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Sugar Feeds Cancer. So do aspartame and other artificial sweetners, except for: Just Like Sugar!

If you're worried about Cancer, definately stay away from fluoride, chlorine, ammonia, murcury, lead, sugar, sweetner, salt, pepper, canola or hot oils, meat, eggs, fish, or dairy products, carbs; bread, pasta, grains, even whole grains, tap water, pop, anything containing concentrated fruit juice, coffee, alcohol, frozen, canned, or processed vegetables, any processed food, pesticides, smoking, or any other free radical-creating, toxic, or non alcoline food or drinks.

**If you have cancer these five fruits can be eaten with no limit; avocados, unsweetened lime, lemon, rhubarb, and tomatoes** :) :) :)

I'm here to give free health tips or to make you a real, residual income!

Yours truly,
Robert Le Blanc. 

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