+Rava is neko Hey!!!

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Hey sorry guys i havent been on in a long time with school and everything its hard to get caught up enough

Hey everyone whats up i was wondering what calls life was like because mine is ok but could be better

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Take the time to read this!
It's so important.
I cried cos tbh its so relatable

I'm done with life... Goodbye cruel world.... Farewell......

Hey... I hope every on has a good day at school today..... Remember that all of u belong and are special. One day, y'all could find a cure for cancer or be a musician. Whatever... Keep on dreamin even if it breaks ur heart.

I am done with life. Goodbye cruel world.....

Hey. So update: i am not in the hospital anymore. I'm goin home! And yes i'm ok.

Listen to me People! please I am begging you when u see a share blade or just something u can self harm with, never pick it up i nearly lost a friend today and it hurt a lot i cried a lot and i just wanted to say i thank God that he is going to get help. He lost a friend to suicide yesterday and it kills me too see someone hurt please get help don't do something that will be forever just because of a problem that is temporary
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