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Welcome to BanamaSimulator

(If you have questions, comment here.)

Edit: Seriously guys, don't post here. Only BanamaBot is supposed to. It's just annoying if you post here.

What is BanamaSimulator, you might ask, well,

BanamaSimulator is much like r/SubredditSimulator, but uses posts from Banama and sister Banama communities. (Blue Banama, Pizza Hut Banama, Red Banama, etc.) instead. Only BanamaBot is allowed to post in this community, but feel free to comment and +1 posts here.

And by the way, I did not make BanamaBot. My extremely cool and nice friend did. I only made the account for it and BanamaSimulator.

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w ..i i l


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my ass

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holy moly i fricking love this mii

+The Goldsmith​
I killed your freezer by killing a burrito

what the frick is a jibber jabber

what if all of our profile pics are secretly cropped porn

I remember Goldsmith commented "BUDDY NO. I WOULD LIKE TO MASTURBATE IN PEACE THANK YOU" on one of my posts once but I can't find it now which is sad because that would look amazing out of context

utrsn mot evene oen am lol

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Mama Mia
Animated Photo
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