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Dario Ferretti

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Purity M

MOB31E sources (latest aosp fixes included)
OTA App included
Superuser included
Network traffic monitor settings
Expanded Desktop
Advanced Reboot settings
Qs customization (sound, expanded desktop, screen off tiles included)
Navbar button customization (Power & Expanded desktop button included)
Navbar height settings
Double tap to sleep options (navbar & lockscreen)
Lockscreen Wallpaper settings
DocumentsUI file manager
Privacy Settings
LockScreen Settings
ThemeChooser support
Statusbar settings 
Data style customization 
Superuser icon option
Advacend sound settings 
Display features (Expanded desktop, rotation control, volume wake,etc...)
A better "Clear all recents" button
National Data Roaming settings
and more...
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what about of the nougat update for the OnePlus 2?
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Benjamin Veraguth

OnePlus3<Oneplus3>  - 
Nougat and Purity? 
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Giuseppe Pagnoni

Nexus 7 2012<Grouper>  - 
Anyone has a link for downloading the KK 4.4.4 version for Grouper?
Thank you!
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Giulio Zandonai

Nexus 5x<Bullhead>  - 
When Purity rom whit Android 7.0 on nexus 5X?
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Victor Mondaza

Nexus 5x<Bullhead>  - 
Does anyone know if the github is enough to make a functional ROM?
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Giancarlo Voci

Nexus 5<Hammerhead>  - 
Does included cyanogen camera app have HDR/HDR+ support? If Yes, how can enable it?
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Alexandre Verdu

LG G3<d855>  - 
Hello I can not do "Google now on tap" work on my lg g3, d855. Already I researched on the Internet but found nothing. Below is how the setup screen. Can someone help me? You know how to solve?
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+Gamer D Thanks for the tip, was exactly what was missing. Thank you.

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Athar Waqas

Nexus 6<Shamu>  - 
any chance for updating the to incorporate the 9/20 nightly. There is a lot of changes that happen in that.
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2 comments check the nightly for 9/20
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George Tsiampouris

Nexus 5x<Bullhead>  - 
Purity 14/09 Nexus 5X - Bullhead

If you like Dario's work, support him!

I am not responsible for bricked devices, lost data, etc. Flash at your own risk!


Purity 11-12/09

Updated source to android-6.0.1_r66 tag

switch to 3.4 kernel ramdisk - credits to Ziyann & apinela

g3: Increase mic gain for voice recognition …
g3: fix more sepolicy denials …
g3: fix some sepolicy denials …
init: changes from bacon …
init: match with caf …
g3: add back 4k recording profile

hammerhead: update build fingerprint & description to MOB31E

shamu: update build fingerprint & description to MOB31E …
shamu: Remove deprecated egl.cfg …
shamu: Use Snap camera app …
shamu: Cleanup

PhoneWindowManager: set focus flags on keyguard panels …
Automatic translation import …
connectivity-service: fix/improve unique hostname …
Ensure DHCP requests have nonempty hostnames …
Automatic translation import …
SystemUI: Don't pad when config_showScreenOnLockScreenHints is false …
Themes: Give power dialogs own set of volume icons for themes …
Prevent invocation of startNavigating() when GPS is off …
Reduce the delay during headset removal …
Avoid re-calculating vsync mid-frame …
Revert "Restart persistent process if start timeout." …
Revert "Pass real uid to lmkd." …
Revert "Fix issue #25727069: Top sleeping activity overrides foregrou… …
Revert "bootanimation: Call eglReleaseThread in threadLoop"

Revert "Revert "Fix problem with cell data service after SIM swap"" …
Telephony: fix SMS NPE …
Skip unknown tags instead of aborting when parsing UICC TLV data …
Implement UICC TLV Data decoding.

[Glowpad] Remove marginBottom …
Automatic translation import …
Automatic translation import

switch to 3.4 kernel - credits to Ziyann & apinela

wcnss: Avoid user buffer overloading for write cal data …
Adds bound check on reg_cfg_cmd->u.dmi_info.hi_tbl_offset. …
ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: check param length for EAC3 format

Fix AIOOBE with root access disabled. …
Automatic translation import …
Automatic translation import

libutils: fix deadlock in elapsedRealtimeNano …
debuggerd: fix missed use of ptrace(PTRACE_ATTACH).

Automatic translation import …
cmsdk: fix visible check in hasChanged …
Automatic translation import

Fix Discovery permission blockage
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But if i am in last stock rom marshmallow, do i need It?
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About this community

How to install Purity M? 1) Flash the rom 2) Flash the gapps package ################################################# How to install Purity-Lollipop? 1) Flash the rom 2) Flash the gapps 3) Flash SuperSU - Optional - Flash a custom kernel (it's needed on n5 for notifcation light settings) If you like my work, support me ;)
Hello everyone, Hope there are some people like me who are still using their old nexus 4 even in 2017.
After the Lolipop Rom I tried many solutions but couldn't fix the auto shutdown problem. So I want to revert back to Purity Kitkat Rom, but the download links don't work anymore.
Can anyone help me with this by providing the download links?
Thank you so much.
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+Duri Roberto Do you have the same problem like me, where your phone shuts down automatically without notice
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Christopher Irwin

Nexus 5<Hammerhead>  - 
Any news about an update? This ROM looks abbanoned...
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The rom is quite stable running Marshmallow.
I believe in Nougat release
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a i m jahan

OnePlus X<Onyx>  - 
is this rom abandoned? will appreciate some information about the future of this rom! anyone knows anything?
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My phone gets restarted every now and then. Look like no use if I wait for an update from this ROM. Guess the support is shutdown.. how is the community build for one plus x
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adil chopra

OnePlus X<Onyx>  - 
Been using this rom since about 4 months. Going good.
Unable to use the Magisk method to play Pokemon Go. Can someone please help me out?
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I have the same problem, but on Nexus 5
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Sandeep NIT

OnePlus X<Onyx>  - 
I installed this ROM on my Oneplus X. Everything works fine, except the flash light toggle in quick settings panel disappears suddenly. I have open camera app again to bring back the flash light toggle. Anyone else is having this issue ?

i am on latest build with xposed installed.
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Thanks. Already switched to CM13 sultan
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Enrico Franco

OnePlusOne<Bacon>  - 
Which kernel do you recommend for this rom?
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+Enrico Franco​ i suggest stay with the stock or go with Franco....maybe try private r1 for casual use and customised lightning kernel for heavy use..
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Burger King

Nexus 6<Shamu>  - 
Will pulse and fling be coming. 
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waits patiently
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Matas Niewulis

Nexus 5<Hammerhead>  - 
Hi, Can someone upload or link me to last KitKat Purity rom for hammerhead? My hdd failed, and the zip is gone :(
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+Giancarlo Voci it's the last version released of Purity, yes. 
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Salim Khan

Nexus 5x<Bullhead>  - 
I'm on the latest build and when I unlock my phone shutter say few minutes, it doesn't happen quickly. It takes few second for the lock screen to appear. Is anyone else facing this issue? How to fix this?
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Dave Gares

OnePlus X<Onyx>  - 
+Dario Ferretti,

Any plan to make Purity U2D (OTA app) working for OnePlus X. It always show unsupported device. But as far as I see, it is supported now.

It would really be more convenient for us.

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stef hios

Nexus 4<Mako>  - 
After using my camera a couple of times, this happens and I have to reboot my phone. 
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Thanks! I'll give it a try :)
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