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Estou tento problemas muitoa sérios com o Ubuntu e outros Linux eu faço tudo update e upgrade tudo atualizado mas quando vou usar ele trava do nada tenho que reiniciar ele para usar de novo , estou usando um Acer Windows 8.1 de fábrica e apaguei tudo e instalei o Ubuntu e nada já mandei até pra um técnico mas nada , tentei instalar em UEFI e no modo Legacy mas trava não sei o que eu faço faz 2 semanas que estou com esse problema na cabeça e não consigo tirar isso até resolver bom se poderem me ajudar agradeço
Acer ES1-512

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Open Source Office OnlyOffice for Linux/Win/Mac:


Hello - Today I installed on my asus-intel Ubuntu 16.10, I installed the Unity 8 session and with regret I noticed that nothing works, even the dash does not work, the browser does not work, nothing works.
This means that even for the 16:10 not there will be a unity 8 session functioning? 

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How to remove build-essential from Ubuntu 16.04?
Video tutorial explains you the steps to remove build-essential from Ubuntu 16.04.

#removebuild-essential #build-essential #ubuntu16.04

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Postei um tutorial ensinando a instalar a versão estável do MAME. Enfim encontrei uma versão que rodou perfeitamente no meu Ubuntu

It is about a month since my Meizu MX4 with rc-proposed started behaving really oddly. Automatic brightness stopped working, notification indicator stays green including the message even though I've already seen it (only for Telegram), when I click on a notification bubble up there Telegram opens in an non-existing empty contact chat screen and I have to go to the main screen and click on the right contact thread, Hangups usually can't be executed from the scopes but from the left launcher menu it can, Telegram on the other hand can't be executed from the left menu but from the scope it works ok - both only happenes after I close the app and attempt to start it again without rebooting the phone. Also closing an app doesn't always stop it but it is sometimes probably stuck down in the system and re-launching it right away takes a long time and if I close the loading app screen it still executes once the old process is killed. Also, using Telegram and closing it, which I do often because it really doesn't work at all when my phone switches between different WiFi networks and cellular data, makes my phone freeze from time to time. And I've got the feeling it is getting worse and worse :(.

Any idea what is going on? Am I the only one? And if so, could complete clean reinstall of the system help?
Thank you very much for any thoughts.

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Anyone else experiencing lags with some sites when scrolling in the Ubuntu Web browser on a phone/tablet?
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