would sit in one corner of the Gryffindor common room and mourn the loss of his mother. Gradually other students came to talk to Kendall but he would not respond. One student in particular, Brian Deschnel, continuosly approached Kendall. Soon they became best friends. Kendall, now 18, is top of his class at Hogwarts, captain of the quidditch team.
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