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longgggg time no see :o

Happy birthday Buddha!
-Your friend, Omega

Anyone wanna play some PC Terraria???

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Should I add a character (Sophia Loren: Blonde, 11 year old, nice smart and a katana / earth fairy) into my book.
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Add more to her charecter

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  Plz Read and edit!                     
Daniel Dragnelio was tired of his normal life. Everyday was the same, wake up, brush teeth, eat breakfast, go to school and then come home and sulk. He had done this every day since his father died. His mother tried and tried to cheer him up… but it never worked. Until his mom had to go on a work trip so he and his sister had to go to their grandfather's house.

                                   Chapter One: Grandpa
“Daniel” my mother called. “Wake up, we are going to Grandpa Bill’s house today”.
    Wait. Grandpa Bill? Wasn't he supposed to be some crazy old man who believed in fairies? The truth was that, I, Daniel loved going to Grandpa Bill’s house, just because I like listening to his stories about the Fairy Stone and the wars surrounding it. However my sister Sara hates Grandpa Bill and she always calls him “Old Fart”, which I think I like.

    On the devastatingly boring ride to Grandpa Bill’s house, I  decide to annoy Sara by poking her. I do this because I know that she is anti physical contact! I love annoying her, she is constantly telling me that she is the most popular girl at school and that she is super smart, however her report card says different! Anyway the drive is so, so, so boring! Grandpa Bill’s house is like two thousand miles away and it’s in the middle of nowhere. I enjoy going there but Sara doesn't, so she is going to Auntie Annie’s house. I just can not understand how she likes it there. Auntie Annie is a plump lady with red hair, very red lips, rosey cheeks and about two hundred poodles. Also she lives in a house that smells of perfume and wet dogs. The house is two stories tall and is all white. She even has Ode to Joy on 24/7! I hate it!

“ Beep! Beep! Beep!” Mom's phone rings.
“ Everyone be quite! I have to answer this.” Mom orders.
After what seems like hours mom announces “Sara you have to stay at Grandpa Bill’s. Auntie Annie has the flu.”
“No! I hate it there.” states Sara (aka: Mrs. Perfect)
“Deal with it sweetie.” orders Mom.

As we halt to a stop in front of Grandpa Bill’s house he hobbles out of the old log cabin and says “Welcome fellow fairies!”
“ Grandpa, fairies don't exist.”
“YES THEY DO!” I yell.
“As if you know anything” she yells back.
“Grandpa Bill say’s they do, so they do” I announce.
“Glad to see my favorite fairy” Old Fart said as he hugged me with his tiny skeleton arms. “ how is your rock collection?”
“Good!” I answer.
“I found new one. It is inside. Go look at it.” said Old Fart
So I ran all the way inside, past the kitchen then WHAM! I hit the table in the hall. Luckily my hand took the blow, however it was bleeding a little. That didn't stop me from going into his office and gazing over at all his rocks. There was one I really liked, so I took it. I know it is wrong, but I felt like my life depended on taking that stone. After that I went to the kitchen and Sara said “what took you so long, mom already left?”
“So what, we will see her in a week. And what's for dinner?” I say.
“ Beef and potato stew.” answer Grandpa Bill.
So I decided to walk over to the pot, just to make sure it looked edible. However just then the stone in my pocket started to burn, it was glowing a light scarlet. And it  really hurt in my hand, and just then it hurt so much I threw it across the room. PLOP! It lands in  the stew! “Crap! I am gonna be in so much trouble! Wait, no one noticed! Phew I’m in the clear.” I thought.

                               Chapter 2: Dinner
    “Dish up everyone! Dinner’s ready.” says Grandpa Bill.
    “Kay!” Sara and I say in unison. As I was dishing up, a strange thought came into my head. What if that mysterious red glowing stone poisons the soup and we all get sick, or turn into fairies like in that story Old Fart told us? What was it called? Oh yeah, Kayei and the Fairy Stone. Didn’t the Dark fairies put it in Kayei’s stew while he was imprisoned? I don’t know, I’ll have to ask Old Fart to tell me that one again.” It doesn’t matter, what mattered is that I get dinner. I was famished from the long drive and what was worse was that Sara took my snacks for the ride. As I was eating dinner, Old Fart said that the soup tasted a little off. This made me feel a wave of heat due to the fact that the stone was in there! But dinner was fine.

    Chapter 3: Fairies and Stories
    “Old Fart” I say.
“Woh, where did that come from?” answers Old Fart.
“Well, Sara calls you that. So I just thought… You know I could call you Old Fart.” I say.
“It’s fine, I don’t care. So, what do you want?” say’s Old Fart.
    “Oh yeah, can you tell me the story about Kayei and the Fairy Stone?” I ask.
“Shure, just brush your teeth and get your PJ’s on.” Orders Old Fart.
“Sir. Yes, Sir” I answer obediently.
“Old Fart.” I say bored and tired from the 20 minutes he made me wait for the story.
    “Coming.” Old Fart says excitedly.
    “What took you so long? I’ve been here for ages.” I say, acting like an old man.
    “Ha! Now you are my age.” Says Old Fart jokingly.
    “Now, for my story.” I say demanding and a little brat like.
    “Ok. Once upon a time there was a boy, his name was Kayei. Kayei became an Earth fairy at the young age of eleven years old. This made him known all over FairyLand. All Element fairies have to be born into one of the four fairy clans, Earth clan, Water clan, Air clan or Fire clan. The only other way to become a fairy back then was to defeat an Element Fairy. And defeat an Element Fairy he did, he beat him in thirty seconds flat! Now, being so strong he was at the top of the capture list for the Dark Fairies. One day during Kayei’s morning walk a group of dark fairies attacked Kayei. Kayei was so full of himself that when the Dark Fairies attacked he-” explained Old fart, but I cut him off with my yells of pain.
    “Ow! Ow! Ow! Old Fart, my hand it’s glowing and feels like it's on fire!” I say quickly.
    “Tell me the truth, did you touch that red  stone in my office?” he says in a serious tone.
    “Yeah. I accidentally dropped it in the soup.” I say.
    “Old Fart my hand!” yells Sara as she walks into the room.
    “I know, we atte the soup and the Fairy Stone was in it!” explains Old Fart.
    “What is going to happen to us?” I ask while groaning in pain.
    “We are going to turn into fairies, of course” says Old Fart.
    “Fairies aren’t real, they are just in our imagination!” Says Sara.
    “Wait and See.” says Old Fart in a curious tone.
    “Old fart I’m shrinking.” I say alarmed.
    “I know we all are.” announces Old Fart.
    “We are turning into our true forms.” Old Fart explains.


Chapter 4: Fairyland and a new me
    “Wake up sleeping beauty.” Says a voice that sounds like Sara but doesn't look like her.
    “Who? Who are you?” I say as I get up. The girl has long pointed ears, red hair and pink wings. She is wearing what looks like a dress made out of levees the size of a person.
    “Silly, it is me Sarah. Who are you?” She says holding a mirror up to my face.
    “Sara, is it really you?” I ask while looking in the mirror. I am wearing a black shirt, with a leather chestplate on over it, black pants and leather boots. My hair was about 2 inches long and black. Wait, my hair was brown just a minute ago. Not quite what I  looked like before my hand started burning. I looked at my right hand, it had a red stone popping out of it.
    “What is this?” I ask Sara.
    “Old Fart says it is the fairy stone, we all have it in our right hand.” awnsers Sara.
“Old Fart is here to?” I ask.
“Yes he is he is behind you.” Answers Sara. How does she know all of this?
“Wo, what are you Old Fart.” I question the grasshopper the size of me!
“Why, I am  a Grasshopper fairy, we are the same as Earth Element Fairies except that we can shapeshift into animals.” explains Old Fart.
“So can you turn into a human again? And can we?” I ask.
“Yes I can turn human again if I wanted to, but you can’t. You and your sister are Fire Element Fairies like your father. But now that you consumed the stone, you may have side effects.” answers Old Fart.
“Like what? A third eye, ear or nose?” I ask worried sick.
“No, mental effects or magic effects.” answers Old Fart.
“Mental effects? And magic?” I say like a two year old.
“Your sister here had a mental effect, now she is extremely smart. I had a magic effect, my magic is stronger. I built the land we are on now.” says Old Fart. I look around and see green grass and a little village below us, we are sitting on a floating island with a vine growing down to the ground.
“Wit you built this whole land? It stretches for miles.” I say.
“No I just built the island and vine to the ground.” He answers.
“But a floating island defies physics.” I say like a scientist.
“Not here, this is FairyLand.

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who should I draw
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asriel or
sans (not very good at drawing him)

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