Just one question: Any change of any here in community having the older books for Resolute RPG 2nd, like Tower of Arvandoria and Echo City? I just want to complete my Resolute RPG collection.

Can someone tell me how compatible is Sentinels of Echo City with other OSR games?? Could produce some fun mash ups. 

So I started work on my character conversions. In doing so, I've come to the realization that SoEC is laid out in a way to be very confusing when it comes to character creation. The cheat sheet isn't much help either. If not for +Christopher Cortright helping me out over on FB, I'd likely give up.

This books seriously needs a revision. More than likely, I'll take my time with this, so it might be later rather than sooner before I release it

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So I'm considering adapting the villains I've released for other systems for SoEC. I have a cover, and slapped on an SoEC compatible logo on it to see how it looks.

Anyone have a form fillable version of the Sentinels character sheet?

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Trek stars gather for an out of this world Beyond premiere

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Hello All, Happy Monday to ya! I opened my email this morning to find a new report on the latest release in the 4AD The Knight of Destiny, and here is the link.


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The path forward for 4AD From the creator him self,

4AD is a huge hit so we are working very hard behind the scenes to update it and add more books and supplements. Here is a TENTATIVE release schedule.

Three Rings, an adventure for 4-5th level characters (out next week),

The Knight of Destiny, an Arthurian variant for a single character with hirelings (early July release).

Future books will expand character progression and focus on other types of adventures. They do not have release dates, but I hope Deeper Dungeons will be out by the end of July.

Important changes: character level progression is no longer limited. so all character types in 4AD can now progress up to 5th level. Future books will balance out the progression of more versatile classes (for example the elf will have to choose whether to continue levelling as a wizard or as a warrior).

Future books will use polyhedral dice (one die step per book, see below).

Deeper Dungeons has rules for expert characters (levels 6 to 9) who will use a d8 for their rolls. Adventures will focus on the exploration of lower level of dungeons, inhabited by more dangerous monsters. Characters are given a list of skills they can gain instead of levelling up. Book in playtest. Artwork done.

Four Against the Wild will have rules for veteran characters (levels 10 to 14) who will use a d10 for their rolls. Adventures will focus on outdoor exploration of uncharted wilderness using a hex-based, sandbox terrain and quest generation system. The terrain generation system will work also for lower levels.

Legends of Norindaal will have rules for legendary characters (levels 15 to 20) who will use a d12 for their rolls. Adventures will focus on building strongholds, setting up thieves and wizards' guilds, gaining political power, waging wars and defending one's land from invading armies. This book will be a lot of work so it will be available in 2017. the plan is to include some important characters of the Norindaal lore as NPCs.

Among the Immortals will let characters become immortals and mingle with the many Gods of Norindaal. Characters will use a d20 for their rolls. Level will be reset at 1 but on a whole new tier. In this setting, searching for treasure means collecting bits of divine power that let characters affect reality. The party will explore different dimensions and defend their homeworld from extra dimensional invasions.
I have no idea when this book will be available, it's just a project for the moment.

All the books will be 50 to 80, black-and-white pages, available as PDF and as printed books through www.ganeshagames.net and our other usual channels.

Quick question, if I may, regarding Shards of Tomorrow: do Sun Blades count as phase/pulse weapons for purposes of striking undead foes such as Wraiths? It doesn't say so in the book (unless I missed it), but it seems appropriate to me.
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