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1. BTO, is a special three syllable word in The BTO Language that describes an enormous amount of characteristics and attributes about:
* The Mighty BTO, Creator and Sustainer of The World;
* The BTO Kwanza, (The Original Blackman), His Beloved Sons and Daughters;
* The BeeTeeOhs, His Royally Crowned Descendants.
2. We do not have any commandments but we call these Laws of Busara (Common Sense) Commandments...
3. Our First Commandment. Turn away from the evil and wicked ways of the Yurunts (wicked) and turn to the good and righteous ways of our (BeeTeeOh) forefathers and move forward.

4. Our Second Commandment. "Be Brothers and Sisters To One Another" (Bintu Tangamano Ote).

5. Our Third Commandment. "Build Thy Own"

6. "God only Created One People, One Color, The BTO Kwanza, (The Original Blackman) and all others came from THEM"

7. "Whatever the Question, Kweli Nyeusi (The Black Truth) is The Answer"

8. Whatever the Problem, BTO is the Solution Build Thy Own.

9. BTO Motto: "Work Together, Study Together, Pray Together, and ...Win Together"

bl0011 Kuamsha Elimahs of BTO
Excerpts from Kuamsha aw0030
The Solution Part 2
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