So, I noticed in the Saga of the Splintered Realm rules there are no durations listed for the cleric spells Silence, ResistFire/Cold, or Blade Barrier. Does anyone know if the have been.corrected in errata somewhere?

Okay, here's another character, a Level 10 magic using Villain....and that's where I've left it so far. They are an outsider, with a Susceptibility, and I'm thinking that that the Invisibility and Danger Sense come from a talisman or magical artifact of some kind. Feel free to pitch ideas for fleshing this one out, etc.

Moniker: ??? Identity: ???
Level: 10 Viewpoint: Villain

Attribute Score Modifier
Strength 07 (TY) +0
Intelligence 13 (EX) +3
Power 21 (MN) +7
Dexterity 10 (GD) +2
Constitution 13 (EX) +3
Charisma 13 (EX) +3

Hit Points: 10D6 (62 HP) Armor Class: 17
FEAT Mod: 12 Resolve: (5)

Origin: Outsider
Purpose: ????
Talents: Spell Power, Spell Casting, Second Wind, Prowess, Photographic Memory
Resources: 16
Drawback: Susceptibility (XXXXX)

Sorcery: 6 Spells/Turn, PWR +4 Check (25)
Immortality: No aging, FEAT +2 (14) vs. Poison, Disease, Sickness
Regeneration: 3 HP/round
Danger Sense: 120’ radius, FEAT +7 (19)
Invisibility: FEAT +12 (24) Sneak

Info: ????

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This may help in your Shards of Tomorrow game. Or... it's just awesomely cool regardless if you use it or not.

Okay, some of you might remember my SOEC hero known as Rat Fink. Anyone? Bueller? Oh, well. I was tinkering with the game tonight, and decided to try leveling him up from 1st to 5th Level. I took some liberties with the rules, giving him a bonus Trait at Level 5 for "Fulfilling his Purpose" of becoming a true hero. (The Bonus Trait was just "Sneak," which he really should have always had.)

Anyway, here he is!

Moniker: Rat Fink Identity: Cole Piper
Level: 5 (LM +3) Viewpoint: Heroic

Attribute Score Modifier
Strength 12 +3
Intelligence 10 +2
Power 15 +4
Dexterity 12 +3
Constitution 15 +4
Charisma 12 +3

Hit Points: 42 Armor Class: 16
FEAT Mod: +10 Resolve: 5

Origin: Altered Human
Purpose: To Maintain Harmony (City)!
Talent: Surprise Strike, Initiative, Second Wind
Resources: 16
Drawback: Enmity (Enemies from his days as a thief and now from his actions as a hero)

Communication (Urban animals, rats, pigeons, foxes, raccoons, coyotes, etc.)
Companion (Rat Spirit)
Enhanced Senses

Cole Piper was a thief who robbed the wrong house and was magically bound to a rat spirit that constantly pestered him about defending Harmony city. Using the powers the rat spirit gave him, combined with his already extraordinary skills, Cole embraced his fate. He struggled at first, but now Rat Fink is known on the streets as a hero that the people can count on to stand up for them when no one else will, against threats no one else might want to get downwind of or look directly at.

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In case anyone missed this....
Soft Reboot
Since I had a little time in the last two weeks between classes and projects, I pulled out the good ‘ol Echo City rules and rolled up a few characters for fun. And then, as they always do, the wheels started turning. As I was reading through, I realized tha...

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Does This Thing Still Work?
Logged in today to see that it has been over a year since my last update! And, I realized this week it has been two years since I released Sentinels of Echo City. Wow... um. Time flies and all that good stuff. School goes well and my march towards certifica...

Behold! A bad guy for SOEC! Kind of a combo of Killer Frost and Ice King from Adventure Time....the Ice Queen!

Moniker: ICE QUEEN Identity: Victoria Boreal
Level: 5 (LM +3) Viewpoint: Villain

Attribute Score Modifier
Strength 6 +0
Intelligence 12 +3
Power 16 +5
Dexterity 13 +3
Constitution 13 +3
Charisma 15 +4

Hit Points: 35 Armor Class: 16
FEAT Mod: +9 Resolve: 3

Origin: Artifact
Purpose: To Plunge the World into Eternal Winter
Talent: Improved Dice x 3: Bolt, Burst, Energy Solidification
Drawback: Susceptible (Mental Attacks)

Traits: (Wearing Crown of Cold only)
Cold/Ice Bolt: 1D8+5, 120’
Cold/Ice Burst: 10D8 Pool, 5D8 max, 120’
Cold/Ice Control: (PWR Mod = +5)
Cold/Ice Solidification: Objects = AC15, 5D8 HP
Cold Immunity
Heat/Fire Absorption

Victoria Boreal was a promising museum employee who happened upon the Crown of Cold one day, or so it seemed. Upon donning the artifact, Victoria became one with an ancient mystical entity, and started calling herself the Ice Queen. She is intent on covering the planet in her magically generated cold and ice, thereby recreating the ancient entity’s lost kingdom. While their union is strong, it is not perfect, and some part of Vicky still fights to be free. Therefore, mental attacks are often the best chance of stopping the Ice Queen.

Just one question: Any change of any here in community having the older books for Resolute RPG 2nd, like Tower of Arvandoria and Echo City? I just want to complete my Resolute RPG collection.

Can someone tell me how compatible is Sentinels of Echo City with other OSR games?? Could produce some fun mash ups.

So I started work on my character conversions. In doing so, I've come to the realization that SoEC is laid out in a way to be very confusing when it comes to character creation. The cheat sheet isn't much help either. If not for +Christopher Cortright helping me out over on FB, I'd likely give up.

This books seriously needs a revision. More than likely, I'll take my time with this, so it might be later rather than sooner before I release it
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