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Welcome new members! This may be a small community but that's the best of it. I'm Amy Marie JJ, and I'll read all of your fictions. You guys are my favourites, since you obviously like writing. Here you won't be judged or anything. Have fun writing,
~Amy Marie

I don't know if I can post this here but... Does anyone have any fanfiction requests, preferably x readers? I'm better at those.

hey sorry i haven't caught up with stuff been too long pls dont hate

Chapter 6
OHMIGOSH HIRO!!! He was falling when that spider-dude thing blasted him or something. I flew up but not far, I caught Hiro but I wasn't strong enough to keep up. We landed on the sidewalk, Hiro on top of me.I heard yelling"Skippy and Hero down!!"........ "Skippy, Hiro!!!!" ......"OOOHH MY GOSH OH NO!!!" ".....What happened!?" But i couldn't hear them clearly, as a matter-of-fact, I think I was passing out.The last thing I remember was Baymax shuffling over


DANG IT DANG IT DANG IT!!!!!! The ONE girl I wanted to go to prom with, and I might have KILLED her!!!I was hyperventalating. "ho ho ho. BAYMAX!!!" I cried. Baymax shuffled over."She seems to be in a coma, but otherwise seems perfectly healthy."He said. Ok, Skippy is some kind of coma,which I've heard can last weeks to months.
Baymax  picked Skippy up and we started walking back to the Lucky Cat Cafe. Than goodness it was Aunt Cass's movie night. Honeylemon and Gogo took Skippy out of her armor and set her on the couch.
I headed upstairs to my room,armor still on and all. I shoved my stuff under my bed and collasped.
            ~Time Lapse~
Great. Just great. Today was suppoused to be prom and I don't have a date. I might as well just go work on stuff at SFIT today and not go to prom altogether, My phone buzzed,an all school student text from the principal. I read aloud "'Prom postponed. DJ called sick.New date will be announced.'" I did multiple fist pumps. I still had a chance to ask Skippy. The thing is when will the new date for prom be,and will Skippy wake up from her coma in time.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!? POSTPONED??! GAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" I couldn't believe it! Prom postponed cause the stupid DJ called sick. And Daddy was suppoused to make Hiro go with me. "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!"I screeched. Daddy burst through the door "Daddy's still working Kitten, what is it now?" "'WHAT IS IT?' SERIOUSLY DADDY!?!? Prom's been postponed because some DJ got sick and now I can't go with Hiro. UUUUGGGHHH!!!" I moaned on my bed "Daddy's almost done Kitten, I'll find a DJ for Prom."he said
"YOU BETTER OR ELSE!!!"I yelled back.

Hi great community :)

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Since when could trees...Talk?...
(And is it me or did Baymax actually get kinda taller in this pic..? I'm not being sizeist)

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Chapter 1 wake up
Bay max wake up hiro OK ok
How is honey lemon you know after the big explosion

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Chapter five: the unexpected call

As soon as I got back home I ran to the sink and ran cold water all over the burned parts of my arm that were still red and warm. When my arm was cooling, it was a bit warm still, so I went to the medicine cabinet, and got some bandages and wrapped it all around my left arm. When I finished I walked upstairs all sluggish and plopped my body on my y/f/c queen sized bed, facedown first. I felt a vibrating sensation, and realized that it was just my phone. I pulled it out my pants' pocket, and checked the caller id. It was an unknown number, so I decided what could possibly go wrong if I answer, I've already lost everything I loved so what else do I have to lose? "Hello?" Answering as more of a question than a response, " oh, uh y/n, remember me I'm Tadashi from the café. Oh shoot you sound like your in a bad mood, i-i can call you later if you w-wa-","no, no, no, no! I'm fine its just that, you know what never mind, so what's up?","  oh, i-I just wanted to a-ask i-if you would like to-, you know um if you would like to come to the fair with me and some other friends?" He said , I can tell he was a bit sheepish and nervous. I gigled a bit " sure! I'd love too! Can't wait to meet your friends" I said happily,"uh g-great! I'll come over a quarter past eight, OK?" He said sweetly and became himself again."OK! see you later dork!" I said he laughed awkwardly and mumbled something quietly but I could barely hear it and just shook it off. I hung up and took a shower and changed into a pair off skinny jeans while listening to 'immortals' I started singing it 'cuz I loved that song. I also put on a shirt like this .. ( but in your favorite color) and some black a and white hightops.( continued later 

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Thanks for the invite!! :D
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