Looking for a variety of books to use in my 8th grade health elective. I have an extreme level of academic and social abilities in my class. Hoping to do some sort of book groups. Topics are open. Thanks for any and all suggestions!
Laura Lokken

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Looking for character education to use in physical education/health? Everfi partnered with the NFL and United Way to create a curriculum for 6th-9th grade. We are 1:1 in our district so we will be using this as an extension of our curriculum.

Character Playbook covers the following topics:

Analyzing Influences
Understanding and Managing Emotions
Communicating Effectively
Resolving Conflicts
Stepping In
Making Decisions
Grade Level: 6th – 9th

Course Time: 6 Modules (20 min. – 30 min. each). Total time 2 – 3 hours.

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Do you have problems writing good rubrics? Too much clutter on your rubric that kids are overwhelmed by? Here is a great explanation of the single point rubric. I use these all the time in my classroom and they work well for me and are very easy to write. Let me know if you would like an example.

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Some folks at the best practices conference were looking for this image for decision making.

Happy last days of school to all my fellow health and p.e. teachers. My principal has been very generous to my health class. He really respects our health program and has increased my classroom budget significantly for the next school year. I am wondering what programs, resources (books, videos, etc.), technology you have purchased specifically for your health program that you would say "is a must" for your classroom. I am really looking for things that you just couldn't live without. Thanks for your time and have a great summer everyone!

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Mercury. It's unusual, shiny, fascinating,...and toxic.

Sometimes it's still in schools despite a 2012 ban. Sometimes it gets brought to school because it's unusal, shiny, fascinating. Either situation can lead to a mercury release, which is a health risk and a financial & environmental liability.

Learn about this problem with our fact sheet on Mercury In Schools, downloadable at the link below. Get in touch with Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin with your questions!


Looking for new video resources for 8th Grade Human Growth and Development. Our district uses Reality Works curriculum and Values and Choices video(which is very old.) I have had a hard time finding new videos to show on this topic.

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Hands only CPR is mandatory in grades 7-12 when they get #healthed starting next school year! http://www.nbc26.com/news/partners-in-education/partners-in-education-students-learn-cpr-with-the-help-of-grant … Cesa's will borrow you kits so you can be 1:1 when instructing your students.

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