+George Miller 
we need to edit this community, HEAVILY!

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This is my evil twin charmcaster

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Dante stands on top of a cliff, looking down at a small city. He's in his Demon Form (Below), he starts laughing evily in a deep, demonic voice I'm going to enjoy watching these and the many other useless people of this pathetic world suffer. I can just hear their beautiful screams of agony already... Licks lips Delicious
((+cynthia wildfox +Mishal Kar Wanna join?))

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+Night Flame 
invades your empire as i see you so i see you have raised your own empire pissed off but now i will crush it before you reach the top 
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Profile for my Arch Demon form

O cursed spite
Time is out of joint
That ever i was born to set it right!!

Name: Cynthia Wildfox
Age: 14
Gender: Female


After activating my Level - 4 i turn into an Arch Demon and my part insane side awakens and takes control on my whole body.


Elemental Damage
I am able to control all the 5 elements i.e Fire, water, air, Earth and Forest.

Demon Army Resurrection 
I have the ability to resurrect a dead demon as there are about 5,000 demon souls trapped within me 

Francium Blasts
Uses a reactive metal which only explodes when coming in contact to water

Blood Regeneration 
Blood collects around my wounds and regenerates in an instant

Master Telekinesis 
In this form i m a master telekinetic user.

Bio: i was just a demon before but one day my body becomes to transform on its own to make some changes in my body before turning to an Arch Demon and ended up with my whole body being transformed in my Arch Demon form. 
My body wasn't ready to become an Arch Demon so when i was about to die +Night Flame took half of my powers to save me so, now Night has half control on my Demon form.

First gif: Arch Demon form
Second gif: Original self
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+jojo the angel 
+Night Flame 
brother edit your pinned post and add info on Pandora Empire or should i rename it Flame Empire? 
Pandora Empire:- This is an empire for scientifically experimented beings like Espers,Cyborgs,etc which is ruled by ((Night Flame)). The Pandora empire always clashes with The Wildfox Empire cause they want to crush the empire entirely and steal everything that The Wildfox empire have. 
now you can make your profile your majesty ((Night XD)) 

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i sit in nearby swamp resting my feet in the muggy water as I sighed so much is going on in my mind I swear my head might explode as I look up at the small rays of sun peaking through the thick trees

||open roleplay||

Name: Jasper 

Age: Appears 21

Gender: Male


Species: Sorcerer

Abilities: He can cast dark spells and is a good thief

Likes: unknown

Dislikes: Mizuki-Hannah Uzumaki and demons

Bio: All anyone knows about him is that he after revenge on his mother's killer

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+Mishal Kar
((Open rp))
sitting on the bank of the Lake of Blood

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