My players have created ToSR characters for this week's delve into the Three Tombs. The Dwarf Myrmidon's player rolled 30sp for his starting money - so could have cheap Light Armour and Light weapons, or no armour and either two medium weapons or a heavy weapon. So he asked me if he's only have prior training in Heavy weapons/Heavy armour does he get a penalty for light weapon use (or does he get a bonus for Heavy weapon use). He also felt that by starting with lighter weapons/armour or just a heavy weapon he wasn't really fitting the archetype of armoured melee fighter. As it was, the other players rolled high for SP and lent the Dwarf the money to get kitted out for the role the players expected of him (the party's tank).

I think in future I'll just start players with a weapon and armour from their archetypes gear category - they still get to choose which type from that category (e.g longsword from medium weapons). I may have them roll for which pack they carry (1d6 roll,1-3 travellers, 4-5 adventurers, 6 explorers) and 3d6 SP (so they can choose to buy another backup weapon or save for later). Alternatively one of the party could roll for a single pack and that is what the party carry between them.

Adapting the Half-Ogre Barbarian from the SR magazine to Tales of the Splintered Realm, just using the TSR core rules. So, is it underpowered/overpowered ?

Half Ogre Barbarian
Start with: Light Armour; Darkvision; Move 50'; Heavy Weapons; Two Handed
Level Talents and Abilities
1 STR +1; +1 to resist FEATS
2 CON +1;
3 STR +1; +1 melee attack per round
4 CON +1;
5 STR +1; +1 to resist FEATS
6 CON +1;
(use d8 for HP instead of d6)

Question for Mike:

I've been toying with adding a "Fighting" stat to the SOEC game.

I just really chafe against people being able to land punches better because of a high strength score, at least in a four-color superhero kind go setting.

So, I would simply add "Fighting" (inspired directly by the old FASERIP game, of course) to the character sheet right above strength.

Simple, right? Well, right away, I noticed that the "Martial Arts" Trait would need to be tweaked, since a high Fighting score would already give you a bonus in melee combat (not to damage, at least not in my current thinking).

So, Martial Arts would give you a bonus to damage in melee combat (a flat +2, or equal to the character's level, not sure), and it would also give you access to a unique list of Martial Arts Talents, like:

Multi-Attack: One bonus melee attack (at every odd level? just the one?)
Throw: Level bonus to Strength for attempts to flip/throw opponents
Leap: Not quite the superhuman Trait, but letting you leap about like the actors in wire-fu movies. Leap lets you cover 2xStr in Height and 3xStr in distance, up to Str 13.

The Martial Arts Trait would let you pick a new Martial Arts Talent each level, independent of your regular Talent you pick for going up a level otherwise.

So, that's a start. Thoughts?

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Looking for one or two more players for an online Sentinels of Echo City game.

There’s four of us so far. Ages range from 30s - 50s. Thinking bi-weekly with exact time/day TBD. Likely evenings on a weekday, wrapping up by 10-1030pm Eastern. We’ll probably keep it simple and just use Google Hangouts or something similar - my Roll20-fu is weak.


Hey, quick question! I'm rolling up Sentinels characters. If I get prodigy that then gets battlesuit, do I still roll up traits on tables 1-4? Or just ignore traits and design the battlesuit?

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Got my print copy today!

Trying to get an online game started, we’ve rolled up a couple characters but can’t seem to find a day/night we can all get together at the same time. Haven’t given up. though!

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+Michael Desing seems to forget to post here - so I'll do it for him. :)

Sentinels of Echo City Deluxe is out - hopefully you already have it - but if not, GET IT. Also makes great Mother's Day gifts!

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Been playing with this currently free mapping tool - may be old news here, but I just found it the other day.
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