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I need a team for crocabulia.please

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I just wanted to mention that these figures are an amazing addition to any geek's game table. We haven't bought the core game yet, but we've bought about 20 of the figures. We use them for miniature wargames since neither my son or I have really ever caught the mini painting bug.

Using Microsoft Publisher we've been making new card backs (which we slip into protectors with the originals) for whichever game we're using them with. At the moment it's a rule set called Song of Blades and Heroes. I tried to match the feel of the originals.
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I hope you guys are enjoying these posts.

Anyway, another Monday, another Krosmaster evening at Dr No's in Marietta.

This was the final match. Because we are still enjoying the Frigost fancy terrain we played with the Frigost rewards - I am still not sure which set I prefer.

Anyway, this was the final game, and the Queen of tofu team is extremely annoying in this map with the choke areas.. Just too many points where the mob tokens just clog the board and even Ana Tommy can't efficiently move about.

I really want to see what happens when the Royal Tofu comes out, and or the other 4 cost figure becomes a dark vlad plues another 2 utilities figures (Diver Birel + Vlad maybe?)

After a long hard match, I was able to bring home the lock doll miniature. (Sweet!!!)

My team seems to be pretty common around the online beta, but I have been wanting to try it out just to get a feeling for it. Note that lack of an area of effect damage did hurt in this match up).  I guess I lucked out as there was no Malee Buhrum or Kriss Krass in sight.

Till next week
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Monday night tournament.

We all tried goofy teams to use the Frigost bling.
Firgost bling
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For the Online Players.. I was checking the beta software, and found a pleasent surprise: They released Season 3 for the online version.

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Playing a small tournament at Dr Nos in Marietta GA.

I had the Piewates + Dark Vlad.

Best game of the night was against a Kannibal team. Really close.

Well. This has been pretty quiet.

So I will post some of the details about last night OP event we had here in Marietta GA.

I wish we had more people, but it was a blast to play anyway.

This is the team I played:
- Moon
- Kanniball Archer X2
- Kanniball Sarbar X2
- Kanniball Jav
- FernSock'em 
(unfortunately, I don't have Thierry, and I couldn't get a hold of one for the night :( )

The plan is to Send Moon forward, put coconuts and the Block doll to block trouble units and force movement towards where I can snipe from far away.

Additionally, I buy as much life buff as I can from the rewards (In one game i was able to get Moon to 23 life).

Fortunately, folks in the event were conservative about burning the GGs, so I did not run into the nightmare scenario of loose a GG for doubles, opponent buy Wild GG, and "kills" moon fast.

Also, using the attract and push back from the snipers allowed me to setup some brutal moon attacks that hit 3 figures (doing 12 to 15 damage across the board). The collest move was putting a sacrier style on moon for 21 damage with a single attack.

As a prize for the night:
- Otomai + Vlad Mount...

Pretty sweet prize...

Just found out that Wakfu season 1 & 2 are available on Netflix... Cool
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