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Welcome new members! This may be a small community but that's the best of it. I'm Amy Marie JJ, and I'll read all of your fictions. You guys are my favourites, since you obviously like writing. Here you won't be judged or anything. Have fun writing,
~Amy Marie

Saturday Morning:

I woke up and stretched, and I was so excited, because My friends, Hiro, Riley, Miguel, Tip, Fred, Wasabi, Go Go, Honey Lemon, Baymax, Sunset, Violet, and Kennedy were coming over, so I got up and got dressed in my usual t-shirt, blue jeans, and red Converse sneakers, and made myself some breakfast, after I ate, I heard a knock on the door.
"I'll get it!" My sister, Savannah called.
"No, I'll get it!" I said.
I opened the door to see the faces of My friends, Riley Andersen (who looked like me), Hiro Hamada, Miguel Rivera, Wasabi, Go Go, Honey Lemon, Baymax, Fred, Kennedy McCoy, Violet Parr, Sunset Shimmer, and Tip Tucci. They all said, "Hey, Haley!!", and of course I said, "Hey guys!!", so we all went outside to play street hockey, luckily everyone had their own hockey stick, so that way we wouldn't have to share mine, and Riley said, "Guys, let me teach you the proper way to play Hockey!!" , because she knew more about Hockey than we did, and My mom and dad came outside to watch us, while Savannah was in the house on her laptop, and It was fun, until Tip fell and sprained her ankle, and said, "Ow!" , and that's when I knew that "ow" was Baymax's trigger word, so he waddled over to Tip, and wrapped an Ace bandage around her ankle, and mom and dad took her back inside the house to rest, and I was concerned about Tip, and Riley sensed some concern in me, that she walked up to me and said, "Is everything okay, Haley, you seem concerned!" , and I said, "I'm just concerned about Tip, Riley, you saw her fall and sprain her ankle, so that's the reason why I'm concerned." We all went back inside to cool off, and Kennedy, Riley, Violet, Sunset & I were socializing about our methods of overcoming shyness, Tip, Miguel, Hiro, and Fred were talking about Science, Wasabi, Go Go, Honey Lemon, and Baymax were talking about Tip's ankle, and of course Mom, Dad, Bill, Jill, and Cassandra were talking about how much we all loved Hockey, and Mom said, "Haley's obsessed with the sport, and Jill, she kinda has a crush on your daughter, Riley." , and Jill said, "Really?" , and Dad said, "Yep, she does, and we support her, including the fact that she's part of the LGBTQ community." , but all in all, it was a pretty awesome day!

I don't know if I can post this here but... Does anyone have any fanfiction requests, preferably x readers? I'm better at those.

hey sorry i haven't caught up with stuff been too long pls dont hate

Chapter 6
OHMIGOSH HIRO!!! He was falling when that spider-dude thing blasted him or something. I flew up but not far, I caught Hiro but I wasn't strong enough to keep up. We landed on the sidewalk, Hiro on top of me.I heard yelling"Skippy and Hero down!!"........ "Skippy, Hiro!!!!" ......"OOOHH MY GOSH OH NO!!!" ".....What happened!?" But i couldn't hear them clearly, as a matter-of-fact, I think I was passing out.The last thing I remember was Baymax shuffling over


DANG IT DANG IT DANG IT!!!!!! The ONE girl I wanted to go to prom with, and I might have KILLED her!!!I was hyperventalating. "ho ho ho. BAYMAX!!!" I cried. Baymax shuffled over."She seems to be in a coma, but otherwise seems perfectly healthy."He said. Ok, Skippy is some kind of coma,which I've heard can last weeks to months.
Baymax  picked Skippy up and we started walking back to the Lucky Cat Cafe. Than goodness it was Aunt Cass's movie night. Honeylemon and Gogo took Skippy out of her armor and set her on the couch.
I headed upstairs to my room,armor still on and all. I shoved my stuff under my bed and collasped.
            ~Time Lapse~
Great. Just great. Today was suppoused to be prom and I don't have a date. I might as well just go work on stuff at SFIT today and not go to prom altogether, My phone buzzed,an all school student text from the principal. I read aloud "'Prom postponed. DJ called sick.New date will be announced.'" I did multiple fist pumps. I still had a chance to ask Skippy. The thing is when will the new date for prom be,and will Skippy wake up from her coma in time.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!? POSTPONED??! GAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" I couldn't believe it! Prom postponed cause the stupid DJ called sick. And Daddy was suppoused to make Hiro go with me. "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!"I screeched. Daddy burst through the door "Daddy's still working Kitten, what is it now?" "'WHAT IS IT?' SERIOUSLY DADDY!?!? Prom's been postponed because some DJ got sick and now I can't go with Hiro. UUUUGGGHHH!!!" I moaned on my bed "Daddy's almost done Kitten, I'll find a DJ for Prom."he said
"YOU BETTER OR ELSE!!!"I yelled back.

Hi great community :)

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Big Hero 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter six: seeing Hiro again

I had brushed my hair and left it down. I continued listening to 'immortals' and when it finished I kept thinking about what Tadashi's friends would think of me. Would they think I'm weird? Or if I'm trying too hard to impress them? I decided to forget about, Tadashi was such a sweet guy I hardly doubt he was friends with some judgmental guys. It was almost a quarter past eight , so I decided to go to the Lucky Cat Café now and wait for him there. As I was out the door and a couple blocks away from my house and again someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around only to be faced with that boy that made me spill my coffee,"u-uh h-hi remember me?" He said sweetly and sheepishly " how could I ever forget! You spilled coffee all over me" I said playfully and sarcastically without trying to be mean. "Oh yeah again I am so so sorry about that again I am such a klutz , can you ever find it in y- your h- heart to forgive me? Please?" He said , I sighed thinking it wasn't his fault , its not like he did it on purpose " OK then, I do forgive you, and hey its not like you did it on purpose right? Nobody's perfect, so yeah I can find a reason to forgive you, I'm y/n by the way" I said all sweetly, he smiled a cute smile while showing that cute gap in his teeth, he gave me a hug, and surprisingly I hugged back. When we separated from what seemed like long hug he blushed madly " hehe u-um s-sorry about that I'm h-Hiro Hiro Hamada" he said while rubbing the back of his neck"its OK nice to meet you Hiro" I then realized how cute he was even with his messy hair and adorkable gap. "N- nice to meet you too y/n s- say um c-can I h-have your number?","sure" I gave him my number with my name and he gave me his. He smiled a small but happy smile. I took out my phone and put it to my ear "call me or text OK?" I said while smiling my most dazzling smile I ever put on. I left and went to the Lucky Cat Café to wait for Tadashi. I kept thinking how amazing it was to have already met two great guys on the same day.

•Hiros POV •

As soon as y/n was clear out of view I jumped and fist bumped in the air. Y/n was so pretty and nice and I hope that I will get to hang out with her soon. I went upstairs of the Lucky Cat Café and jumped on my bed. When I calmed down I decided that I want to take y/n to one of my favorite places throughout San Fransokyo tomorrow and after hang out at my pla- wait a minute! I can't let y/n meet Tadashi! She will just fall for him like every other girl I even had the slightest crush on. I'm not saying that I like y/n I barely know her enough to date her, but maybe Tadashi could become her bestest friend and I'll just be the third wheel. No I can't risk that. All I want is to hang out that's all since I have no one at my age to hang out with, since the gang and Tadashi are way older than me. Just a friend who gets me.

Chapter nine: the fair part 1

~Your POV ~
" ooooooo we can go the Go Karts that they set up!" Honey lemon said, "OK but I don't know why you would want to go if you already know I will beat all of you, but if you insist" Gogo said confidently. But what they all don't know is that I am the best go kart racer and I have won dozens raced all around, but I decided to not rub it in their faces and let them find out on their own. Oh my god I can't wait to see the look on their faces.
During Go Kart race~
With Gogo in first place and you tagging behind in third , Tadashi in second, Wasabi in fourth, Honey and Fred tied for fifth. Gogo was very close to the finish line ,when you start to speed up and pass everyone including Gogo and win first place!!!

~Gogo's POV ~

Oh my god! I can't believe y/n beat me!! Never has ever beaten me before, how did such a quiet,and fragile girl beat me. Everyone including me were shocked. We were staring at y/n wide eyed with mouths hung open. " how did you beat Gogo? I mean no one has ever beaten her and never would have until today!" Honey said," yeah y/n how did you manage to do that?" Fred said. " you guys know ~enter initials~?" Y/n said," yeah" we all said in unison," well that's me!" She said shyly. No friggin way!!! Y/n was (initials) I can't believe it, I mean ( initials) was the best go kart, skateboarder,snowboarder,etc. ect. In the entire world!! She was the best at everything, I admired her soooo much, that I wanted to be exactly like her," no.....friggin.....way!!" We all said to her." She- I mean you are that ultimate prodigy in the entire UNIVERSE!!!! I mean ( initials) the one beloved by you!?!?" Honey,Wasabi,and I said. I just can't believe it.

~Your POV ~

" Yep!" I said popping the 'p'. I hope that telling them that I'm ( initials ) was not such bright idea. Everyone just stood there shocked which started to make me feel uncomfortable. "Uh g-guys, can I trust all of you to keep that secret?" I asked them,snapping them back into reality," OF COUSRE!!!" they all said which made me jump back a little. ~time lapse~ So after that awkward moment we all went to the roller coaster which almost made Wasabi puke, then we played some games which I obviously won them all,winning a mountain full of prizes for me to take home. Everyone were still a bit shocked that I pretty much belated all of them at practically...everything! I was a good sport and once in a while I would let them win. After that, I was so happy that I was having the time of my life after my parents died, that I almost forgot about the project I was supposed to be working on but shrugged it off and promised myself that I would finish it later. ~Time lapse~ After a couple more hours at the fair I was sooooooo happy that I actually created everyone a bff handshake that were all unique and different from each other but easy to remember( sorry I have no idea how to show you what the handshakes went). It was getting dark and we all decided to go to the..........

Chapter twelve: rivals

Hiro's POV

"Who are you?" We asked in unison. I was kinda mad and aggravated that someone else was doing our job as superheroes. And the worst part is, she working solo, while we work as a group.

"We are the Big Hero 6. The superheroes of San Fransokyo. Who are you?" I asked in a harsh manner. I didn't want to be rude but it just kills me that she's stealing our job.

"Well. . . I am also a superhero for San Fransokyo. They call me Misty Mysterious." She said with and attitude. I couldn't tell what she actually sounds like because her helmet was equipped with a voice changer, I think. I couldn't tell what she looked like either, because the glass on her helmet was black and I think it was a one way glass, so she can see us but we can't see her.

"Well in case you haven't noticed the job for superheroes is already taken. So why don't you take your armor and head on home."

"Well Big Hero 6, I can't do that." She said.

"Oh. And why is that?" I asked.

"Because. I do a much better job than you do. I mean, your whole team has abilities and you. . . well. . . your kinda useless. What is it that you do exactly? Boss everyone around?" She said which made my blood boil.

"W-well no! Of course not!" Man, I was already hating on her. But I have this feeling that. . . that I . . . that I know her? That crazy, cuz obviously I would remember meeting someone like her.

Y/n's POV

I had to act sassy in front of the group. If I don't and I use my normal 'sweet and cute' self, they would know it was me for sure.

"So, are you the leader or something?" I asked. I was actually pretty good a t acting.

"Yes. I am. Actually, I made these suits my self." He replied confidently.

"Well, you know you could have done a better job at actually trying to hide your identity. If anyone got really close to any of you, they could see right through your helmet. Not that I can see, but I can sorta make out what you look like. The red one and the monster is fine, but everyone else's...well...good luck in attempting to hide your identity." I said while crossing my arms.

I walked over to the yellow one and examined her suit. "Magnetic disks huh?" I said.

"Yeah. I'm the fastest in the group so you better watch yourself." She said with an attitude.

"Oh, is that so?" I said. I pressed a side button that was on the side of my metal boot. Soon a pair of high tech magnetic disks on the side of my boots like hers. "We'll see about that. Ready? We head uptown, through the park, past the I to Ishioka building and back here. Ready, set, go!" I yelled and we started. She and I were neck and neck. Then, she went faster and was ahead of me a bit. Her group were cheering for her. We went through the park, and we were heading for the I to Ishioka building. I went faster with ease. I past her by 10 miles. I reached the end and stopped in front of the Big Hero 6, waiting for the girl. She finally reached us in 8 minutes. The gang were shocked, with wide eyes.

"Well. I better get going. See you later 'supers'" I said.

I walked away because I can't fly in front of them or I would never be left alone. But I had a feeling that... That I know them from somewhere. Their voices were so familiar and their appearance seemed familiar like...I've seen them from somewhere. But I knew one thing... They must never find out who I am. Even though I acted mean, it was only to protect them no matter who they are. And to keep them safe, we must become.

Chapter seven: why is he acting weird?

I walked inside the Lucky Cat Café after my encounter with Hiro again. I was greeted by Cass who gave me a big hug, and I mean BIG hug,"Hi y/n its so great to finally see you again and finally out after the 'accident' "  she said sweetly. I had told her about my parents and something else ( yes you have a secret but that's a story for another day :-p),"so" she continued " what brings you here sweetie? "," well I'm supposed to meet Tadashi here. Have you seen him?"," actually he left half an hour ago, he said something about doing a quick errand before he was supposed to meet you here. He was sooooooo excited and happy when you agreed to hang out with him today. Man, you should have seen him all excited, you would swear that you can see a twinkle in his eyes. I am so glad you met him, he surely has never been this happy since, well FOREVER! He was like a kid on Christmas Eve!" She smiled. As I walked deeper into the café I am greeted by the sweet and delicious aroma of the best pastries in the world! Oh how amazing they smelled it made me hungry. "Y/n since your here would you like something to eat? On the house!"," no you don't have to, I can pay, really!","nonsense I insist "," well..............OK then" I said, still wanting to pay. I sat down at a table next to me while I waited. All I kept thinking about is what Cass said. Why would Tadashi be that excited to see me, I mean he's just introducing me to his friends and going to the fair. But just hanging out with me would bring that much joy to anyone in just a day right? I kept wondering if he did like me. STOP!! What am I saying. I can't focus on guys now I have to finish my admission project to get into SFIT. But I couldn't shake the thought out of my head. Then I snapped out of my daze when I smelled y/f/f ( your favorite food) Aunt Cass brought my food and settled it on the table and sat across from me." So y/n, when will you tell Tadashi your rich and about 'The Thing'?","well I don't know yet, I want to tell him at the right time. When he knows me better and would have a better reaction ". As we talked an hour has passed and customers came coming in by the dozens." Sorry y/n I got to go. Bye!" I waved my hand. I finished my food and thought why is Tadashi so late? Has he forgotten? No! He wouldn't just forget after his Aunt said how excited he was. And as I  thought that the door swung open and Tadashi came running in. He didn't notice me standing behind him, he ran to Aunt Cass at the counter panting ALOT " Did she.......come by? Oh man I am sooooo late y/n is going to kill me and will probably never talk to me ever again!!" He said, clearly upset, so I snuck behind him and "BOO!" I yelled "aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!, y/n..............don'" He said panting even MORE,ALOT MORE! Aunt Cass and I laughed our heads off while Tadashi angry pouted at me. "H-hey Tadashi I'm am so sorry I just couldn't resist" I said between laughs " man the look on your face was priceless!!! " I said still laughing. Tadashi turned red and he looked embarrassed " h-hey y-y/n im sooooo s-sorry I'm late. I had something to do before you got here and I must have lost track of ti-"," dude relax, I'm sure whatever you had to do was important, I know you would never stand me up you're too nice of a guy to do that" I said which caused him to BLUSH EVEN MORE!!!!! " again i- I'm sorry I'm late"," no problem besides had the best time talking to your Aunt Cass " I said facing Cass she smiled a big smile "awww I loved talking to you too y/n!!!!" She said while giving me another big hug " well at least you had a good time. Shall we go?"," of course! I wouldn't miss it for the world". He ran to the door and held it open " milady "," why thank you Mr. Manners" I said sarcastically "hey I'll have you know that girls love a guy with manners" he said confidently " really? How many chicks have you picked up with your so called 'manners' hmmmm?"," well........... Uhhhhhhhhhhh........hmmmmmmm-"," that's what I thought" I said while laughing.

~Tadashi's POV~

Y/n looked so pretty tonight. Her y/e/c ( your eye color) eyes sparkled even though there was no sunlight or moonlight. Her laugh was adorable and her smile was beautiful. Her y/h/c ( your hair color ) hair was so soft and silky. I loved every minute I spent with her, but its not like I like her, I like her as a friend. She is the bestest friend you could ever have. We walked to the fair, but I didn't want our conversation to end. With her around there was never any awkward silence. She would always know how to keep me wanting her to talk more and want her to talk more. She would always keep me guessing about what she's going to say next. She was amazing. When we got to the fair she insisted on paying for our tickets "y/n please I'll pay, its no big deal"," but I can pay for us, really! Come on Tadashi. "," no y/n I'm paying and you can't stop me"," fine! But next time I pay","alright then" I said. She pouted, she looked so cute!! She smiled at me and playfully punched my arm. I think I felt my face heat up, oh man I hope y/n didn't notice. She looked at me but I looked at the ground," Tadashi are you ok!?" She asked while making me stop and face her way but with my head facing down "yeah i-im fine d-dont worry about me" she lifted my chin up to make me look at her beautiful eyes. Oh man, looking in her eyes made me melt. I got lost in her eyes for a minute or two and my faced heated up EVEN MORE!! MAN WHY CANT I STOP BLUSHING!! AAHHHHH! she looked at me "are you sure?"," yeah I'm fine",""OK then let's go!!" She said as she tugged on my sleeve.

~Your Pov~

Tadashi was acting weird but I shrugged it off because I wanted to see if friends already. I tugged on his sleeve so he, grabbed my hand gently. It made me blush when he intertwined his fingers with mine, but I could swear I caught a glimpse of his face and saw that he was also blushing. Then I started to think of Hiro and how Tadashi looked slightly similar to him. Wow having two guy friends, who would of thought I would have two cute guys as friends

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